In Jerry’s view, magic and science are essentially the same.

Just like a road with multiple junctions, they end up at the same destination. Many things that can be done by magic can also be done by science, and what can be done by science can also be done by magic.

Magic can release flames, science can also make flamethrowers, magic can make water freeze, science can also make refrigerators and cold storage, magic can fly, and science also has various flying equipment.

It’s just that magic depends more on oneself, and whether it is powerful or not depends on the individual. While science is more about using the correct technology. It’s hard to say which one is stronger, it can only be said that each has its own strengths.

Powerful wizards can single-handedly destroy cities with magic, and ordinary humans can press a button remotely to blow up a city with a scientifically produced nuclear bomb.

Although Jerry is a wizard, he doesn’t think that magic is the strongest, and everything else is rubbish. Even now he is considering using scientific means to help him become more powerful in magic.

“According to your request, the appearance and interior layout of the car is completely made according to the Chevrolet Caprice police car currently used by the police station. If you leave it alone, it’s just an ordinary police car. But if you press here. “

Tony pressed a red button on the right side of the steering wheel in the cab, and immediately a tablet-like interface popped up.

“Through this interface, you can control the headlights of the car to change into two Gatling guns, and you can also control the engine cover to shoot a total of three rockets. As for the material of the car is…”

Listening to Tony’s introduction, Jerry nodded in satisfaction. A professional is a professional. As a genius who can make a steel suit, this level of modification is really too simple for Tony. Even Tony added a lot of devices in the car that Jerry didn’t even think of to make it superior.

“It’s perfect, thank you. If you need help in the future, you can use the magic mirror to contact me at any time.” Putting the police car into the suitcase, he used the Portkey again and returned to the school in New York.

Now his red star is basically empty, he can only collect a little by going out and wandering around every night. But it can barely maintain his daily use, and it is almost impossible to save some left. That’s why he left one of the double-sided mirrors to Tony.

With Tony, it is estimated that he would not be asked for ordinary matters, but for major matters that can ask him for help. Because there may be a large number of red stars he can earn.

Jerry’s plan is very simple. He will give them a mirror for them to contact him. When they encounter some major events like saving the city or the world, he can go over and help. Then, he received a wave of red stars.

In the future, if something big happens, he will give them a hand. Those superheroes will return the favor to him.


Late at night.

When Jerry came back from outside, instead of practicing meditation in the suitcase as usual, he focused his attention on the police car.

Pressing his hands on the car door, Jerry cast a spell on the police car and then followed by a series of dazzling magic spells. He’s going to give this police car made for Haas a second makeover.

Tony modified this car before, but now he wants to use magic to perform the modification. Although the elf’s magic is good, they lack offensive magic since their magic is mainly comprised of everyday magic.

Therefore, Jerry needs to combine the power of technology and magic to transform a car with strong offense and defense. As well as intelligence to protect the safety of Haas when a crisis appeared.

With his current level of alchemy, he is still very confident that he can transform it to meet the requirements. In this way, for the next period of time, Jerry would spend at least three hours modifying the police car every night when he came back from patrol.

Finally, after more than half a month, he finished modifying it.


Jerry stood on the lawn with a notebook and issued orders to the police car in front of him.


The police car replied a little sluggishly. The engine started, it took off directly on the spot, and quickly flew up.

Seeing that the police car was flying very stably, Jerry nodded in satisfaction and ticked the flying column in the notebook.


The police car instantly went into stealth mode.

“Machine gun!”

Two Gatling guns popped out in the direction of the headlights of the police car and began to shoot toward the target that had been prepared on the ground.

“Rocket missile!”

The hood of the police car was quickly opened, and a rocket was shot out.

“Defense mode!”

A layer of magic protection from the Protego Charm rose on the surface of the police car, completely enveloping it.

“Very good.”

Watching the police car land on the grass in front again, Jerry stepped forward to pat its hood and praised it.

“Thank…thank you, Master.” The police car has only been cast with magic for more than a month, and his speech is not so fluent in all aspects.

Withdrawing his hand, Jerry showed a smile on his face, “The last test, Autobot Transformation!”

Following his order, a burst of magic flashed on the police car, and the whole car instantly transformed into a human form, which was 90% similar to an Autobot in a movie called “Transformers”.

“Remember. In daily life, you are just an ordinary police car. If Haas is really in danger, you need to rescue him with all your strength. After that, when Haas asked you, told him that you are an Autobot from the planet Cybertron. Who accidentally fell to the earth and turned into a police car. Your name is – Little Steel.”

“Yes, master… my name is… Little Steel. I come from… the planet Cybertron!” The police car staggered in response.

This is the result of Jerry’s combination of Transfiguration Charm and Transmutation Magic applied to alchemy.

In fact, the actual functions of the transformed Autobots have not changed much. He did this only for the purpose of pleasing Haas, so as not to frighten him too much.

After all, Haas has always believed in the Force, lightsabers, and Transformers that exist in the universe. But the earth has not yet discovered it.

He really wanted to know what kind of expression Haas had when it turned into an Autobot and told Haas that he was from Cybertron.

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Published On: June 7, 2023

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  1. Wait. Did he just randomly fire off a rocket?
    Also, nice dedication to pulling off a prank.

  2. he would have some explaining to do, to replace the rocket he spent, that’s the thing with technology, it requires vast logistics, that rocket he randomly fired would cost between 1000-1.5million usd, depending if it was an dumb bomb or an smart bomb, and since tony gave it, it’s likely an smart one, which would be on the upper end of the spectrum, he can’t just use it as if it can self replenish.

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