Jerry was going to send an extremely large and weighty iron suit model to Haas’s room when the door was shut. When he looked up, he noticed Aisha standing on the couch and gazing intently at the iron suit model in his hand.

“Don’t you dare, or dad will be angry!” Jerry warned her.

“I don’t care about that scrap metal, it’s not as strong as my crystal magic wand,” Aisha snorted sweetly. She raised the wooden stick with the large glass bead inlay in her hand as she talked.

Aisha lost her mother when she was a little, and Haas was frequently involved in police investigations and out from home. She was raised by Jerry, who was nearly always by her side. So even if Aisha didn’t want to obey Jerry’s orders, she would as long as he gave a warning.

“By the way, Jerry. Susan and Anne promised to visit our house today to play when we were at school yesterday.”

“Susan and Anne? Well, the two young girls who enjoy eating.” Jerry heard this and covered his forehead.

Aisha’s classmates Anne and Susan can be thought of as having grown up together. The fathers of the two daughters live in the same neighborhood and are coworkers of Haas’s at the same police department. The three families get along well with one another.

Jerry was two years old and Elsa had just turned one when Aisha’s mother passed away. They didn’t suffer too much because Anne and Susan’s mothers took turns caring for them. Jerry won’t often bother the two families once he’s a little older and capable of caring for himself and Aisha.

“Just watch the TV here while I get some rest.”

He lost a lot of sleep last night while working to obtain red stars, and this morning he was up early once more. He now wants to get some rest before the other two small boys arrive.

Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to sleep in peace if the three tiny girls got together.


“I, Ice Queen Aisha, summon the dormant Ice and Snow Demon God from a remote region of extreme cold, and he arrives here. freezing storm that is all black! Whiten everything to resemble snow! — Wave of Freezing Ice!”

“The hellish depths’ blazing fire! I’m calling you to come in the name of Anne, the Fire Queen. Fire of the World, burn my adversaries and purge the world of all evils!”

“O’ all-powerful wind elf! Carry the will of I, Win Queen Susan and pierce the abyss of the distant sky using the atmosphere as a bow and brilliance as an arrow! Arrow of the Hurricane!”

Jerry was slightly roused by girl voices from outside the room more than two hours later. He was aware that Anne and Susan were the visitors.

The three girls were standing on the sofa with their own magic wands, unleashing their earth-shattering magic to each other as soon as the door was opened.

“Hello, Brother Jerry!” Jerry appeared in the living room, and Anne and Susan excitedly waved their wands at him.

“You must avoid distraction if you don’t want to lose to Aisha’s magic strength.” Jerry gave a grave response.

After giving a serious nod in response to the remarks, Anne and Susan promptly raised their wands once more and cast their magic upon Aisha. When Jerry realized this, he grinned like a father and walked to the kitchen to get the fixings for lunch.

The three small girls actually ate very little, save from the fact that he ate more because he exercised more frequently each day. It was plenty to order a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes and some sweet and sour pork.


The three young girls had a snooze after lunch before starting to watch cartoons together. After some time, Jerry visited the park in the neighborhood below. If he’s free over the holidays, he’ll practice in the area for fundamental boxing, leg, footwork, elbow, knee, wrestling, and holding.

The workout isn’t always that complicated. You can truly handle most circumstances if you master these fundamentals and control your strength, speed, and reaction time.

After spending some time watching TV with Aisha and Haas in the evening, Jerry returned to his room and began performing a series of strength exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and dumbbell lifts.

He was once more awakened by the alarm that he had previously set at twelve in the middle of the night. He silently exited the building while wearing the wizard robe he had just acquired and began the process of accumulating more little red stars.

An entire month vanished in an instant like that. After Haas went for work early that morning, Jerry did not get any sleep. Instead, he sat in the living room with Aisha and watched cartoons.

Just that, while having his eyes glued to the TV, he was paying more attention to the odd panel in front of him.

His red stars had grown to over 6,000 after working diligently for more than a month. At this point, the weird panel’s symbol for the small world starts to light up once more. As a result, he can finally return to the “Harry Potter” universe to pick up magic once more.

Jerry had a number of unique experiences after a month of going out at night to earn red stars, and it was these unique experiences that prompted him to want to visit the small world as soon as possible to learn more magic.

The first thing is going out. Avoiding cameras and security personnel is like being a robber every time he leaves his house unnoticed late at night. Even Haas, who was awake at the time, happened to cross his path once.

Second, it’s incredibly inconvenient because he doesn’t have my own means of transportation.

There are still some fans seeking him for pictures and autographs, especially now that he has some notoriety in the region close to the town.

The most notable of them all was a female reporter by the name of Lucy. She appeared to have an understanding of Jerry’s overall spectrum of activities since every day, she would stroll around with a camera.

It was quite inconvenient for him to recently set out to acquire a red star.

The fact that the cops did not appear to notice his behavior of performing vigilant act was what left him most stunned. After concluding his duties, he occasionally ran too slowly and was pursued by the police.

He even once bumped into Haas while he was doing the night shift. He used his “Refreshing” ability then in order to avoid being seen by Haas and escape immediately. The power of various spells increases as a result of his magic developing more and more. Now he can effortlessly use magic to subdue a criminal practically every time.

Overall, he had to visit Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn a lot more valuable spells and he had to figure out a means to bring a broomstick the next time he returned in order to gain red stars more quickly.

He has more than 6,000 red stars to complete his two-month Hogwarts course of study.

However, it is predicted that you will survive for less than two months if you frequently activate the “Refreshing” ability. He will then need to figure out a means to augment it by obtaining some red stars in that world.

“Enter the Harry Potter world!” Jerry, who was seated on the sofa, decided to proceed right away. He focused his attention before pressing the panel’s enter button.

The entire world has once more descended into a state of silence.

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