“I’m back, one year has passed so quickly.” Looking at everything familiar in the room, Jerry couldn’t help sighing.

With a snap of his fingers, Jerry’s height and appearance changed again to the appearance when he left a year ago. In the future, he will slowly restore his height to normal in a few months. Otherwise, Haas and the others will be terrified when he suddenly grows taller overnight.

After looking in the mirror and feeling that it should be about the same, Jerry took out the suitcase and released four house elves.

“There are three of my family members in the room. I need you to be invisible near them and keep them safe at all times.”

The four house elves went to Haas and Aisha’s room with Apparition, and then leave the strongest one to protect Haas who usually works the most dangerous, and leave more or less sisters to protect Belle and Aisha.

As for himself, Jerry thought about it, and brought him back into the suitcase, asking him to assist Sun Lok in managing the magical animals in the space. After finishing these, he returned to the suitcase and started meditation.

The next day, after sending Belle and Aisha to the school bus, Jerry didn’t go to school but used Apparition. Facing the enemy later, Jerry felt that relying on house elves was not enough.

Belle and Aisha are fine, they have been at school, and basically, there will be no major problems. As a policeman, Haas must be at the forefront once aliens invaded, and the degree of danger will be greatly increased.

If it is an ordinary person, like a robber or something, then the house elf can handle it completely. But if it is aliens, monsters mutated by scientific experiments, or people with supernatural powers, then it will be more difficult.

Therefore, Jerry plans to add another layer of protection to Haas.

When he reappeared, Jerry’s figure had come to the outskirts of New York. He released the Heitan and quickly flew towards Los Angeles.

Although Jerry’s can Apparate, but the level is not yet capable of teleporting directly from New York to Los Angeles. So for long-distance transportation, he still relies on Thestrals.

Three hours later.

Riding a Thestral, Jerry landed in the garden of Tony’s mansion in Malibu, Los Angeles.

The moment he landed, an alarm sounded in the mansion, and two minutes later, a group of bodyguards surrounded him with pistols.

“I’m Tony’s friend. Please inform Tony that I have something to ask him.”

A group of bodyguards looked at Jerry in wizard robes and Thestral under him. They picked up the walkie-talkie in their hands and began to report the situation.

Meanwhile, the top floor of the Stark Tower in Manhattan, New York.

Tony was drinking red wine with his arms around Pepper while discussing his plan to use Arc Reactors for renewable energy.

A somewhat mechanical voice suddenly sounded, “Sir, Miss Wizard is looking for you.”

“Jarvis, say I’m not here. Didn’t you see that I’m… oh? it’s Miss Wizard, please let her in.”

Originally, in Tony’s character, when he was dating Pepper, he had to wait even if the President of the United States came. However, the Wizard is an exception. After all, the Wizard saved his life and also helped him a lot in the riot last time.

“Sir, Miss Wizard is not the building. But at your home in Los Angeles.”

At this time, a projection screen appeared, and it was the scene of Jerry wearing a wizard robe and riding a Thestral in his home.

“Oh dear, it looks like I’m going to be away for a while.” Tony gave Pepper a sorry look.

Pepper looked at Jerry and Thestrals on the screen in surprise, shook her head, and said, “Fine. Miss Wizard must have something important looking for you.”

The Wizard saved Tony’s life with a potion. Tony told her after the riot, so she still has a good impression of the Wizard. Now, she was simply amazed at the sight of the Thestral the Wizard was riding.

“Jarvis. Tell her to wait for me in the living room, I’ll be there in an hour.”

New York is more than 4,000 kilometers away from Los Angeles. Even with a supersonic iron suit, it will take at least an hour to fly there.


In the garden of the mansion in Los Angeles.

The leading bodyguard heard the order in the earphone, and immediately asked his colleague to put away the gun, and then politely said to Jerry, “Miss Wizard, please go inside and have some drinks and wait for a while. Mr. Stark said he will be here in an hour.”

“An hour later? He’s not in here now?” Jerry had a surprised look on his face.

The bodyguard replied, “No, Mr. Stark is now in the Stark Tower in Manhattan.”

“Stark Tower?”

Jerry paused for a moment. Before he entered the small world, he seemed to have read on the news that Tony was planning to build the tallest building in New York. He didn’t expect it to be completed so soon.

“I see. No need for him to fly over. Just ask him to wait for me over there, I will be there in about two minutes.”

As Jerry said, he got off his horse, put Thestral into the suitcase, and took out a glove. He activated the Portkey, and after a burst of space distortion, he disappeared in place.

The bodyguard saw Jerry being sucked in by the glove. He immediately froze in place like the other bodyguards behind him. He squatted down cautiously, poked the glove with a pistol, and picked it up after finding nothing unusual.

“Is this magic?”

During his year at Hogwarts, after Voldemort’s guidance and Jerry’s own assiduous study, his alchemy level has made great progress. Now, he can rely entirely on his own alchemy to make Portkeys.

Therefore, Portkey is not such a rare magic item for him.

Just now he left a Portkey so casually and stayed in Stark’s mansion. It would be much more convenient to come to Los Angeles in the future.

When he has time in the later stage, he plans to make more Portkeys, and then throw a Portkey every time he arrives in a city. It is best that all cities on the entire Earth can have the Portkeys he made.

In this way, he can teleport to any place on Earth through the Portkey and Apparation in the future.

He can use Floo powder for this kind of transportation, but the establishment of the Floo network is too complicated and troublesome. He cannot build it by himself now, and when he has the time, he’ll definitely going to make one.

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