Jerry kept the diary with him during this time because he often asked Voldemort about magic.

In most cases, the diary is open, and Voldemort also learns about Jerry’s real situation through the conversations between Jerry and other wizards and various clues.

He is a cautious person. Although Jerry is only a child, he is not too careless.

However, regarding the current situation, this wizard named Jerry didn’t lie to him but just concealed some things and didn’t say anything. He was indeed born in an orphanage and a second-year Slytherin wizard.

What was wrong was that he thought that Jerry was an unsatisfactory wizard. That’s why he longed for power and power so much. But it turns out that’s not the case.

Jerry is not only the best wizard in Slytherin, but he is also very popular with many other wizards, and even the wizards in other houses adore him. The teachers at the school also liked him very much, especially the current Head of Slytherin, Professor Snape, who treated him like his own son.

However, he still yearns for greater power, and judging from the magic he consulted, he still prefers dark magic and magic with relatively high lethality.

He appears seems to be very good to everyone and even made friends with Gryffindors. In fact, in the conversation, Voldemort can feel Jerry’s characteristics about valuing Pure Blood and hating Mudbloods.

Voldemort even felt that in a few years, when Jerry graduated. He might be a really good wizard for him. He doesn’t have to find a way to occupy Jerry’s body but train him up, and he might become the next leader of the Death Eather when he finally reveals himself.

Watching Voldemort begin to teach him Occlumency in the diary, Jerry also thought to himself,

“It should be almost the same.”

He is not a person who is particularly good at lying, but he has watched too much TV in his previous life and knows that putting a little bit of truth in it would help if he wants to lie.

If he kept the diary closed to prevent Voldemort from knowing more about him, it would make him a little bit suspicious, and sooner or later, Voldemort would find out something’s wrong.

Therefore, in order to gain Voldemort’s trust, he shows his truest side at Hogwarts in front of Voldemort. The only lie he revealed was about his belief in Pure Bloods and Mudbloods.

As for why Dumbledore discovered the Chamber of Secrets, there are mainly two reasons.

The first reason is to give a reasonable explanation for the disappearance of the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets so that Voldemort thinks that Dumbledore discovered the Chamber of Secrets and killed the Basilisk.

The second is to help Hagrid. After all, he stole Hagrid’s dragon egg and a Thestral, and Hagrid also taught him a lot about magical animals. He needs to do something to make it up to Hagrid.

The Parseltongue in the ball and the scales left by the Basilisks in the Chamber of Secrets should be enough for Dumbledore to guess what’s happening.

As for who subdued Myrtle, who left the ball on purpose, and who left the evidence, Dumbledore wouldn’t have probably guessed it if he tried to.

Because how could a student defeat the Basilisk?

The content of the letter he left for him was very simple. He told Dumbledore that he had defeated the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, and the name left at the end was: the mysterious explorer of justice who yearned for peace.

The purpose of leaving the letter is to prevent Dumbledore from thinking that the Basilisk has escaped, which could lead the school to be closed for the safety of the students.


Time flies, and the first semester has passed in a blink of an eye.

There was no Basilisk, no Chamber of Secrets incident, Hogwarts was relatively peaceful this semester, and there were no accidents even in the Quidditch match after Halloween.

Perhaps it was because there was no Basilisk attack, and Lucius’ plan was unsuccessful. Dobby didn’t want Harry to get out of the school anymore, so he didn’t need to make trouble in the Quidditch match.

Unfortunately, without Jerry’s participation this year. Slytherin’s Quidditch team did not outperform Harry’s Gryffindor team, which made Snape feel upset for several days.

It wasn’t until Christmas came that the Slytherin wizards were proud of themselves. Because on Christmas, London would host an international league, with as many as seven Quidditch teams participating in the game.

Jerry will compete as the Seeker for the England Quidditch team.

The game lasted for a week, and the result was self-evident. With Jerry on the team, the England Quidditch team was always able to catch the Golden Snitch first when the score was far behind, thus turning the game around.

Therefore, in the final London Quidditch League. It ended with the England Quidditch team winning the championship. This also made Jerry once again famous in the British wizarding world.

Before the Quidditch Cup was held in France, not many British wizards went there, and everyone read the results of the game in the newspaper.

But this time, it was held in London. Basically, most of the wizards watched it live, so it had a great impact on his reputation.

Especially how the game always won by a total comeback, which is the most exciting way to win the hearts of people who watched the game.

In addition to fame, Jerry also received a lot of bonuses in this competition, which made his pockets full again, allowing him to buy a lot of materials to practice making potions and alchemy.

Apart from constantly getting some magic and related knowledge from Voldemort for half a year, he also asked for advice on potions and alchemy. Voldemort can refine resurrection potions and Horcruxes, potions, and alchemy.

He could get a lot of relevant knowledge that Jerry was inconvenient to ask Snape for from Voldemort.

Two days before the end of the Christmas holiday, it was also the second day after Jerry returned to Hogwarts after participating in the competition.

Jerry stood in the suitcase that had been doubled by him again, stretched his fingers forward, mobilized his happy emotions to the maximum, and then chanted aloud, “Expecto Patronum!”

With a burst of powerful and dazzling white light, a huge figure appeared in front of Jerry’s eyes.

“I didn’t expect that my Patronus would be this.” Seeing his Patronus appear, Jerry’s eyes revealed a look of surprise.

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Published On: June 4, 2023

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