Jerry looked at the diary. After Voldemort heard that he was going to hand himself over to Snape and Dumbledore, he began to constantly show his self-worth, with a wavering expression on the surface, but he was already happy in his heart.

In terms of intelligence and understanding of people’s hearts, Jerry thinks that he is definitely not as good as Voldemort when he was young.  In the main world before, he also made many low-level mistakes and later made up for them with magical magic.

Now, he can play around with Voldemort because he has almost all of Voldemort’s information, and Voldemort’s understanding of him is that he is only a second-year Slytherin wizard born as an orphan.

Voldemort never expected that this second-year wizard not only played him all the time but also defeated the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets ahead of time.

“Seeing that you did teach me two very useful spells before, I will trust you for the time being.” Jerry looked very reluctant.

At this moment, Voldemort’s soul in the diary finally breathed a sigh of relief. According to current information, his main body was destroyed by a child named Harry Potter, leaving only his soul lingering.

His loyal subordinates were all imprisoned in Azkaban and guarded by dementors, and the other Death Eaters were also missing. If he is given to Snape, that traitor, or Dumbledore by the Slytherin wizard in front of him, then there is really no hope.

Fortunately, after a short period of understanding, he already has a judgment on this kid named Jerry. A typical Slytherin wizard who is greedy and eager to gain power. As long as he keeps using magic to lure him, he should be able to control him for the time being.

However, this child was born in an orphanage, just like him, and he is too paranoid. It is estimated that it will be difficult for him to break through his physical body later. He can only find a way to induce him to resurrect himself in other ways.

“Alright, teach me Legilimency first.” Seeing that the time was almost up, Jerry made a request directly.

In order to gain Jerry’s trust again, Voldemort readily taught Jerry to learn his Legilimency.


“The earliest traceable history of Legilimency is actually derived from a dangerous magical animal, that is the Wumpus Cat.”

Looking at the explanation in the diary, Jerry showed a little surprise, “Wumpus Cat? Is that the cat symbol from Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the United States?”

He had read in history books that several houses at the Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the United States were named after magical animals.

“Yes, that Wumpus Cat. Wumpus Cats are born with the ability to hypnotize and read minds, which inspired the wizard to create similar magic, Legilimency.

“Legilimency generally needs to meet the eyes of the opponent before it can be activated and read the opponent’s thoughts. However, there are exceptions. Some talented wizards are born with the ability to Legilimency. They don’t need to look at each other. As long as you appear around them, they can read your mind.

“And some wizards who have practiced Legilimency to the peak can read your thoughts and dig deep into all your memories along your thinking.”

As the lines of writing in the diary appeared, Jerry couldn’t help sighing that Voldemort was worthy of being called the Dark Lord, and his understanding of magic was beyond ordinary wizards’ reach.

With Voldemort’s in-depth analysis of Legilimency, some special ideas suddenly sprouted in his mind.

Wumpus Cats can hypnotize and read minds naturally, and wizards learned from them to create Legilimency. Later, some wizards were born with the ability of Legilimency.

How can it be that wizards’ magical abilities and magic came from the magical animals?

Jerry has been thinking about where his wizard’s bloodline originally came from, and it couldn’t just appear out of thin air. He had heard a saying before that the blood of wizards existed in ancient times.

Through biological experiments, they extracted the blood of magical animals and injected them into their bodies, thus gaining the same magical abilities as magical animals.

Later, inspired by the magical abilities of various magical animals, all kinds of magic were created. If you study carefully, you will find that much of the magic wizards created is similar to some magical animals.

Legilimency and Imperius Curse are similar to Wumpus Cats’ abilities.

Apparition is like an enhanced version of Diricawl’s abilities.

All kinds of fire magic. Too many magical animals can breathe fire, and the most powerful one is the dragon.

Maybe, maybe if he has time back in the Marvel world. He can take the time to work on biology a little bit and get some of their blood for research. Knowing the Marvel world are quite advanced in biological research.

If the source is figured out, maybe there is a way to purify the wizard’s blood in his body so that his magic power can be greatly increased.

Now his wizard blood has been fully developed under the effect of meditation. Although under the effect of Merlin’s Ring and Refreshing, his meditation is already much faster than normal wizards in the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.

But Jerry felt that it was still too slow.

After all, there are too many strong individuals in the Marvel world, like Thanos, The Ancient One, and Odin.

Magic power is fundamental. No matter how powerful magic is, it cannot be released without enough magic power. Jerry feels that if his wizard blood is really improved, there may be more benefits for him.

Of course, these are just his theories. Whether it could be done or not, he will have to explore slowly by himself in the future.

“Remember, Legilimency is not just a spell that allows you to steal other people’s ideas. It also has a very powerful auxiliary effect. If you can master Legilimency proficiently in battle, you can anticipate the enemy’s magic and react in advance.

“Therefore, when fighting someone who knows Legilimency. You will feel restricted everywhere, which is quite troubling.” Seeing this, Jerry’s eyes lit up again. He never thought that Legilimency could be used like this.

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Published On: June 3, 2023

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  1. How much did Odin tell Harry about the Ancient One? because before that point he had literally no idea who dr strange, what Kamr taj, or of the existence of Magic in the Marvel world was at all.

    1. odin didn’t tell or even meet harry, he met jerry, and he only told jerry about the existence of the mage organization, not much else

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