More than a week after school starts.

Late at night, the Slytherin common room. Jerry sat on the sofa with the Black Lake in the background turned on.

“Refreshing”, adjusted his mood and state, and then slowly opened Voldemort’s diary.

“It seems that you have calmed down.” Before Jerry could write, a line of Voldemort’s handwriting appeared on the diary.

“Yes, because I already know where that place is, and who created you.” Jerry picked up the quill and wrote quickly in his diary.

The diary was silent for a moment before revealing the writing, “You really already know what that place is? And who created me?”

“For more than a week, I checked a lot of information. Finally, I found relevant records in “Hogwarts: A School History”. If my guess is correct, the place you took me that day is the legendary Slytherin’s Chamber of Secrets.” Jerry wrote in the diary quickly, with an excited look on his face.

The diary was silent for a longer time, but it still quickly revealed the writing, “I didn’t expect you to find out. Yes, I was created by a Slytherin. I possessed this diary more than 40 years ago to pick out people who meet the conditions of becoming the heir of Slytherin. Since you have read some books, you should know the Chamber of Secrets.”

Jerry immediately replied, “I know that Salazar Slytherin built a secret room in the castle, and only his heirs can open the secret room and then release horrible things to purify Hogwarts.”

“What Salazar Slytherin hides in that room is not something terrible, but a lot of treasures. As long as you get his treasures, you can become a powerful wizard like him. I let you go to the Chamber of Secrets to inherit Slytherin’s treasure because you are my chosen one, The heir of Slytherin.”

Voldemort, who is very good at playing tricks on his mind, immediately summed up a set of extremely reasonable lies based on Jerry’s reaction, combining the situation before and after and rounding up all the previous words.

“I am the heir of Slytherin?”

Jerry said something with a sly expression and then wrote in the diary,

“Let’s go to the Chamber of Secrets now and take out the treasure that Slytherin left for me.”


Going to the girls’ bathroom on the second floor again and using magic to subdue Myrtle, Jerry skillfully handed the diary to the faucet with the snake engraved on it, then opened the entrance and jumped down.

Sliding into the tunnel, he came to the stone wall again in a strange way, “Open the door of the Chamber of Secrets and let me see what Slytherin’s treasure is.”

After several chants, the two snake locks on the stone wall suddenly came alive and then slowly separated, revealing the door leading to the inside. Walking into the room with the diary, Jerry started his own performance.

“As expected from the Chamber of Secrets built by Salazar Slytherin, it’s really big and imposing.”

“Is this a statue of Salazar Slytherin? It’s like the one in the history books.”

He picked up the quill and wrote in the diary, “Okay, we have reached the secret room. Where is the treasure?”

“In the statue of Slytherin, go under the statue, I will open the lock, and then you can see the treasure.” The diary replied.

“Well, that’s easy.” Jerry nodded, took the diary under the statue of Slytherin, and lifted the diary up.

With the Parseltongue, the face of the statue changed, and the mouth part rapidly became larger, and finally, a dark passage appeared in front of Jerry’s eyes.

At this time, the Parseltongue in the diary still did not stop and continued.

Five minutes later, Listening to the diary, Jerry folded his arms and complained, “Why is it still not working? Why didn’t the treasure appear? I’m tired.”

“Maybe it’s been too long. There’s something wrong with it. Go into the statue and have a look.” The diary stopped for a while and replied on the paper.

Voldemort’s soul was also extremely confused at this time. It didn’t make sense. He opened the Chamber of Secrets before and killed people with the Basilisk. Ultimately, he closed the Chamber of Secrets because he feared Hogwarts would be closed.

The Basilisk should still be sleeping in the statue right now. Why has the Basilisk not come out after he called for so long? Could it be that it slept to death?

“What a hassle.” With a look of impatience on Jerry’s face, he cast a Levitation Charm on himself and slowly floated to the entrance of the statue.

“Lumos.” Lighting up his wand, Jerry took the diary and walked into the dark hole.

Two minutes later, Jerry walked to the innermost part of the cave, looked at a pile of bones, raised his hand, and wrote in his diary, “This is the treasure you said?”


At the Slytherin common room.

Words kept appearing in the diary, “Jerry, I didn’t lie to you. You have to believe me. There may be some accident, which caused Slytherin’s treasure to be stolen in advance. You have to believe me.”

At this time, Voldemort himself was also full of doubts. Where is the Basilisk? How could it disappear?

Could it be that Dumbledore discovered the Chamber of Secrets, went in and killed the Basilisk? But Dumbledore can’t speak Parseltongue. How did he open the entrance and door of the Chamber of Secrets?

And how did he discover the Chamber of Secrets?

However, now is not the time to think about this issue. He must find a way to convince Jerry, who is already bursting into anger.

“Oh, believe you? I see that you are playing me like a stupid person, The Heir of Slytherin and Salazar Slytherin’s treasure. How could I believe your nonsense and follow you like a fool full of expectations like that? I think I should hand you over to Professor Snape, or Principal Dumbledore, and let them see what you really are.” Jerry replied.

The diary hastily replied, “I said it was just an accident, and it won’t do you any good to hand me over to Snape and Dumbledore. But if you keep me, I can still teach you magic. Don’t forget. I taught you Apparation and Mana Shielding Spell. Although I didn’t find the treasure this time, I will keep my previous promise and teach you Legilimency. And to make up for it, I can also teach the magic that restrains Legilimency—Occlumency!”

“You have to understand that as long as you have me, you can learn a lot of powerful magic in the future, and I am one of the treasures you will always have.”

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Published On: June 3, 2023

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  1. Ah, now I see the con. Why are so many Chinese MCs con artists?

    1. they live in china, if they don’t con, they die, they had an serious starvation where dozens of millions died, they got no room for empathy, at least that’s the case for their older generation, as for their younger generation, it’s because there’s too much competition, if they don’t con, they can’t progress in that society

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