“Nah, I’m going back.” With trembling hands, Jerry wrote a line in the diary and put the diary on the sink.

Voldemort knew that Jerry was in a state of fear and it was not suitable for further exploration, so he still made a hissing sound and closed the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

When the entrance was closed, Jerry quietly put the ball he had just taken out into his pocket. Then he closed the diary and returned to the Slytherin common room. Throwing the diary into an empty suitcase, Jerry’s body returned to his suitcase and started his meditation.

The Chamber of Secret must be entered, but not today, and he cannot enter with a diary.

On the next day.

Jerry disappeared again and quietly left the Slytherin common room, and went to the girls’ bathroom on the second floor.

Just like yesterday, he immobilized Myrtle with magic, then took out the ball and placed it on the dragon’s head with the snake engraved on it. Following the input of magic power, the ball immediately made a hissing snake sound, which was exactly the same as the snake sound when the diary opened the entrance to the entrance yesterday.

It turned out that Jerry bought magic props for recording in the magic shop in France.

Yesterday, he quietly recorded Voldemort’s snake language, “open the door” and “close the door”, so that he can enter the Chamber of Secrets by himself even without a diary.

Based on his memory, he could completely remember Voldemort’s two Parseltongues, but he wasn’t sure if he could imitate them. Certainly, he was not good at ventriloquism.

Yesterday’s entrance tunnel emerged again. Jumping into the entrance and sliding down to the tunnel, Jerry didn’t move forward immediately but released his robot soldier first.

“How about No. 1? Can you move?”

No. 1 flapped the steel wings on his back, felt his steel body, and reported to Jerry, “I can move with no problem.”

When Jerry heard this, a smile appeared on his face, as expected. Within the coverage area of Hogwarts Castle, special magic has been applied by the four founders, which can not only limit the Apparition Spell but also make most Muggle items to be unusable.

But Jerry considered that in the original book, Ron’s flying magic car, transformed by Arthur, can still drive normally after landing within the castle range. He guessed that as long as it has been transformed by magic, it will no longer be affected, even if the main item is a Muggle item.

His robot soldiers have all been cast with a spell, and the wings and swords on their bodies are also magically modified items. There is a high probability that they can function normally in Hogwarts Castle.

And his theory was right.

Leading robot soldier No. 1 all the way to the wall at the end of the tunnel, he didn’t immediately use the ball to open the stone wall and go in but started to take out his suitcase and pour things out.

First came the remaining eleven robot soldiers, then a cage of at least a few dozen big roosters, and finally, a plastic model of a twenty-meter-long dragon. Jerry had searched carefully in the library books for information about the basilisk.

It is a magical creature bred by a dark wizard. It hatches an egg under the body of a toad with evil black magic. The longer it lives, the more powerful it becomes.

The Basilisk is listed as a dangerous creature. It is a magical creature that is strictly prohibited from being cultivated by the Ministry of Magic. Basilisks that reach a certain age are even more dangerous than dragons.

If the basilisk wants to, it can instantly kill any person or animal that makes eye contact with it. They will be petrified even if they look at it in a mirror.

Moreover, the surface of the basilisk’s skin is covered with hard scales. Not only does it have extremely strong physical defense, but it can also deflect most spells. It is an existence with extremely high physical resistance and magic resistance. Its fangs are so poisonous that even Voldemort’s Horcruxes can be destroyed.

If he wants to fight the basilisk, he must close his eyes to avoid being killed by its ability.

Now, behind this stone wall is a Basilisk hatched by Salazar Slytherin, one of Hogwarts’ four founders, and it has lived for thousands of years. Its strength is so strong that it can be said that unless it is a wizard of Dumbledore’s level, no one could defeat it.

However, the Basilisk also has a fatal weakness: the crowing of a rooster. Generally, a Basilisk that is not strong enough may be directly weakened by the crowing of a rooster. Even a basilisk that has lived for thousands of years, its strength will be greatly reduced by the crowing of a rooster.

Using the Dragon Transformation Spell to turn the plastic dragon into a magic dragon, Jerry separated a trace of consciousness to control the body, took out the ball, and opened the stone wall leading to the room with the Parseltongue.

As the stone wall opened, the magic dragon rushed in first, then twelve robot soldiers, and finally, the roosters. After the big rooster was driven into the room by his body, he took out the ball and decisively closed the stone wall.

He is not that stupid.

His magic is basically useless against the Basilisk. It is beyond the physical fitness of ordinary humans. It is estimated that he will not be able to withstand the tail of the Basilisk, and the Basilisk will kill him.

He closed the room, remotely controlled the magic dragon, and cooperated with twelve robot soldiers to beat up the Basilisk. The magic dragon is magic, and he is not afraid of staring at the Basilisk, while the twelve robot soldiers are made of steel, and the rooster is the main enemy of the Basilisk.

What imprinted into his eyes was a long, dimly lit, oversized room with a height of nearly fifty meters. On both sides, many stone pillars were engraved with coiled and entangled serpents, towering to support the ceiling that melted into the darkness above.

Straight ahead was a gigantic statue as tall as the room, clinging to the dark wall behind it.

It looked like an old man with a long sparse beard that almost reached the hem of the wizard’s robe carved in stone, and two gray feet stood on the smooth floor of the room.

Jerry knew that it was Salazar Slytherin, and the basilisk was sleeping in that statue.

As if feeling that the room was invaded, the face of the statue moved, and its mouth opened wider and wider until it finally turned into a huge hole. A terrifying Basilisk more than 20 meters long slowly crawled out of the hole.

With an order, Jerry controlled the magic dragon and spewed out a mouthful of magic flames. The twelve robot soldiers quickly flapped their steel wings and lifted off into the air, opened their machine guns, and started shooting wildly at the Basilisk.

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