The process of the sorting ceremony was the same as last year. The only difference was that the young wizards in the sorting house had changed again.

Ron’s sister was assigned to Gryffindor and sat next to Harry, and Slytherin also welcomed a new batch of new wizards. At the opening banquet, Dumbledore introduced Lupin, but because of Lupin’s clothes, there was not much welcome applause.

Professor Snape, when he saw Lupin, his eyes were about to burst into flames. He didn’t expect Dumbledore to invite Lupin to the school to serve as Defense Against the Dark Arts class teacher.

For this, Jerry could only express his apologies. He didn’t expect that after dealing with Lockhart, Lupin would take his position.

However, at least Lupin has real talents, which is much better than Lockhart.

As for the possibility of Lupin turning into a werewolf on the night of the full moon, that’s for another story. Jerry felt that with his physical fitness far beyond normal people, he could knock him down if the worst outcome happened.

After the banquet, Jerry returned to the Slytherin common room with the new wizards of Slytherin. After a few simple chats, Malfoy and the others fell asleep on the bed.

Half an hour later, Jerry slowly opened his eyes, took Voldemort’s diary, cast himself a Disillusionment Charm, and quietly left the common room.

Carefully following the staircase from the first floor to the second floor, he soon found the girls’ bathroom that had long been abandoned.

“Petrificus Totalus!” Jerry, finding Myrtle squatting in the toilet, cast a spell to lock her in place.

Myrtle was the student who was killed when Voldemort opened the Chamber of Secrets for the first time decades ago. Later, she became a ghost and lived in the girls’ bathroom on the second floor.

Ghosts can also be affected by magic. Headless Nick was petrified because the basilisk saw him, but he had already died once and would not die a second time.

After closing the toilet door again, Jerry took the diary to the sink in the bathroom, opened it, and wrote with a quill, “I have come to the sink in the girls’ bathroom on the second floor according to your request. Where is the thing you want to find?”

In the beginning, Jerry promised Voldemort that as long as he taught himself how to shield the Traces, he would come to the girls’ bathroom on the second floor as soon as school started. He was a man of his word.

“You must find a faucet in the sink with a small snake engraved on it.” A line of writing appeared in the diary.

“Found it.” Jerry walked around and soon found the faucet that Voldemort had mentioned.

“Put the diary near that faucet.” Seeing the new handwriting, Jerry held the diary in his left hand very cooperatively and approached the faucet, but at this moment, his right hand quietly took out a small ball.

Suddenly there was a hissing sound like a snake in the diary.

Immediately, it emitted a dazzling white light and began to spin rapidly. Watching the sink slowly disappear from sight, reveals a big tunnel that can allow a person to walk in.

“Go there. What I want is inside there.”

“You just said that you came to the girls’ bathroom on the second floor to get things, but you didn’t say that you wanted to enter this dark corridor.”

This time, Jerry didn’t listen to Voldemort but stopped where he was.

“Then what are your conditions?” Voldemort was very smart. He knew that since Jerry didn’t turn his head away, he could negotiate with him.

Jerry raised his lips and wrote, “I heard that there is a very special magic that can read people’s thoughts and study people’s brains. If you are willing to teach me, I will go down and fetch things for you right away.”

Legilimency books are basically impossible to buy in any part of the world, not even on the black market. He tried to find one, but there was no luck. This can be considered dangerous magic. Even Snape probably wouldn’t teach him this, so he can only rely on Voldemort.

You know, Voldemort is a master at manipulating people’s hearts and a master in Legilimency, even comparable to Dumbledore.

“Are you talking about Legilimency? As long as you go down and help me get something, I can teach you that.” Voldemort replied without hesitation.

In his opinion, Jerry is destined to be eaten by the basilisk after he goes down, so of course, he will not refuse Jerry’s request now.

“But what if you don’t have what you want?” Jerry still didn’t move.

“As long as you are willing to go down, no matter whether you can find what I want inside. I will teach you Legilimency when you come back.”

Seeing Voldemort’s assurance, Jerry walked towards the corridor with the diary in his hands in satisfaction.

The entire entrance is like a slope going downwards. You don’t need to walk, squat on it, and you can slide all the way down like a slide.

The corridor is very long, and many pipes extend in all directions, but they are not as big as the main pipe, and he doesn’t know where it goes.

About several hundred meters down, Jerry estimated that he had already reached a place deeper than the bottom of the Black Lake, and then he came to the flat ground.


A bright light emanated from the tip of the wand, dispelling the darkness and allowing Jerry to see clearly what was in front of him. This is a very wide stone tunnel with four or five meters in height.

“Hurry up, walk along the tunnel until the end.” Seeing that there seemed to be some fear on Jerry’s face, Voldemort’s handwriting appeared on the diary again.

Jerry nodded, pretending to be a little scared, and then walked forward cautiously with his wand. After walking around for a while, he finally reached the end of the tunnel. But what lay before him was a solid wall carved with two intertwined snakes with large, shining emeralds in their eyes.

“Yes, it’s there. Put the diary close to the wall, and let me open it.”

Jerry clearly felt the excitement from Voldemort’s handwriting.

However, at this time, he controlled his body to tremble for a while, and then turned around and returned while writing in his notebook, “I don’t want to learn Legilimency anymore. I have a bad feeling. I’m leaving!”

“This is a treasure trove in Hogwarts. The great wizard who created me has hidden many precious treasures. As long as you go in, you can become the richest and most powerful wizard, stronger than Dumbledore!”

Ignoring the writing on the diary, Jerry walked back dully, and when he reached the pipe, he used the Levitation Charm to bring himself back to the sink in the bathroom on the second floor.

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