With an unusual expression on his face, Haas changed into his police uniform after breakfast and motioned for Jerry to the side.

“What is it, Dad? Could it be that Aisha damaged your lightsaber collection again?” Jerry looked at Haas with a surprised expression on his face as opposed to the normal serious expression on his face.

“Ah, it’s not that.”

Haas coughed before regaining his composure and saying, “Since you were a young child, Jerry, you have shown yourself to be incredibly thoughtful, kind, and brave. Thank you, and I’m so proud of you. You are still a kid though, you know that? Dad hopes you’ll be able to prioritize defending yourself if you run into the same circumstance as yesterday. Dad only has one son, when something bad happens to you…”

When Haas learnt that Jerry and Aisha’s school bus had been taken over by criminals yesterday at the police station, he nearly suffered a heart attack. He also experienced conflicting emotions when he later discovered the school bus and learned from Mrs. Belle that Jerry had stood up and taken hostages in place of others.

From the perspective of the police, Haas undoubtedly supported and encouraged Jerry’s actions. But how on earth could Haas, as a father, want his kid to engage in such a risky behavior?

Although Jerry is not his biological child, he already thought of Jerry as his own son.

In the end, Jerry had to consider the his perspective, which was to sternly warn him that the next time he finds himself in a similar scenario as a child, he must defend himself right away.

“Yes, Dad. Actually, I’m rather frightened as well. The next time, I won’t do it.” Since Jerry is not truly a child, he instinctively appreciated Haas’ meticulous efforts and nodded in accord without objecting.

However, Jerry is just a regular child. Of course, he won’t intervene the next time this occurs. The mysterious magical youngster will be the one to take action.

“That’s great. I’m heading to work while you and Aisha play at home. If you need anything, give me a call.” Haas was also a little relieved to see that Jerry’s expression showed no resistance or skepticism.

Jerry has, after all, been acting in a pretty admirable manner. Jerry will receive praise from everyone in this regard, but as a father, he disagrees. He worries that Jerry won’t understand what he said today and that it would end the other way.

But it was clear that the outcome was excellent. Jerry was still incredibly mature and sensible as before, so he was able to comprehend his arduous efforts with ease.

“Aisha, don’t you want to kiss your father before he leaves for work?”

After speaking with Jerry, Haas realized that it wouldn’t be long before work time and called out to Aisha, who was in the living room watching cartoons. Aisha did not let Haas down, she leaped off the couch and rushed over to kiss his face.

“Dad, before you go to work, let’s play a game!”

“What kind of game?” Haas was momentarily surprised.

“Let’s see who is lighter. I’ll let you go to work if you triumph!” With innocent eyes, Aisha asked Haas.

“Okay, that’s easy!” Haas tightened his hand and lightly tapped young Aisha’s stomach.

“It’s my turn now!”

Aisha grinned before clenching her tiny fist and yelling angrily, “Ice Queen’s punishment!”

She then gave Haas a hard slap on the stomach, knocking him down to the ground while he was crouching.

“Dad, you’ve won! Now get to work!”

After that, Aisha kept watching cartoons without turning around, leaving just Haas with a puzzled expression. Suddenly, the doorbell rang at this moment.

A delivery man bearing a lengthy, bulky cardboard box knocked on Haas’ door and inquired, “Excuse me, is Mr. Jerry Carmen at home?”

“He’s here, what seems to be the case?” Haas had a perplexed expression on his face.

“Please come out and sign for it here.” The delivery person set the cardboard box down.

“A delivery? I didn’t make any online purchases.”

Jerry, who also heard the sound, appeared to be struggling. He is a little boy of eleven. He typically does either workout or seeks for chances to get a star. He barely uses the internet. What can he possibly purchase online?

The delivery man examined the slip and said, “It’s a delivery from a lady by the name of Pepper Potts!”

Jerry thought back on the few recollections of Marvel movies he had while signing for the delivery.

“Is that the girlfriend of Iron Man?”

“Oh my God, it was Iron Man’s suit all along. It’s awesome. Jerry, you received an Iron Man model set from someone. Now, this item is not available anywhere in the world!”

Haas had already taken out the Iron Man model in the same proportion as Jerry while Jerry was still attempting to recall, and he appeared to be very excited.

“When Iron Man saved me yesterday, he made a promise to deliver it to me. I assumed he was making a joke, but I wasn’t prepared for him to actually give me a set. However, isn’t the lightsaber from “Star Wars” your favorite?”

“Even though Star Wars is simply a movie, the iron suit is real. I adore Tony Stark’s energy cannon-shooting armor so much!”

Jerry heard him out and was speechless. Never imagined that his father Haas continued to be an Iron Man enthusiast.

Jerry once heard that certain passions may be passed down via families, but he didn’t think that was true. He didn’t understand that interest can actually be inherited until he met Haas and Aisha. Aisha just like all forms of magic, whereas Haas prefers all forms of mecha and lightsabers.

“If you like it, Dad, I’ll give it to you.”

Actually, Jerry isn’t all that interested in this kind of armor and machinery. In order to enhance his design at the moment and ensure that Iron Man had complete confidence in himself, he urged him to ask Iron Man for a model.

Additionally, the model Iron Man gave him is unquestionably simply a model. Nothing could possibly be there that could be utilized as a weapon.

“Jerry, you are my love.” Haas was so ecstatic to hear Jerry’s words that he practically jumped up. To offer Jerry a father’s kiss, he knelt down.

“Dad, you still have 20 minutes to get to the police station or you’ll be late. It’s 8:40.” The kiss between Haas and Jerry was precisely halted by Jerry’s extended hand.

God, the time goes by so quickly! Jerry, please help me put this armor model, please don’t let Aisha damage it.” Haas swiftly handed Jerry the iron suit model after checking the time and hurriedly leaving.

“Boys will always be boys.” Jerry’s head couldn’t help but shake.

For a thirty-six year old, cunning and capable sheriff in the police station to truly enjoy this sort of activity is not a huge deal. After all, he would not be as composed as he is right now if someone handed him a nunchaku similar to the one Bruce Lee used.

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