On September 1, 1992, it was time to start school.

Jerry hugged Crookshanks with his suitcase early in the morning, bid farewell to the bar owner Tom, and took the subway to King’s Cross Station. Now he could shield Trace fluctuations and then teleport directly to the station with the Apparition.

There is nothing wrong with taking the subway. The population of London is not large, and the subway is not so crowded, and it is hot in September, and it is also very pleasing to see many people in fashionable and cool clothes.

When he came to the entrance of King’s Cross Station, he waited a while and saw Hermione being driven by her parents. After waving goodbye to her parents, Jerry and Hermione walked and chatted to Platform Nine and Three Quarters.

“Slow down. Let’s wait for Harry and the others.” Seeing that Hermione was about to enter the platform, Jerry pulled her and suggested.

He remembered that at the beginning of school this time, Harry and Ron had to drive Arthur’s flying magic car to school because Dobby blocked the entrance to the platform. As a result, Arthur’s private transformation of Muggle supplies was exposed, and the Ministry of Magic fined him.

During this period of time at the Burrow, Arthur taught him a lot of very useful alchemy knowledge, and he felt that he should help at this time, and he also knew how poor Arthur’s family was.

When buying textbooks in Diagon Alley last time, Harry and Jerry said that when he went to Gringotts to withdraw money with the Arthur family, there was only one gold Galleon and dozens of silver Sickles left in Arthur’s vault.

If he was fined, this may directly cut Arthur’s salary in half next month and greatly reduce the living standards of Weasley’s family. Jerry will never treat those who have helped him badly, and he will never be soft on those who have been bad to him.

Although Hermione was a little surprised that Jerry didn’t wait on the train but had to wait at the gate of the platform, she didn’t say much.

Half an hour before the train leaves. The Weasleys and Harry finally arrived at the Nine and Three-Quarters entrance in a hurry, a little earlier than Jerry expected. After a greeting, everyone began to rush into the platform one by one.

“Jerry, Hermione, you go first. Ron and I will follow you guys later.” Seeing the Weasleys lead Ginny through the wall, Harry said to Jerry and Hermione.

“You guys go first. Hermione and I will later follow you guys up.” Jerry smiled and raised his hand.

Dobby is hiding around here with the Disillusionment Charm. If they go in first, Dobby will seal the entrance right away.

“Well then, Ron. Let’s go together.”

Harry didn’t object either. After greeting Ron, the two took a deep breath, pushed the trolley, and accelerated toward the wall.

As expected, the two trolleys slammed into the ground, and the cage containing the owl on Harry’s stroller flew out. Hedwig in the cage screamed angrily at Harry.

“What’s going on? Why can’t we get through?” Putting the scattered things back into the trolley, Harry and Ron were stunned.

“Someone closed the entrance on the wall, there is magic on this wall, and there is no way to reopen it with my current ability.” Hermione stepped forward and touched the wall, felt the magic on the wall, and sighed helplessly.

Hearing Hermione’s words, Ron showed a look of horror on his face, “Then what should we do now? If we can’t get on the train, we will be expelled!”

Harry and Hermione’s expressions also changed. “We won’t be expelled for things like this, Ron.”

The station guard came to check the situation, and Jerry walked over with a smile.

When you go to school, you always feel that being late is a big deal, especially when you are late and find that the head teacher is standing at the school gate waiting for you, it feels like the end of the world.

When he grew up, he realized that what he thought was a big thing before was actually very small and insignificant compared to some difficulties encountered in society. Especially for the lateness caused is reasonable, there will be no problem at all.

After all, the two little wizards were almost injured because the entrance was closed.

Jerry also touched the wall, sensed some magic fluctuations inside, then took out his wand and pointed at the wall. A stream of magic power passed through the wall, and the wall rippled like water. Stretching out his hand to touch the wall, he instantly moved his hand.

“Okay, it has been repaired. You can go in!” Withdrawing his hand, Jerry turned his head and said to them.

During this period of time, he learned alchemy with Arthur, and his alchemy level increased a lot. The wall of Platform Nine and Three Quarters is enchanted with space-like magic using alchemy. It takes a certain amount of research on space magic and alchemy to turn on and off the wall’s entrance.

Looking at it this way, Dobby’s magical ability should be considered relatively strong among the house elves.

Seeing that Jerry solved the problem of the channel being closed with a wave of his hand, the three of Harry stopped talking immediately.

Jerry’s magical ability always exceeds their expectation, and sometimes they even have a thought that Jerry’s magical ability seems to be no worse than some teachers at school.

The entrance opened again, and the four walked into the wall one by one. Harry and Ron didn’t dare to rush into the entrance by running.

But this time, it went very smoothly. Obviously, Dobby knew that with Jerry around, it would be useless for him to block the wall.

When they walked into the wall and came to the train, there were less than five minutes left before the train departed. Arthur and his wife were still explaining something to Ginny on the train through the window. Obviously, they hadn’t noticed the disappearance of Harry and Ron.

Maybe they didn’t expect Harry and Ron to be blocked off at all, thinking that after entering, they were pushed away by the crowd and boarded the train first.

It is also possible that all the attention was focused on Ginny, who was about to go to school. You must know that Ginny is the first female in the Weasley family, so they need to be extra careful with her.

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Published On: May 31, 2023

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