Listening to Arthur carefully explaining the magic of transforming magic cars, Jerry turned on “Refreshing” to quickly understand and remember, and at the same time, thought of Arthur’s many unique ideas in alchemy, which he did not have in the books he read before.

In general, He explained the production of normal magic alchemy items.

For example, applying the Extension Charm to various items to make their space larger, so does how to make the broomstick could be used to fly, how to make items have more magical effects, etc. Most of the magic items you can see in Diagon Alley are made by alchemy.

However, most of the alchemy that Arthur explained was how to combine magic with Muggle’s modern technological items to work, what needs attention, the little tricks he discovered, etc.

However, it may be because they are now in a relatively peaceful era. Most of the alchemy techniques mentioned by Arthur are developed in the direction of more convenient and comfortable daily use. Like making the car space larger, allowing more people to sit, and adding a stealth function to the car so that Muggles won’t discover it.

Jerry wants to use this foundation to conduct in-depth research and apply it to other spells.

For example, on the basis of the magic car now, adding the Protego Charm to greatly improve its defense ability or add some offensive magic.

However, his ultimate goal is not to transform a car but to transform his robot soldiers. It’s just that these skills can only be studied slowly after his alchemy knowledge is improved.

When it was close to the evening, Hermione’s family left the Burrow with Floo powder and returned to London, while Jerry stayed temporarily. Jerry’s stay was simple: spend a few days learning Arthur’s alchemy skills.

Of course, the other reason is to exchange experience of Culinary Magic with Molly, learn British and French cuisine, and pass on some Chinese cooking methods to her on the way. He might stay for more than a week.

It wasn’t until three days before school started that Jerry returned to the Leaky Cauldron in London with Floo powder.


“Tom, do you know whether the Trace from the Ministry of Magic is applied to the body or to the wand?”

“To the body.”

“Then do you know how to remove The Trace from the body in advance?”

“Jerry, why do you ask that?”

“Because I feel that The Trace has a lot of restrictions on me, which prevents me from casting magic in the Muggle world. If there is no monitoring by The Trace, I can use magic to torture those who have bullied me in the orphanage before.”

“Sadly, the Trace cannot be removed. Otherwise, it will be discovered by the Ministry of Magic.”

Looking at the reply in the diary, Jerry frowned and then continued to write, “Is there no other way? I still want to learn some magic lessons I secretly learned before when I go back at Christmas.”

“Of course, there are ways, but you have to promise me one condition.” A line of writing appeared in the diary.

Jerry wrote quickly with a quill, “What conditions?”

“I want you to go to the girls’ bathroom on the second floor after school starts and help me get something.” Looking at the writing in the diary, Jerry’s eyes narrowed.

The girls’ bathroom on the second floor, if he remembers correctly, should be the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. It seems that Voldemort in the diary, has already noticed something.

The soul of Voldemort in the diary at this time is not the Voldemort who has become mad after splitting the Horcrux many times, but the Voldemort who was still at its peak when he was young.

After guiding Jerry in magic many times without feeling the loosening of Jerry’s soul, he already knew that Jerry was not as easy to deceive as he appeared on the surface. As long as Jerry has a sliver of distrust in him, it’ll be impossible for him to take advantage of him.

He has decisively planned to trick Jerry and lure him into the Chamber of Secrets, let the basilisk kill Jerry, and then re-select a relatively simple little wizard. Only in this way can he quickly obtain a new body and redo his big plan.

“That’s too simple. As long as you tell me how to remove the Trace, I will go to the girls’ bathroom on the second floor to find things for you immediately after school starts.” Jerry replied without hesitation.

He had originally planned to go to the Chamber of Secrets. After all, the basilisk is a very powerful animal, and it is also a thousand-year-old basilisk.

“The principle of the Trace is that when there is a fluctuation of mana nearby, it will send a special magic mark after a few seconds, and a magic item of the Ministry of Magic will capture this mark. If you can block the magic waves that come out when you cast magic, you naturally won’t trigger the Trace, and the Ministry of Magic won’t monitor you.”

Seeing his explanation, Jerry finally understood. Harry said that he met Dobby at his aunt’s house, where he cast magic, but the Ministry of Magic identified Herry as the one who cast the magic. Because Harry is the only wizard in that house, the Trace was triggered, and the Ministry of Magic thought came to that conclusion.

“How can I shield the fluctuations when casting magic?” Jerry continued.

He replied, “Then you need to use a special magic spell, which was also invented by the great wizard who created me.”

Voldemort taught Jerry all the incantations and techniques of the spell in detail. Jerry also quickly mastered this spell invented by Voldemort, which can specifically block magical fluctuations through his solid magical foundation and with the help of refreshing.

In fact, after learning it, Jerry also discovered that he had already seen the effect of this spell. This diary’s magic fluctuation could not be detected after it was closed because there was a spell enchanted by alchemy on the notebook.

With this spell, Jerry no longer has to worry that the Ministry of Magic will monitor his magic.

As long as he casts a spell on his body before casting a spell, he can basically cast all kinds of magic at will for at least an hour without triggering the Traces left by the Ministry of Magic in his body.

Jerry has obtained two extremely useful spells from Voldemort: the Apparition Spell and this Mana Shielding Spell.

However, this is just the beginning. He believes that as long as he spends more time, he should be able to gain a lot in the future. When he has gotten all the knowledge from him, his soul will be sealed in the matryoshka doll he bought before.

But he needs to be careful, and it’s not the time yet, because Voldemort is also smart and needs to be cautious about it when performing the sealing.

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Published On: May 31, 2023

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