“Jerry, what else can you not do? ” Hermione watched Jerry waving his magic wand, preparing Chinese dishes that she had never seen before, one by one, and couldn’t help but be amazed.

In terms of school grades, Jerry is the first in the whole grade. Even the teachers praised Jerry’s understanding of magic, and he surpassed most wizards in the seventh grade.

In the Quidditch game, Jerry is the most powerful Seeker and is even accepted by the England national team as an exception. He also turned the tide in the Quidditch Cup and won the championship for the England Quidditch team.

Jerry also has a lot of research on Muggle science and knowledge, even more than her father, who has been a Muggle for decades.

Jerry can also talk with Arthur about Alchemy, a subject that is not available in school, and it seems that he even understood some basic fundamentals of it. Even Jerry knows the Culinary Magic in the kitchen, and what he knows is Chinese food, which is famous for its difficulty.

Can one person really be this gifted?

Originally, in Hermione’s heart, Jerry was not only her best friend but also the goal she wanted to surpass and the object of competition in school. But now, she felt that wanting to surpass Jerry was really impossible.

Unlike Hermione, Molly looked at Jerry with satisfaction at this moment. “You have really mastered Chinese food, and you can do it so well.”

Molly picked up a fork and put a piece of chicken into her mouth. Her eyes suddenly showed surprise. She originally thought that Jerry might have just dabbled in some Chinese food recipes and could barely make them, but she didn’t expect that Jerry could really make them so delicious, which was simply beyond her expectations.

“I’m also interested in British and French food. Aunt Molly, if you have time, you can teach me some British and French food, and I’ll teach you Chinese food.” Jerry replied very modestly.

“That would be great!” Molly looked at Jerry, and her favorability rose rapidly.

Jerry is not a person who is good at socializing, and he doesn’t like socializing too much. But he knows in his heart that if he wants to be friends with someone, make that someone like you. So the easiest way is to have common hobbies with each other.


It’s lunchtime.

When everyone was seated, the Weasleys immediately noticed something weird at today’s table.

“Molly, I seem to have never seen you make this kind of food. This meat tastes sour, sweet, and it’s delicious.” Arthur put a piece of fried meat wrapped in sweet and sour sauce in his mouth. His eyes lit up immediately, showing an expression of enjoyment.

“Why does this chicken taste different from the usual ones?”

“Hey, is this fish fillet? It’s so spicy.”

“What is this? It’s so hot. It’s really hot!”

As everyone moved their knives and forks curiously, there were talks, one after another.

“I’m not good at Chinese food. Half of the Chinese food on the table today was prepared by Jerry for everyone. You should thank him.” Molly smiled and explained to everyone.

“Jerry?” Hearing that this strange Chinese cuisine was made by Jerry, all the people who were not in the kitchen just showed expressions of disbelief.

Especially Harry and Ron, the two of them knew Jerry quite well. In their eyes, Jerry should belong to the kind who was obsessed with magic books every day and couldn’t bother himself with cooking.

Just like when he was in school, you saw the number one student studying hard and reading books every day, and you would know that hard work paid off. He deserves to be number one in the exam because he works so hard every day.

Later, you found out that he is also very good at sports, it turns out that learning and sports can also be combined.

Later, this classmate of yours came to your house as a guest, and he easily made a table full of delicate cuisine for everyone.

At this point, all you have left is to doubt your life.

“Don’t eat the steamed buns directly because it’ll be pipping hot. Let me teach you. You can take a small bite first, slowly suck the soup inside, and then…”

Looking at Ginny and George, who were scalded by the steamed buns filled with soup, Jerry picked up a bun and began to teach everyone the correct way to eat it.


In the afternoon, Ron and others continued playing Quidditch on the hillside.

Molly took Mrs. Granger to discuss her experience in raising seven children in the past 20 to 30 years. Mr. Granger, Hermione, and Jerry followed Arthur to the large warehouse in front of the Burrow.

Pushing open the door, the first thing that catches the eye is the light blue Ford Anglia 105E car transformed by Arthur, followed by some disassembled scattered Muggle electrical appliances. When the car saw Arthur appear, it moved the door as if to greet him.

“I cast some spells on it, so it has some thoughts of its own. But it is shy and generally doesn’t like to talk.” Arthur waved at the car.

“It’s incredible!” A car with a mind of its own really impacted Mr. Granger’s worldview, although he had said this many times today.

“Does this uses the Extension Charm to expand the interior of the car?” Jerry opened the door and found that there were at least four times the space in a normal car.

Arthur nodded with a smile, “Of course, considering that our family is large. I need to make some extra room.”

But after speaking, he immediately opened his mouth to warn, “The Extension Charm is forbidden to be used privately by the Ministry of Magic, so even if you learn it in the future, don’t use it indiscriminately. At least don’t let others know. Otherwise, you will be fined by the Ministry of Magic.”

“Uncle Arthur, we know that we rarely do dangerous and illegal things. Can you explain to us some alchemy techniques when transforming this magic car? I think with your skills, this magic car is definitely more than just able to fly.” Jerry said sincerely.

“Of course.”

Arthur smiled proudly, “In addition to using part of the alchemy used to make broomsticks, the car has the ability to absorb external magic to fly. In order to prevent being discovered by Muggles, I also added Disillusionment Charm. As long as the Invisibility Booster is pulled, the whole car will be immediately covered by the Disillusionment Charm.”

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