“Actually, I’m very interested in alchemy, but the school doesn’t seem to teach this subject specifically. I didn’t expect Uncle Arthur to be so good at alchemy.” After listening to Arthur’s explanation, Jerry let out a sign of admiration.

“Jerry, I’m flattered, but my alchemy level is indeed comparable to some wizards.”

“I heard from Ron that you like to use alchemy to transform Muggle items. Like that magic flying car they drove to save Harry before was made by you.” Jerry continued to admire.

“What? The car can fly?” At this time, Mr. Granger also showed a look of surprise.

“Well, yes, I have done a lot of research about that kind of thing. But the magic car can fly so well, and it is indeed somewhat beyond my expectations. If you are interested, I will take you there this afternoon. Jerry, if you are interested in alchemy, you can ask me for advice. I always think that Hogwarts should offer a course related to alchemy.” Arthur patted his chest with a proud face.

“Alright!” Seeing Arthur lose himself in his praises, the corners of Jerry’s mouth gradually rose.

Arthur belongs to the kind with strict wives, and Mrs. Weasley or Molly is more disgusted with Arthur’s tampering with Muggle items. After all, it violates the laws of the Ministry of Magic. She is afraid that something will happen to Arthur if he is discovered.

Therefore, in order for Arthur to successfully teach him alchemy, Jerry has to find a way to gain a wave of favorability with Molly. As for how to improve Molly’s favorability, Jerry already has a plan in mind.

“I’ll go to the kitchen to see if there’s anything I can help with.” Under the surprised gazes of Arthur, Mr. Granger, and Hermione, Jerry got up and walked toward the kitchen.

Hermione thought for a moment and quickly followed. She thought she already knew Jerry well. Unexpectedly, Jerry had so many abilities that she didn’t know about.

In the kitchen on the first floor, Mrs. Granger watched as Molly kept waving her wand. Fruits and vegetables flew up and down in the sink before being washed and then cut into even small pieces by a kitchen knife.

Originally, when she heard that Molly was going to cook, she planned to come over to help, such as washing and chopping vegetables. After all, there are a lot of dishes to cook when fourteen people are eating, and Mrs. Molly must be too busy doing it alone.

It turned out that there was no need for her help at all because wizards used magic to cook.

“Hermione, you must learn this magic well. It will be much easier when you get married in the future.” Seeing Hermione and Jerry coming to the kitchen, Mrs. Granger explained to Hermione jokingly.

“Well, I’m not very interested in culinary magic.” Hermione curled her lips.

Culinary Magic is one of Hermione’s weaknesses. It’s not like Hermione hasn’t studied it before. It’s a pity that if you want to learn Culinary Magic, you must not only have good magical talent, but you must also have good cooking skills in real life.

Cooking Magic does not allow you to conjure delicious food directly but uses magic assistance to make a table of delicious food faster and easier. Hermione’s magical talent is absolutely fine, but her cooking talent? What kind of cooking talent do you expect from a twelve or thirteen-year-old schoolgirl?

“Need help? My magic is not bad, you know.” Jerry asked Molly, who was performing her magic.

Molly looked at Jerry with some surprise, “Jerry, you can do some Culinary Magic?”

A boy who was still in school, it was hard to imagine that he would be a good cook. At least Molly knew that her sons were all not proficient in cooking.

“I personally prefer Chinese cuisine, so I have done some research on Chinese food.” Jerry explained with a smile.

“Isn’t Chinese food notoriously complicated?”

As a culinary expert, Molly certainly has some research on the cuisines of various countries, but she does not dabble in Chinese food because it is too complicated.

All the Chinese food recipes she bought are very strange. Unlike the cuisines of other countries, the amount of seasoning in each recipe is very clear and has precise calculations.

But in Chinese food recipes, the ingredients she sees are basically words such as “a little”, “appropriate amount”, and “some”, which are unclear, which makes it difficult for her to grasp.

In fact, Molly didn’t know that Chinese food has a lot of history behind it. There are eight categories of cuisines alone, and there are twenty or thirty kinds of cooking methods, such as frying, simmering, deep-frying, roasting, braising, etc.

In many cases, you can only add seasonings and master the heat according to your personal taste. These are of course difficult for a foreigner to understand, so Molly was so surprised when she heard that Jerry had studied Chinese culinary.

“If you don’t mind, I can make some Chinese dishes for everyone to try.” Jerry volunteered to cook.

It’s definitely not enough to rely on words alone. He wants to use his strength to gain Molly’s favor.

“Although it’s impolite to ask guests to cook, I’m really looking forward to it.” With a wave of Molly’s magic wand, the eight finished English and French dishes flew up and down on the long wooden table in the kitchen.

“Actually, I really like cooking.” Jerry glanced at the remaining ingredients in the kitchen, took out his wand, and waved. Various ingredients and kitchen utensils flew up and began to operate quickly.

The food hadn’t been cooked yet, and the taste was unknown. But at this moment, Jerry’s proficiency in culinary magic was no less than her own, and Molly had already recognized it.

With the continuous waving of Jerry’s wand, delicious food with rich fragrance and taste, which Molly and others had never seen before, took shape one by one and then landed on the long table in the kitchen.

Sweet and sour tenderloin, Kung Pao chicken, steamed buns, boiled fish, and so on. They are all been tested by Jerry on Aisha, Haas, and Belle, which are really compatible with the foreigner’s taste.

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