“So that’s how it is.” Jerry nodded. No wonder he felt that the Weasley family was a big family of pure blood but lived so poorly. It turned out that it was not only because of having too many children but also because the family kicked them out.

That era was when the theory of pure blood was prevalent, Arthur, as a son of a pure-blood family, actually got close to Muggles. Of course, he would be rejected by his own family, just like Sirius back then.

However, just looking at the construction of the entire Burrow, it can be seen that Arthur’s alchemy is really extraordinary. Ordinary wizards can’t use magic to build such a house.

It seems that Arthur likes the habit of using alchemy to transform Muggle’s supplies. It has been around for a long time. He used to transform houses, but now he transforms more difficult items such as cars.

“Jerry, Hermione, Harry. I’ll call George, Fred, and Ginny. Let’s go to the mountain to play Quidditch!”

“You guys can go ahead. I’m just going to sit in the living room for a while.”

Jerry has absolutely no interest in playing Quidditch. Now he wants to get close to his parents and see if he can ask him about alchemy later.

“Ah, alright then.” Hearing that Jerry was unwilling to play Quidditch, Ron showed regret.

It is a great honor to play with the national professional Quidditch players. Especially Jerry is a school Quidditch legend.

“I’m not going either. You know I’m not good at Quidditch.” Hermione also rejects Ron’s proposal.

She came to the Burrow mainly interested in the wizard’s house rather than Quidditch. Quidditch is not the same at school, and she is really not good at playing Quidditch. She sits on the ground and watches them play.

As a Quidditch fanatic, Ron has posters of the Chudley Cannons all over his room. Ginny, who stole her brothers’ broomsticks to play with when she was six years old, will become a professional Quidditch player in the future.

Harry and the Weasley twins are currently members of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. So, they happily took the broomstick and went to the hillside. At the same time, Jerry and Hermione returned to the living room of the Burrow.

At this time, in the living room, Arthur was chatting with Mr. Granger about some Muggle science, such as how a car can run without magic, what is its power source, and how it works.

Mr. Granger explained as much as possible with his not-very-rich knowledge.

It is now 1992, and the awareness of information is not fast at this time. As a dentist, Mr. Granger actually has only a half-knowledge of some scientific things. He can’t explain things that are too technical and detailed that have nothing to do with his job.

What’s more, Arthur’s thinking belongs to the thinking of a wizard, and he doesn’t know many basic terms, so it is even more difficult to explain to him. Therefore, the communication between the two is actually quite difficult.

Sometimes when he listens carefully, he feels that both of them are like a chicken talking to a duck.

“Mr. Weasley, Muggles have no magic power, and they have no way to learn magic. Most of their products actually need to be powered by something. Producing electricity by using gasoline, oil, or any other source of energy” At this moment, Jerry stepped forward and interjected.

Jerry, a person who lived in the 21st century in his previous life, was reborn and lived in the Marvel world full of advanced technology. His understanding of science is definitely very advanced in this era.

In addition, he is a wizard himself, and he has integrated the magic of the three worlds into himself, and he has a much deeper understanding of the essence of magic than ordinary wizards.

The conversation between Arthur and Mr. Granger instantly became very smooth.

He can use a more modern way to translate some of the magic that Arthur said to Mr. Granger, and he can also use a more wizard way to explain some knowledge about the Muggle world that Mr. Granger mentioned. The point is that Jerry can also interpret more deeply on the basis of the two, which is very helpful.

So while chatting, both Arthur and Mr. Granger felt that Jerry was so knowledgeable at such a young age. Hermione, on the side, was amazed.

Hermione admires Lockhart because he is a very knowledgeable and great author with many experiences, and Jerry, at this time, behaved the same way.

“Jerry, I just heard from Harry and Ron that you did very well in school, and I also knew that your talent in Quidditch is amazing. But I didn’t expect that you know so much about the Muggle world.” Arthur looked at Jerry in amazement.

Jerry smiled when he heard this, “Because I was born in a Muggle orphanage, and I also like to read Muggle-related books in my spare time. I personally think that Muggles are powerful, and their inventions are also powerful. They have no magic, but they can create many things that cannot be created by magic. We should recognize their excellence, not just belittle them. “

Arthur’s eyes lit up immediately, “Exactly, Jerry. I find it hard to imagine you being assigned to Slytherin.”

In Arthur’s heart, wizards of Slytherin have always had their eyes above their heads, and even half-bloods are not worth their time, and they don’t even care about Muggles. There are very few Slytherin wizards who will recognize the excellence of Muggles.

“I have always felt that as a Slytherin wizard, I have to make myself better, not deny the excellence of others. Of course, that’s why I have been learning about Muggles.” At this time, Jerry was sitting on the chair, looking extraordinarily dazzling.

“By the way, Uncle Arthur, may I ask? Did you make the big clock in the living room?” Jerry pointed to the unusually big clock in the living room.

The big clock in the living room is different from the big clock in Muggle World. There is no time scale on the big clock, but there are nine gold needles, each corresponding to a Weasley family member.

It shows their status at this time.

For example, Percy is “Reading in the Room”, Ron and Ginny are “Playing Quidditch on the Hillside”, Arthur is “Chatting in the Living Room”, and Molly Weasley is “Cooking in the Kitchen”.

“Oh, yes, this is one of my most proud works over the years. It uses a lot of alchemy techniques and some unorthodox magic…”

Speaking of the clock in the living room, Arthur immediately became interested. He began to explain the principle of it eloquently, and Jerry listened with gusto while explaining it to Mr. Granger.

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