Five days later, in Leaky Cauldron.

Standing by the bed, Jerry concentrated his mind and whispered a mantra, “Apparate!”

There was a slight cracking sound, and his figure disappeared instantly with the distortion of space, and when he reappeared, he was already at the door of the room.

Five days ago, after he roughly told the history of the wizarding world in these years to Voldemort’s soul in the diary, in order to win his trust, he guided him very seriously in learning about the Apparition.

Maybe it was because Voldemort spoke in great detail, or maybe it was because Jerry had done a lot of research on space-type magic before, and in less than five days, he was able to master the Apparition initially.

It was working very well, and there was no Splinching. He doesn’t need to use the expensive potion of regenerating severed limbs that Snape gave him as a Christmas gift.

In fact, the main point of Apparition lies in whether the target is clear, whether the will is firm, and whether the spell can be cast calmly. This is not difficult for him, who is mentally strong.

Opening the diary on the table, Jerry took a quill and wrote, “I have learned Apparition. Thank you for your guidance these days. You are indeed a product of alchemy full of wisdom.”

“For me, this is a very simple magic. I know a lot of secrets and magic. As long as you believe in me and follow my advice, you will definitely become the best student, prefect, and student council in Hogwarts.”

A large passage was immediately revealed in the diary. Through these few days of communication, Voldemort discovered that the Slytherin student who picked him up seems very ambitious. He likes people with ambition and needs because only such people are the easiest to be manipulated by him.

It’s just that the student named Jerry on the opposite side is quite wary. Up to now, He has not been open to him at all, making it impossible for his soul to go into his body. He felt that it might take more time and patience to convince Jerry to trust him.

If he can’t open Jerry’s heart and make Jerry fully trust him, then he won’t be able to occupy Jerry’s body ever. Knowing that his body has been destroyed, Voldemort’s final plan is to occupy Jerry’s body. At that time, he will be Jerry, and Jerry will be him.

“That’s really great. I’m going to the Burrow for a few days, and I can’t ask you about magic for the time being. I’ll talk to you when I get back.” After Jerry finished writing, he closed the diary without waiting for Voldemort to reply.

He found that as long as the diary is closed, Voldemort’s soul seems does not have a way to know what is happening outside, and after opening the diary, Voldemort’s soul can peek outside through the diary. Therefore, if he does not ask Voldemort for magic, Jerry usually closes the diary and throws it into an empty suitcase.

The last time he robbed the wizard in the black market, he got a lot of suitcase compartments. He felt that the reason why Voldemort’s Horcrux behaved like this should be because concealment was considered in the making at that time.

Because if the diary is closed, there will be no trace of magic leaking out of it, and it looks no different from an ordinary book on the surface. But if you open it, with Jerry’s current strength, if you get close, you can faintly feel the magic aura emanating from it.

“Hermione and the others are almost here.” Jerry looked at the time and found that it was already ten o’clock when they agreed to meet, so he threw the diary into a suitcase and walked towards the first floor.

Sure enough, Hermione and her parents were already waiting for him in front of the fireplace on the first floor. After greeting Hermione and her parents, Jerry began to teach the three of them how to use Floo powder.

He had used Floo powder before when he played with the England Quidditch team in France, but this was the first time Hermione and her parents had used Floo powder.

“Okay, there are so many methods and precautions in general. The main thing is not to be nervous and not to mispronounce the name of the destination. Let me give you a demonstration first.”

Jerry grabbed a handful of Floo powder on the fireplace and sprinkled it into the fireplace, and the flames in the fireplace instantly turned green. Walking into the green flame, Jerry shouted “The Burrow” and disappeared directly into the fireplace.

“Welcome to the Burrow, Jerry. We’ve been waiting for you for a while!” Jerry stepped out of the fireplace, and in front of him were Harry and others who had gathered in front of the fireplace a long time ago, waiting for their arrival.

After greeting everyone, Jerry smiled and walked to the side of the crowd, waiting for the arrival of Hermione and her parents.

About five seconds later, a burst of green flames suddenly rose from the fireplace, and Hermione’s figure appeared in the fireplace out of thin air.

After Hermione came out, Mrs. Granger and finally Mr. Granger followed.

After a while of pleasantries, the Grangers stayed in the living room and chatted with the Weasleys while Ron and Harry excitedly took Jerry and Hermione to the Burrow.

The Burrow is a house built with magic, and according to normal construction principles, it should have collapsed long ago. The location is located near Ottery St Catchpole, Devon, West Country, England.

Excluding the attic, there are six floors in total, kitchen and living room on the first floor, Ginny’s room on the second floor, Weasley’s twins and Percy’s room on the third floor, Bill and Charlie’s room on the fourth floor, and the sixth floor is Ron’s room.

In front of the Burrow is a yard for raising chickens and a large warehouse for storing all sorts of equipment, and behind it is a small garden, and in the distance from the small garden, there is a hillside with a gorgeous scenery, on which many fruit trees are planted.

“Ron, I think your place is pretty good. But why is it called The Burrow?”

After walking around, Jerry felt that Ron’s house was like a small villa in the wizarding world. The seven-story house has a yard, a garden, a warehouse, a hillside, and a fruit grove. But why The Burrow?

Ron shrugged and explained, “Actually, this name came from long ago. When my father and mother were together, they were kicked out of the family because of some problems with the concept of blood, and they had an unhappy fight with Grandpa and several uncles.”

“When my father and mother came here, it was a big pigsty built with stones. Later, my father and mother used magic to transform it into a small house. Because it was really simple at that time, it was named The Burrow.”

“Then, with the birth of the eldest brother, second brother, and third brother, he began to use magic and alchemy to remodel the house, and finally, it became what it is now.”

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Published On: May 29, 2023

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