After accompanying Hermione’s family to exchange Galleons from Gringotts, the four of them went to Flourish and Blotts Bookstore together. The Bookstore is the place where Hermione agreed to meet Ron and others in the letter. Because there are not many other things to buy in the second grade, mainly textbooks for the second grade.

Except for Defense Against the Dark Arts, because the teacher often changes, the textbooks are not the same every year, but the textbooks of another subject will basically not change much.

Jerry bought those textbooks a long time ago. But he needed to buy Lockhart’s Defense Against the Dark Arts textbooks. Although Lockhart’s strength is mediocre, the contents are okay. Even if he stole that knowledge from other people, some things could be considered useful.

It’s just a little more expensive. But fortunately, after buying the four house elves, he still has a few thousand galleons left, so he doesn’t need to worry about it.

“Gilderoy Lockhart Autobiography for sale!”

“Magical Me book is available!”

As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the Bookstore, Jerry saw the eye-catching banner posted on the entrance.

“I wish Mr. Lockhart is okay.” Hermione sighed when she saw the banner.

“Then we can only pray.” Jerry knew that as long as the Ministry of Magic investigated according to the contents of the book, Lockhart should be convicted of the crime soon.

The Obliviate Curse is not completely permanent. Strong external stimulation and a wizard proficient in the Obliviate Curse can break the spell’s effect. The Ministry of Magic certainly has no shortage of wizards who are proficient in the Oblivion Curse.

Moreover, there are many details in the book. As long as the investigation was done thoroughly, even if the wizards cast with the Obliviate Curse cannot recover their memories, they can still find the evidence sufficient to prove Lockhart’s crimes.

Therefore, from the moment Lockhart was brought to the Ministry of Magic for review, it was doomed that he would never come out again. Perhaps, Azkaban will be his final destination.

If Lockhart enters Azkaban, then who will be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts?

Will it be Snape to take over? Or a new teacher? If Snape took over, who will teach the Potions class? Will there still be time to find a new teacher?

Of course, these problems are not something he should worry about, and Dumbledore will naturally find a way to solve them.


“Harry and Ron, haven’t they come yet?” Hermione looked down the street.

Jerry and Hermione had already bought all the books, but Harry and Ron were still missing.

“There may be a bit late. Let’s go buy other supplies first.”

If he remembers correctly, it’s Harry’s first time using Floo powder. There was a high probability that it would not go so smoothly.

“Then let’s go buy some ink and parchment to use.” Hermione suggested.

Ink and parchment are consumables, and a lot must be prepared every semester.

“Hermione, your dad and I are tired, and we don’t know much about the things you want to buy. We’ll wait for you in this bookstore. You and Jerry can go shopping together.” At this time, Mrs. Granger pulled her husband and said to Hermione with a smile.

“Okay, then we’ll come back after we buy finished our shopping.” Hermione pulled Jerry up, waved to her parents, and trotted out.

The two of them slipped forward along the winding cobbled streets of Diagon Alley. On the way to buy supplies, Jerry bought two ice creams first. The two ate ice cream, strolled around Diagon Alley, and bought school supplies for the next semester. Before they realized it, it was almost noon.

“Harry and the others should be here.” Jerry checked the time. He and Hermione had been shopping for almost two hours, and Harry and the Ron family should arrive sooner or later.

“Oh, then let’s go back to the Bookstore.” Hermione realized that if Jerry hadn’t reminded him, he would have completely forgotten about Harry and Ron.

She was so comfortable being with Jerry. No matter what she said, Jerry could pick it up, and no matter what she wanted to do, Jerry seemed to know. When it comes to things related to magic, some of Jerry’s views always make her suddenly realize that magic is like this.

While shopping and chatting, she didn’t pay attention to the time.


Carrying the bought things in the bag, Jerry and Hermione started to return to the direction of the Bookstore.

“What’s going on here?” When they came to the Bookstore, Jerry and Hermione did see Harry and Ron’s family, and they also saw Hagrid, but there seemed to be something wrong with the Bookstore at this time.

The bookshelves in the store were twisted and crooked, and the books on the shelves were scattered all over the place. It felt like this was not a bookstore but an accident scene.

Moreover, the eyes of Ron’s father, Arthur Weasley, seemed a little swollen.

“Jerry! Hermione!” Harry and Ron are surprised when Jerry and Hermione appear.

After some explanations from the two, Jerry realized that it was Harry who used the Floo powder to say “Diagon Alley” as “Knockturn Alley”, which caused them not to arrive on time to the Bookstore.

The current situation in the Bookstore was because Arthur Weasley had a fight with Lucius Malfoy in the bookstore.

“Fighting? This is quite surprising.” Jerry didn’t remember that Arthur and Lucius fought when watching the movie in his previous life. Two powerful wizards fought hand-to-hand in a bookstore, which was really cool to see it happen.

“You didn’t see my dad’s punch just now. It was so good. It directly knocked out Malfoy’s nose!” Ron said excitedly.

“By the way, let me introduce my family to you!” At this time, the Grangers also came in front of Hermione, and everyone introduced each other.

Arthur was most interested in Hermione’s parents and kept asking about the Muggle world regardless of his wife trying to heal him from the wounds and scratches.

“This is my sister, Ginny. She’s a freshman this year.” Ron introduced his sister Ginny to Jerry and Hermione.

“Hello, Ginny!” Jerry and Hermione greeted Ginny at the same time.

But at this time, Jerry’s eyes were not on Ginny but on the cauldron in her hand.

If there were no problems at this time, one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, the diary containing Voldemort’s soul, should have been secretly placed in Ginny’s cauldron by Lucius.

“I have to find a way to get it.” Jerry had a thoughtful look in his eyes.

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Published On: May 28, 2023

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