In his past existence, Jerry was an early expert at numerous farm and housework tasks as a child from the countryside. After graduating from college and relocating to the city to work, most of the time he prepares meals for himself.

It’s not because they believe the food is contaminated and filthy outside. Children from rural areas don’t give a damn about that. It’s just that eating at home can be less expensive than eating out by almost half.

You will need at least 5$ a day for three meals, which is still the average. If you live in the city and spend money on food it will increase more than that. According to estimates, you could be spending about 8$.

And when he goes to the market to buy veggies, especially when he cooks alone, he will negotiate once more. Usually, he can get by for more than $5 for two days, and the food is still excellent.

“The children of the poor ought to take over the family right away.”

The original intent of this sentence was to commend the children of the poor for being more reasonable and resilient than the children of the privileged. In actuality, though, that is hardly something to be commended.

Most of the time, the child’s excessive obedient and sensible behavior is simply a result of his brutal upbringing.

The impoverished have had a very difficult time of it. When you go to school, you have the pressure of learning. When you go to work, you have the strain of working. When you get married, you have the pressure of living, and when you get older, you have the pressure of your body.

The one and only pressure-free childhood, but one must learn to “be in charge early.” This portrayal of Jerry’s earlier life is remarkably accurate. He is not a chef, although he is quite skilled at making several foods from scratch.

He is obviously hesitant to accept Haas’ upbringing and provide for him in exchange for nothing because he has an adult soul. He will take the initiative to do certain things that he is capable of doing, such as cleaning, cooking, and taking care of Aisha.

Of course, one of the factors is that Haas is your standard big boss. Haas and Aisha will muck up the entire house in two days if Jerry doesn’t clean it up, and Jerry’s head will ache just from looking at it.

Haas is a terrible cook; even stray cats won’t eat the food she makes. It’s possible that the food they ate during the times when Jerry couldn’t prepare meals was extraordinary.

“Let’s prepare a bowl of noodles in clear soup in the morning. Aisha likes to eat noodles.”

Jerry cooks some Western-style breakfasts to save time while he is at school because he is not used to eating certain Western-style cuisine. He typically prepares breakfasts in the Chinese style most weekends or during summer vacations like this one.

It’s actually not too horrible, so maybe Haas and Aisha will get used to it.

There are so many Chinese-inspired foods, and even though they dislike some of them, there are always those that they enjoy eating, such as clear soup noodles, Kung Pao chicken, boiled fish, a hot pot, and shredded pork with fish taste.

Haas once wondered why Jerry cooks so many Chinese dishes. Jerry calmly placed in front of Haas the encyclopedia of Chinese dishes he had already bought from Chinatown.

“Jerry, you get up so early once more. It’s summer vacation, so you can actually snooze a bit longer. Dad can also get takeout for breakfast.”

Haas, who was tired, also started to get up to straighten himself up while he was pulling the essential items out of the refrigerator.

Haas does not take winter or summer vacations because he is the police chief. He still has to report to work as usual to do the follow-up tasks after the bank heist from yesterday.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it, you can go wake Aisha up when you’re finished, eat noodles this morning, it won’t taste nice if it’s late.” Jerry said as he turned on the gas stove.

“Noodles? That’s wonderful. I love noodles.”

Haas cleaned himself up before going to Aisha’s room. Aisha is a small child, so getting her up to eat is not an easy task, and Haas will probably have to exert a lot of effort.

“Get dressed and get up to eat, Aisha.:

“Don’t even consider removing my Ice Queen from the castle, Haas, god of death. Take this, Ice Spear of Freezing the Void.”


Jerry also shook his head while grinning as he heard the sound of the father and daughter fighting emanating from the room.

Crack three eggs into a pan that has been heated with cold oil. Once the eggs are created, flip them over and fry them until they are burned on both sides. He created the soup base by adding hot, previously boiled water.

Remove the eggs and divide them into three halves for later use. When the water in the saucepan begins to boil once again, add the noodles and a few small green veggies that you’ve previously chosen.

When preparing the noodles, remove three bowls and add the appropriate amounts of fat, light soy sauce, vinegar, salt, and shallots.

The noodles are given a second boil in water, the soup is divided among three bowls, the noodles, eggs, and green vegetables are added one at a time, and the dish is finished with aromatic and revitalizing noodles in clear soup.

Haas finally managed to hoist Aisha out of the room at this point. Yes, it literally involves raising her up by the collar of her clothing and assisting her in washing her face and brushing her teeth.

“My favorite food is noodles!” Aisha quickly shouted out in joy upon seeing that her favorite noodles for breakfast were there.

“Eat fast, don’t let it sit around becoming cold.” Jerry stroked Aisha’s hair.

“Jerry, if you ever decide to operate a Chinese restaurant, it will undoubtedly be a success. Compared to the noodle I had in Chinatown, this one is far superior.” Haas admired while using a fork to eat the noodles in the bowl.

“I don’t intend to spend all of my time in the kitchen, so forget it, it’s acceptable to do it occasionally.” Cooking is just a survival skill for Jerry, not a hobby.

“Have you given any thought to your future plans? scientists, police officers, attorneys, or business owners?” As he spoke, Haas ate a large gulp of soup.

Haas believes that as long as Jerry is willing, these jobs shouldn’t be an issue because he has never met a child as exceptional as Jerry in all of his years of existence.

Jerry was stunned when he heard that.

The ability to learn with the bonus of red stars, experience from prior lives, and magical prowess are all shared by becoming a scientist, police officer, lawyer, and business owner. These careers, which were highly desired in prior incarnations, appear to be simple to obtain in this one. But do these actually satisfy his needs?

In his past life, he craved for these jobs not because he liked them but because he believed that the pay and benefits were excellent and that an average wage person who had no connection to him and was poor at communicating could not afford them.

What kind of person and profession does he wish to have in the future since he doesn’t appear to have to worry about money in this life?

“I haven’t decided yet, let’s discuss it when I’m older!” Jerry lowered his chopsticks and answered with a smile.

Indeed, he really hasn’t made up his mind yet. He doesn’t particularly want to do anything, at least for now. He merely desires to strengthen himself and protect Haas and Aisha from being harmed in the future.

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Published On: February 11, 2023

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