“Sister, I saw a few wizards going after that boy!”

The young wizard who wanted to remind Jerry just now happened to see Jerry leave the tent after walking around, and shortly after Jerry left, several wizards with their heads covered followed him out, including the stall owner who had sold the Crup before.

“It’s too dangerous. Although there are rules in this black market, there are no rules outside the black market. This is a lesson, and you should learn from it.” The person called the sister warned the young wizard.

The young wizard hesitated for a moment and finally sighed. Although he sympathized with that innocent boy just now, he would not do anything dangerous for a strange boy. He just hoped that the boy’s ending would not be too miserable.

At the same time, Jerry, who was considered a fool by everyone, deliberately slowed down and walked toward the depths of the dark and uninhabited forest.

“I don’t know how many greedy wizards this wave of performances will attract.”

Jerry believes that although those who can appear in the black market are not necessarily ruthless wizards, they are definitely not good people who abide by the rules. The situation he just showed, and the number of Galleons he showed can attract some greedy people who like to take risks.

Jerry’s idea is that he does not steal or rob, but if someone dares to attack him, he will treat him the same way as others. With this, he can also earn some red stars in the process.

If it goes well, maybe within a few days, he will be able to raise enough money for the elves, and maybe he will have extra Galleons to buy some other magical animals.

Jerry, who was walking in the forest, heard the footsteps from behind, and the corners of his mouth began to rise rapidly. The stall owner who sold Crup just now led three masked wizards with magic wands and surrounded Jerry.

“Hey, brat, hand over all the Galleons in your pocket, or I’ll kill you.”

“What are you doing? You know you can’t kill someone because that’s breaking the law.” Jerry looked at the four people surrounding him in horror.

The stall owner laughed loudly and said, “Breaking the law? What we are doing is an illegal business. Hurry up, and I can let you go if you hand it over, or you will be killed right now!”

“Okay, I…I’ll give it to you, as long as you don’t kill me.” Jerry obediently took out the bag containing all the Galleons and handed it to the stall owner.

The stall owner took the bag, looked at the number of Galleons inside, and immediately showed a satisfied smile on his face, “Okay, now get out. Remember, don’t come to the black market alone in the future. This is a lesson.”

“Aren’t you going to kill me?” Jerry had a surprised look on his face.

“Get out of here!” An impatient look appeared on the stall owner’s face.

“Well, it doesn’t look too bad. I guess I’ll have to take your lives too.” Jerry swept away the terrified expression before and said something lightly.

Before the four wizards wondered what had just the boy said in front of them had, they felt a numbness in their necks and then fainted on the ground. It turned out that as early as he sensed several people’s presence, Jerry threw out the silver needle and hid it around.

It was he who controlled the magic with his mind just now, and the silver needle with anesthetic was put on the necks of the four wizards, making them paralyzed.

The reason for those conversations just now was that he wanted to test them, whether they were simply robbing or planning to continue killing after the robbing.

If it were a simple robbery, then he would let them live. If they plan to kill people after the robbery, then Jerry will send them to hell instantly.

“Ugh, not so much.”

After searching all the items on the four of them, the total amount was less than 10,000 Galleons. However, among the objects of the stall owner, he found quite a few magical animals. It’s a pity that they are all XX-level magical animals that are not very useful and do no harm.

He doesn’t intend to waste them on these XX-level magical animals, so he throws them all into his own suitcase space and lets them live freely.

He reached out and pointed at the four wizards who had taken away all their belongings. The four wizards immediately floated up and then followed Jerry to the deeper part of the forest.

After making sure that no one around would find out, Jerry bound the four of them with the Incarcerous Spell and then woke them up.

“We apologize, and please let us go.” After the four wizards woke up, they immediately recognized the situation in front of them and gave up immediately.

Jerry stood in front of the four with his hands behind his back, without any expression on his face, “It’s not that I don’t want to forgive you. But I was hoping you could do something for me. Otherwise, you will be like that tree.”

As he said that, with a wave of his hand, a blue magic light shot out, and a big tree next to him was cut into several parts in an instant.

“Casting spells silently without a wand?!” Seeing this, the four wizards were in shock.

Only a few months ago, there was a wizard who was wanted by the Ministry of Magic and could cast spells silently without a staff, and now there was another one which is still young.

Since when did casting a spell without a wand become so simple?

With Jerry’s current level, silent casting is barely achievable. But casting without a wand is really almost impossible. The main reason is that if there is no magic medium, the power of magic will drop a lot. The spell that Jerry released just now was not wandless. It was just that he was wearing the Magic Ring.

However, this move obviously scared them.

“Whatever you say, we’ll comply!”

“Okay, I want you to go back like this and then like this…”

Twenty minutes later, the four wizards returned to the black market tent with simple expressions.

“Boss, we really want to say that. I think it’s better to tell the person in charge of the black market about the situation. Maybe they will take care of that boy. We can take advantage of the chaos and have a chance to get our money back.” One of the wizards suggested to the stall owner.

The stall owner thought for a while before sighing, “It’s better not to take this risk. It’s obviously not good for us to disobey what he just said. He may not be able to fight against the person in charge here, but he may take it out on us afterward. It’s okay to lose some money but don’t put your life on it!”

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Published On: May 25, 2023

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