Naturally, he doesn’t really care much about these. Odin is unrelated to the kind of plan he has. He only needs to know that Loki will spend twenty years in the dungeon, that’s all.

After twenty years, he presumably will no longer need to stress over uncovering his identity. Simply put, the only plot advantage he is currently familiar with in Avengers One has been completely disrupted by his operation.

He doesn’t know if Thanos will send troops to Earth without Loki. Since he wants to collect the Infinity Stones, he probably should still be able to, but he doesn’t know who to send.

It’s hard to say whether this is a good or bad thing because, now that the Rainbow Bridge hasn’t been broken, Asgard could send troops to help Earth.

A massive, 100-meter-tall golden gate suddenly appeared in front of Jerry, following Thor’s lead.

The people of Asgard love gold. The majority of soldiers have golden weapons, armor, doors, floors, walls, and even the entirety of Asgard. The majority of the area appears to be gold-glimmering.

As two Asgardian guards pushed open the entryway powerfully, a super-huge castle likewise showed up before Jerry’s eyes. Sitting toward the end of the room is Odin, the most powerful man of the Nine Realms and the strongest person Jerry has seen up until now.

“Father, Jerry Carmen, the Midgard wizard, has arrived!”

“Your Majesty.” Jerry immediately removed his disguise to show him some respect as he moved forward.

Jerry thought it would be better for him to be honest in front of Odin, and he also thought that even if he didn’t get rid of the Illusion Spell, he would still be able to see how he really looked.

Thor, who was standing side-by-side, was shocked to see Jerry transform into a boy when he asked, “What are you?”

“Thor, I’m sorry. I have been utilizing illusion to conceal my identity, primarily in light of the fact that I don’t trust S.H.I.E.L.D. My family is extremely fragile and just a regular people, and it’s bad if they found out about them.” Jerry explained to Thor while turning his head.

After a brief moment of shock, Thor nodded. Jane informed him that Jerry had prevented the S.H.I.E.L.D. from keeping her research materials and equipment when they had previously taken them by force.

“It’s fine. We can drink together when you’re older. Asgard’s wine isn’t any worse than Midgard’s!” Whether Jerry is a boy or a girl is irrelevant to Thor because Jerry is now Thor’s best friend.

Jerry replied helplessly as he was shaken by Thor’s large hand, “I’ll try when I came here next time.”

Thor, who has regained his full power, is significantly stronger than before, and his physical fitness is twice that of regular people.

“Jerry Carmen, thank you for your help this time. The Nine Realms would have been in chaos, and Loki would have made a big mistake without you. How could I remunerate you?” Odin said with a majestic smile.

“Your Majesty Odin is extremely courteous. There is no need for that because Thor and I are friends. I do not bother with any prizes, as long as I can utilize the Rainbow Bridge to send me back to Midgard.” Jerry replied.

The situation is now very favorable, and he became friends with Thor, the upcoming king of Asgard. He also helped Asgard preserve the Rainbow Bridge and won the favor of Odin.

He really doesn’t care anymore, whether it’s rewards or something else.

After all, he has a strong supporter and an extremely powerful ally to maintain a good relationship with Asgard. With Thor here, he needs to comprehend and concentrate on Asgard’s magic later on, and there is numerous potential for him.

Therefore, it is true that he has stated now that he does not care about rewards.

“Father, Jerry likes to learn about magic. We might be able to give him some of our Asgard magic books.” At this point, Thor suddenly thought of his previous promise to Jerry and made an immediate suggestion.

Despite the fact that he doesn’t care about the rewards, he will eventually have the chance to learn about Asgard’s magic slowly. To protect his reputation, it would be preferable to acquire the magic book in advance if Thor had suggested it.

“Kamar Taj’s magic isn’t substandard compared to our Asgard’s magic, right?” When Odin heard this, he was confused.

“The Ancient One, the current head of the Kamar Taj, is somewhat superior when it comes to studying magic. Asgard is actually not very good at magic when compared to Midgard.”

Similar to Odin’s powerful power contained within Odin’s body, Asgardians are primarily strong bodies with special divine power contained within them. Despite the abundance of magic in Asgard, it is not the primary combat skill. Most of it is used for support and logistics.

Even Loki, who is referred to as a mage, uses illusion and a few tricks more often than magic in combat. His most loved in battle is stabbing the enemy with a dagger on the back.

“Kamar Taj? What is Kamar Taj?” Jerry is confused about Kamar Taj.

“Kamar Taj? You don’t know it? Aren’t you a mage from Kamar Taj?”

Jerry, who possesses such extraordinary magical abilities, most likely came from Kamar Taj. A place where magicians congregate. He didn’t even know about Kamar Taj, which surprised him.

“Your Majesty Odin, Kamar Taj was not the source of the accidental magic I learned. Could you tell me where Kamar Taj is?”

Is it true that Odin believes there is a powerful magical gathering place on Earth?

“Kamar Taj, also known as the Ancient One’s temple and the place where magicians congregate. There are numerous mysteries about magic in it.” Jerry was briefed by Odin on information regarding Kamar Taj and The Ancient One.

Jerry realized at this point that he was not the only magician in the world. Even Odin mentioned a group of magicians and their leader, The Ancient One.


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