“What the heck? There’s a lot of them!” Jerry silently opened his panel in a guest room in Asgard, where he had nothing to do at the moment.

He was taken aback when he noticed the red stars on his panel.

When he first returned from the Harry Potter universe, his panel contained only a few thousand red stars. Yet, the number has diminished significantly in the wake of utilizing “Refreshing” regularly these two days.

However, his red stars have directly increased in number by 300,000.

If he stopped crimes in New York, how long would it take him to earn it? This is similar to becoming rich overnight.

Jerry finally figured out why the panel had so many red stars after carefully considering it.

First and foremost, there should not be too many red stars for the Destroyer Armor to destroy Old Bridge Town. Since Thor is the primary target of the Destroyer Armor and Old Bridge Town has few residents.

Second, it ought to be that he defeated Loki, preventing Loki from activating the Rainbow Bridge and destroying Jotunheim as a whole, thereby saving the world.

However, this is not the most significant aspect. Because Jotunheim cannot be destroyed in that manner without him, Thor, and Odin, his red stars shouldn’t have reached 300,000.

Ultimately, he believes it is also the most likely source of the red star. His shot ought to have stopped the Nine Realms from being in turmoil.

Consider that he put in so much effort each night to get to work but earned only a few red stars. However, he received a large number of red stars shortly after arriving in New Mexico.

“Sure enough, as long as there are superheroes, there will be disasters.” Jerry could not help but sigh.

This sort of causal induction is mistaken. Superheroes emerge as a result of disasters as the circumstances call for. There are superheroes when there is a disaster.

He must constantly pay attention to the dynamics of these superheroes if he wants to get a lot of red stars because they all possess characteristics that can cause trouble.

He collected a lot of red stars when he met the Hulk. Together with Iron Man, they received numerous additional red stars in the most recent robot soldier riot. This time, his direct involvement with Thor earned him 300,000 red stars.

He can finally use “Refreshing” to practice meditation without fear, thanks to these 300,000 red stars. His current physique has reached twice than a normal human being as a result of the addition of meditation, and the current side effects can be ignored with long-term use.

In other words, there will no longer be any negative effects even if he turns on “Refreshing” continuously throughout the day and night.

His strength is still slowly rising as he uses “Refreshing” during the day to improve his learning ability and make meditation practice more effective at night.

However, using them completely in this world would be wasteful—that’s more than 1,400 hours per day. In order to travel to other worlds, he still needs to save the red stars.

However, he will no longer have to worry about red stars from now on, or at least within the next half-year to a year. 300,000 stars that can be held for an extended period of time, even when used.

“I’m sorry I made you wait. Since the issue has been dealt with, Father needs to see you to say his gratitude.” Thor entered the room with a sad expression as Jerry contemplated the next move while examining the panel.

“I’m grateful.” Jerry stood up.

Jerry additionally expected that Odin would meet him. However, he was unconcerned about anything. He was there for Thor every step of the way, and in the end, he even helped save the most important thing in Asgard.

“What’s going on? You don’t look well, do you?” Jerry occasionally sighed when he saw Thor on the way to Odin’s palace and inquired with some skepticism.

When Thor heard the words, he sighed and said, “I just didn’t expect that Loki was not my own brother, not even an Asgardian, But an orphan of the Frost Giant.”

Jerry listened to Thor talk about what transpired when Loki was the subject of today’s conversation, “That’s shocking.”

It turned out that the Frost Giants saw Loki as a different kind because his body was so small when he was born, so they abandoned him right away.

Odin picked Loki up while driving off the Frost Giants back to Jotunheim. He took him back as an adopted son because he felt bad for him.

“How is Loki currently doing?” Jerry finally asked the question he was most interested in.

“He made a big mistake, but fortunately, it didn’t have too many negative effects. Father had originally intended to sentence him to a life sentence in a dungeon. However, in the end, he was only given a 20-year prison sentence because of my mother and my plea.”

With a lifespan of five thousand years, twenty years doesn’t seem like a long time to them.

“The gap between permanent imprisonment and twenty years is quite large.” Jerry couldn’t help but smile when he heard this.

However, Jerry always had the impression that something was wrong after hearing Thor’s account of Loki’s life experience.

Odin adopted an orphaned child from a hostile race.

It wouldn’t be the case that after Loki is trained, he will take over as the king of the Frost Giants and bring this race, which has been unwilling to give up, under his rule.

Made Loki the king of the Frost Giants, while Thor is the king of Asgard. If the two siblings have a decent relationship, there will be no conflict between the Frost Giants and the Asgardians.

If that’s the case, Odin must have planned this all along.


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Published On: May 14, 2023

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