Two Frost Giants’ bodies were lying next to Heimdall as he fainted in the Rainbow Bridge hallway. He clearly suffered serious injuries while trying to open the Rainbow Bridge right now.

“I’ll go find Loki!” Thor swung his hammer and flew toward Asgard’s palace, knowing that something must have happened to Asgard after seeing this.

“Go to the palace!” Sif immediately issued an order when he observed that Heimdall appeared to be seriously injured following Thor’s departure.

The Asgard Warriors immediately nodded.

Despite the fact that they were all pure fighters who could only fight, none of them were aware of any healing magic. They had to go to the temple to locate a group of priests who were skilled healers if they wanted to treat Heimdall’s wound.

“Don’t worry, I’m a wizard.”

“Can you use any healing magic?” Sif asked.


Jerry chanted a Quick Healing Charm while pointing his wand at Heimdall. Delicate enchantment light moved quickly over Heimdall’s body, and his wound started to recuperate.

Subsequent to being recuperated by the Quick Healing Charm for about a portion of a moment, Heimdall at long last opened his eyes, “Loki utilized the Rainbow Bridge to bring Laufey, the leader of the Frost Giant, and they will kill the King. Stop him now!”


“Please take care of Heimdall here. I’ll help Thor!” Jerry was addressed by Sif, who immediately picked up her weapons after learning this news.

“…Okay, pass it on to me here!” Jerry gave a nod.

At the resting spot of Odin in Asgard, Loki utilized the Gugnir Lance to double-cross Laufey, the ruler of the Frost Giants who was going to kill Odin, whom likewise his biological father who abandoned him after birth.

Loki didn’t want to kill Odin’s father. Rather, he just wanted to use this as an excuse to get Laufey, who is under a lot of protection, to come to Asgard and kill him and destroy Jotunheim all at once.

After Odin wakes up, he wants Odin to realize that Loki is better suited to be Asgard’s king because he is a hundred times smarter than Thor and capable of doing things Thor cannot.

Unfortunately, Thor entered Asgard to reveal his secret shortly after killing Laufey and before his follow-up plan could begin. After attacking Thor with the Gungnir Spear, Loki rode Asgard’s fastest horse and sped toward the Rainbow Bridge.

He doesn’t care if Thor goes back to Asgard or not. However long he opens the Rainbow Bridge and destroys Jotunheim, he can acquire the incredible standing of Asgard by solving the Frost Giants problem alone.

On the way, he met the Warriors Three and Sif, but the Gungnir Spear knocked them down quickly. However, a figure stopped him from entering the Rainbow Bridge Hall just as he was about to do so.

“Good afternoon. We meet again.” Jerry smiled as he turned to face Loki, who was sprinting ahead.

“Wizard, be careful with the Gungnir Spear in his hand!” Heimdall, who was weakly seated on the ground in the hall, reminded him.

“Thanks, I’ve seen the power of that weapon.” Jerry said as he pulled out his wand and nodded.

“Mage of Midgard, get out of the way. As long as you get out of the way now, I will become the king of Asgard later, and I will give you whatever you want.”

Loki clearly understood Jerry’s difficulties. He had to use the Gungnir Spear to open the Rainbow Bridge in order to attack Jotunheim before Thor arrived.

Otherwise, Thor’s strength would prevent him from succeeding even if he had the Spear.

“Sounds promising, but I don’t believe you because, unfortunately, you’re a liar.” Jerry would not dare help Loki knowing he lies a lot.

“Then, at that point, don’t fault me for being discourteous.” A voice unexpectedly sounded behind Jerry.

It turned out that Loki had used deception to leave his position and sneaked quietly behind Jerry with the intention of stabbing him in the waist with the Spear. He had no intention of negotiating with Jerry.

“Sneaking into me? It’s not so simple.” He had already discovered it before Loki sneaked behind him because his five senses were so keen at this time.

Loki’s body was thrown out and struck the wall with the Mind Control Magic, which does not require casting or incantations.

“Expelliarmus!” Jerry turned around and used the Summoning Charm to take the Spear from Loki before he landed, disarming Loki’s Spear with the Disarming Charm.

The Spear that Loki received from Odin is his most potent weapon. He only has magic and his ability to use magic after disarming the Spear. He has witnessed Loki’s avatars, illusions, and invisibility spells thus far, but he does not appear to have witnessed any offensive spells.

“Incarcerous!” Jerry cast the Incarcerous Spell, before Loki could react.

Jerry’s wand released a thick rope, apprehending Loki. Wizards typically don’t use the Full Body Bind Charm or the Stunning Charm when they face magical animals with a lot of magic because they won’t work against them.

As a result, the Incarcerous Spell was created based on the Transfiguration Curse. This spell uses physical restraint. There is no way out for magical animals, regardless of how strong they are or how strong their magic resistance is.

Presently it is utilized to tie Loki, which is likewise a good decision.

It is true that if you learn a lot of magic, you will be distracted, making it impossible to use magic to the fullest. However, if you are up against an enemy, you can use targeted spells as long as you understand what the opponent knows.

Jerry was unaware of Loki’s power the first time he fought him, so he fought him hard for a while.

When he fell to the ground at this point, Thor had recovered and rushed over with his hammer. But Loki has been tied down by Jerry and thrown on the Rainbow Bridge with a frustrated expression on his face. It’s obvious that Thor doesn’t need to think about how to deal with him anymore.

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