Thor nodded, “Indeed, my Hammer is made of more grounded materials than the Destroyer’s Uru metal. Sadly, I can’t get it now.”

“I know how to solve it.” Jerry turned to see Captain America with the shield in his hand.

“Are you Mr. Rogers?” Jerry hurried over to Captain America, who was looking solemnly at the Destroyer while holding a shield.

Steve froze and gave a nod.

“I have thought about a method for handling the Destroyer Armor. I really want you and me to go to the base for some time.” If Jerry recalls correctly, Captain America appears to be able to pick up Thor’s Hammer as well.

“Alright then.” Steve hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Before he arrived, he had read everything about The Wizard. This child is adept at magic and full of justice. He was still willing to believe him at this point because he claimed to have discovered a way to destroy the machine in front of him.

“Just hold it, and I will bring Thor’s Hammer,” he said.

“Find a way to hold it for a while.” Jerry gave the explanation to Tony and the others and used a Levitation Charm on Captain America, causing him to quickly fly toward the base while pulling on his clothes.

As Jerry left, Thor, who couldn’t help but touched the back of his head and murmured, “Taking my hammer? Why don’t you bring me along?”

He thought it would be right to take Jerry if Jerry’s magic could undo the magic on Thor’s Hammer. Jerry, to everyone’s surprise, has no power to undo Odin’s magic. Instead, he selects a master for Thor’s Hammer for a brief period of time.

Jerry brought Steve down from the sky and landed where Thor’s Hammer was, at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Base.

“Captain, get that hammer.”

“Me? Didn’t you say that only Thor can take it?” In spite of the fact that Steve was a little confused about what was happening, he approached Thor’s Hammer as he said.

“This Hammer appears to have been sealed with special magic that tests people’s hearts. Through the special detection magic, I found out that you might not have to be Thor to pick up Thor’s Hammer. You can lift it up as long as you are worthy. However, at this time, I believe you are the only candidate who stands a chance.” Jerry said as he observed Steve’s doubts at this time.

There is no such thing as detection magic, but no one will ever know that Jerry is lying.

After all, magic cannot be explained, and the various spells he has demonstrated thus far cannot be explained. Therefore, this kind of reasoning could be accepted as valid.

When Steve heard the words, he gave a nod and reached out to grab the handle of Thor’s Hammer.

However, just as he was exerting all of his strength to raise Thor’s Hammer by about a millimeter, Thor’s Hammer suddenly flew out of his hand and toward the battleground.

Jerry saw a sudden burst of intense thunder and numerous flashes of lightning over there shortly thereafter.

“Captain, we should return and see.” Jerry quickly flew back to the battlefield after grabbing Steve’s jacket.

He saw Thor, who was wearing a red cloak and silver armor, swing Thor’s Hammer to create a strong wind and immediately smashed the Destroyer Armor to pieces as he flew close to the battlefield.

“What the hell just happened?” Jerry was somewhat perplexed at this point.

His arrangement is that since Thor can’t get his hammer, for the time being, let Captain America use it. Holding Thor’s Hammer, Captain America will unquestionably be highly effective in combat. After that, when Captain America has taken care of the Destroyer Armor, he will sort out some way to break the magic on Thor gradually.

But now, why was the Hammer flying toward him?

“Wizard, you’re incredible. I had no idea you would actually break Father’s magic!” Jerry appeared as soon as Thor got the Destroyer Armor, so he flew to him with his hammer and gave him a big hug.

On the other hand, Jerry was even more perplexed.

“I want to go back and have a conversation with my brother, but I have to say my goodbyes to Jane first.”

With his hammer, Thor went to the Old Bridge Town with the Asgard Warriors after meeting Jerry and was about to say his goodbye to Jane.


“Coulson, what just happened?” Jerry found Coulson immediately after putting Steve down, who had been supporting a group of agents with guns in the distance.

After some getting it, he understood what occurred after he left. It turns out that, with the exception of Thor, everyone tried their best to delay the Destroyer Armor when Jerry left with Steve.

While the Asgard Warriors relied on their bodies to get close and fight, Tony flew in the air and attacked the Destroyer Armor with a variety of modern weapons. Arrows and pistols were used by Hawkeye, Coulson, and others to help them.

In any case, clearly, their attacks couldn’t make even harm the Destroyer Armor. However, they figured out how to delay the Destroyer Armor for Jerry.

But not long after that, Thor suddenly and without warning burst into lightning all over his body. He then was wearing armor, and when he extended his hand, he attracted Thor’s Hammer.

Everyone now believes that Jerry brought Steve to the base and discovered a means of undoing Odin’s magic.

“Well, that’s it, I guess.” Jerry secretly sighed as he frowned and pondered for a moment.

He had just gone through the entire incident involving Thor from beginning to end, and after combining some details from his previous life, he came up with a possible explanation for the present circumstance.

That is, either Odin is aware of everything that is taking place right now or Odin is not asleep.

Consider it, Odin, as the most powerful god who brought together the Nine Realms, wouldn’t he be able to see that a couple of Frost Giants sneaked into Asgard?

Also, would Heimdall open the Rainbow Bridge for Thor without Odin’s permission and allow Thor and the others to simply go to Jotunheim to find the Frost Giants?

Odin fell into Odin Sleep as soon as Thor was banished to Earth, which was such a coincidence. This made it abundantly clear that Loki is to blame for everything.

Consequently, Jerry concluded with a daring guess based on all of the preceding and subsequent events. Odin planned everything from the beginning to the end. The two sons, Thor and Loki, are put to the test with this incident.

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Published On: May 11, 2023

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