After witnessing the transformation of the Destroyer Armor, Jerry swiftly raised Thor to launch himself once more as a destructive energy shock wave erupted when the head was opened.

Under Loki’s control, the Destroyer Armor reacted quickly, releasing yet another wave of destructive energy before Jerry could get back on the broomstick. Jerry was forced to use the Protego Charm to see if he could resist because he was too close to dodge.

However, Jerry and Thor were just in time to stop this enormous wave of destructive energy when an old-fashioned leather jacket-clad figure descended from the sky, raised his shield, and landed in front of them.

It turned out that Captain America and Nick Fury drove over from New York in a supersonic plane with him.

Thor was taken aback when he observed that the man in front’s shield was still able to deflect the destructive energy. The Destroyer Armor’s destructive energy has a destructive nature. For the most part, even many high-level defences of Asgard can’t obstruct the assaults of this energy.

Captain America was knocked away at close range by a tremendous force as soon as he shielded himself from the energy attack. The Destroyer Armor also has a powerful physical destructive ability in addition to its powerful destructive energy and indestructible body.

The Destroyer Armor stepped in front of Jerry right after he knocked Captain America away, raised his hand, and was about to knock him and Thor down. Jerry was about to use the spell again to delay the situation.

Although his spell has the potential to turn the enemy upside down once more, it’s possible that Thor and he will first be transformed into a meat paste. Both of them swooped quickly, one to the left and the other to hide.

A sharp arrow suddenly shot out of the distance at this point, precisely hitting the muddy ground beneath the Destroyer Armor’s heels.

A small crater in the soil under the heel of the Destroyer Armor was created when the arrow exploded. The Destroyer Armor, who was about to unleash all of his might on Jerry and Thor, stumbled and nearly twisted to the metal’s foot in a split second.

At this point, a man in battle armor slammed into the Destroyer Armor’s back at a rate faster than normal people, directly knocking him to the ground. Volstagg, who was well-known for his strength, was the first to arrive.

“For Asgard’s glory!”

Sif was wielding a spear, Hogun was wielding a hammer, and Fandral was wielding a sword. They jumped up and landed on the Destroyer Armor’s back, hitting his neck, heart, and waist.

The big hammer struck its waist, the spear went straight into its chest, and the sword went through its neck. It is anticipated that if this is a normal creature, it will die completely. They can’t kill the Destroyer Armor because it’s just an armor.

The well-known Asgard warriors were all swept away like ants when it vigorously crossed its hands across its chest.

Volstagg, who had earlier knocked the Destroyer Armor down, quickly got up and picked up his weapon to attack, but the Destroyer Armor kicked him and sent him flying more than ten meters away.

A twenty-meter-long magic dragon appeared from behind the Destroyer Armor just as he was about to stand up, entangling him from head to toe in a tight web. It was Jerry who made a move to utilize the Transmutation Magic to summon a magic dragon.

The Destroyer Armor was about to spray the magic dragon with destructive energy when it saw this. A figure slipped from the sky, and, surprisingly, hindered the mouth of the Destroyer Armor.

Captain America was the one who was just swept away and it charged up its energy once more.

Jerry knocked the Destroyer Armor to the ground as he withdrew some of his energy at this point. The hard soil beneath the Destroyer Armor started to ripple like quicksand right away, sucking the armor down.

Morganian magic known as Persian Quickrug is able to transform any surface into quicksand and bury enemies who fall into the trap deep underground. The Destroyer Armor trapped, Captain America’s holding it, lastly even the Asgard Warriors tried to knock it down.

The Destroyer Armor gradually merged into the ground below as a result of everyone’s efforts.

“Am I late because you have already dealt with it?” A golden and red figure emerged from the distance at this time and landed next to Jerry.

Nick Fury asked Tony Stark, who was dressed in the most recent Mark VI armor to help.

“Maybe.” Jerry breathed a sigh of relief after putting the compass away and carefully examining the calm ground.

“It’s not that easy, and the Destroyer Armor won’t be stuck for long,” Thor is now walking over while frowning.

Indeed, as soon as he spoke, a powerful energy wave erupted from the ground where the Destroyer Armor had just vanished, spewing destructive energy in succession. The seven-meter-tall Destroyer Armor jumped out of the crater shortly after.

“Is this the one? Pass on it to me, let you see my recently designed weapon.” Tony gave Jerry a reassuring smile when he saw this, soared up and charged toward the Destroyer Armor.

He saw the red lasers immediately circle the Destroyer Armor’s body several times as the two devices on the back of his battle armor spun violently in the air.

That red light’s power was truly amazing. It actually left two scars on the Destroyer Armor’s chest, even though it didn’t actually cut him in half.

“Excellent, Mr. Stark. We’ll hold it off, and you attack it a hundred more times.” Jerry’s eyes lit up when he realized that Stark’s weapon could actually harm the Destroyer Armor.

The Destroyer Armor’s indestructible body is its greatest challenge.

Tony then replied, “Sorry, this is a laser beam. Even with the current energy of my armor, it can only be used once.”

“Once?” Jerry was briefly taken aback.

“Thor, are you certain that your hammer can withstand the Destroyer Armor?” Jerry then fixated his gaze toward Thor.

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Published On: May 11, 2023

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