“Coulson said there’s a problem, there is a huge humanoid armor coming towards this side. It may be coming toward Thor.” Hawkeye and a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents rushed in at this time.

“No, that’s the Destroyer Armor!” Thor immediately thought of Odin’s Destroyer Armor after hearing Hawkeye describe it.

“Metal from Asgard Uru is used to make the Destroyer Armor. It is almost impossible to be destroyed by violence, with the exception of a few artifacts of the same level. When Father fought in the Nine Realms, he wore this armor. Father must have been asleep when Loki used the Gungnir Spear to control the Destroyer Armor guarding the treasure house from afar. We must evacuate everyone in the town.”

“We’re too late for that.” Jerry came and took a gander at the mushroom cloud forming in the town.

“Guys, hold it while you evacuate the crowd.” After addressing Jerry, Hawkeye, and other individuals, Thor waved to the three Asgardian warriors and Sif.

Jerry couldn’t help but roll his eyes when he saw Thor pick up the pan from the stove and was about to take his friends to face the Destroyer. He hurried forward to stop him, saying, “With you going there, it would only cause a worse situation than before.”

“What should I do now? This town cannot be destroyed because of me.” Thor grew somewhat impatient.

“It’s very simple, you need to know that its target is you. It will naturally follow you even if you are not in the town.” Jerry said as he rode on his broomstick and addressed Thor.

“Well, but can your broom handle my weight?” With a doubtful expression, Thor looked at Jerry’s figure and then the Nimbus 2000.

“Yes.” When Jerry heard the words, he gave a nod. Due to Thor’s size, it is indeed a bit crowded for two people riding broomsticks.

“Wingardium Leviosa.” He said with his wand to Thor.

Thor rose suddenly like a feather.

“I’ll take Thor to lead the Destroyer Armor to a further location first, then come over and see if we can work together to destroy it.” Thor was led into the air by Jerry as he grabbed him.

“Got it.” Everyone in the room nodded when they saw Thor floating in the wind in Jerry’s hands.

As of now, a couple of dark S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles at the entryway ground to a halt, and it was Coulson who drove the agents to get away from the Destroyer Armor and hurried over.

“Where is Thor?”

“That way.” Jerry had taken Thor away in the air, and Hawkeye pointed in that direction.


“Loki, Thor has arrived. Your brother is here, look!”  Jerry carried Thor, who had been cast with a Levitation Charm, 100 meters away from the town on a broomstick as he flew past the Destroyer Armor and shouted loudly in its direction.

Thor was taken away from the town by Jerry. After the Destroyer Armor saw Thor plainly, he was pursued by the Loki-controlled Destroyer Armor after it turned around.

Thor felt completely betrayed as he was flown around by Jerry like a kite.

However, in the eyes of the Destroyer Armor that was following behind and occasionally spewing a wave of destructive energy. He had no real option except to stay silent and draw the Destroyer Armor’s attention.

If he hadn’t lost his divine power, he wouldn’t have retreated especially when he was told to run for his life without being able to defend himself.

His mentality has altered as a result of this sequence of events. While honor and dignity are important, the lives of those people in the small town are even more important.

Jerry made a sharp turn to avoid the Destroyer Armor’s attack because it was so close to the town. He then turned to face the Destroyer Armor head-on.

It is categorically not the solution to constantly run away. The Destroyer Armor’s energy is like a bottomless pit, and it would constantly spout out those destructive energy nonstop. At some point or another, he and Thor will be brought down.

Jerry waved his wand and a huge, 20-meter-long fire dragon appeared out of thin air and charged the Destroyer Armor.

The fire dragon struck the Destroyer directly, making a loud noise. Sadly, other than taking a step back, nothing else happened.

“Avada Kedavra! Sectumsempra! Incendio! Bombarda! Confringo!””

Jerry later cast a number of offensive spells. All of them struck it, but none had any effect.

“Is it truly as indestructible as Thor said?”

Pulling up the broom, and agilely avoiding the Destroyer Armor’s fist, Jerry asked Thor, “Does this Destroyer Armor have any weaknesses?”

After hearing the words, Thor immediately responded, “No, you won’t be able to harm its body at all unless you use my hammer or the Gungnir Spear.”

“However, it’s not Father who controls it personally, but Loki. It won’t be able to fly, and its movements will be relatively slow.” Said Thor after he finished speaking.

“Slow and incapable of flying?”

When Jerry heard the words, he was moved to tears. In fact, the Destroyer Armor appears to have never been able to escape any of his attacks up until this point. It might not be that it does not bother to dodge, but rather that it is unable to dodge at all.

As a matter of fact, now that Jerry is pulling Thor and taking off, the Destroyer Armor presumably will not have the option to catch them. However, it seems that Loki is just using the Destroyer Armor just to lure out Thor.

“Okay, I guess I can do this!” Jerry waved his wand once more, pulling Thor away from the destructive energy attack.

The spell finally worked well this time. Under Jerry’s spell, he saw that the high metal body of the Destroyer Armor was directly suspended in mid-air upside down.

Jerry’s magical ability has increased significantly over time as a result of diligent training. Regardless of whether the Destroyer Armor is seven or eight meters tall, it can be flown upside down with his spell.

The Destroyer Armor cannot be destroyed by him. So he disabled its mobility, rendering it ineffective as a threat. Jerry finally landed with Thor, seeing the Destroyer Armor upside down in midair and unable to move.

However, the Destroyer Armor’s entire body abruptly changed from a human shape to a spherical shape shortly after they landed. Then, when it regains human form, it is no longer in the position that disables its movement.

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Published On: May 11, 2023

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