“Coulson, you are in charge of the base’s affairs. Pay attention to protecting Thor and wait to see what happens. I will return and seek assistance from someone.” Fury and Coulson talked for a long time after Jerry left, and then they came to a decision.

They both agreed that Loki’s current behavior analysis strongly suggests that he will attempt to kill Thor in order to claim the throne.

After all, Thor is a god who is immortal, and it will be hard for Loki to take over the throne. Thor is now merely a mortal at this point.

At the moment, it appears that regaining the throne can only be accomplished by helping Thor regain his divine power and return to Asgard. After that, both Asgard and the earth can maintain peace.

Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done right now is to ensure Thor’s safety. After that, he should see if he can assist him in locating a scientific method that will enable him to acquire The Hammer as soon as possible.

However, Loki is still the temporary King of Asgard. It’s possible that Jerry and them alone won’t be able to stop Loki from attacking again. Therefore, strong assistance is required.

Hearing Nick Fury talk about looking for help, Coulson’s eyes lit up, “Yes, Captain?”

Coulson knew that if S.H.I.E.L.D. had any powerful helpers, it would probably be Captain America brought back from the North Pole some time ago. However, when he saw Captain America that time, Captain America was still frozen.

“Iron Man?”

Nick Fury nodded.

After confirmation, an unconcealable excitement appeared on Coulson’s face, “That would be great.”


“Want a drink?”

Thor was lying on the iron railing outside the base, blowing the cool breeze, thinking what he had done previously in Asgard and Jotunheim, and remorseful for the death of his father due to his actions.

Unexpectedly, a cup of beer was given to him.

“Thanks.” Without hesitation, Thor took the beer andrank it all.

Jerry saw when he waved his wand at the empty glass that it was first filled with water and then turned into beer.

“It’s hard to believe that your magic is already so amazing at your age. Very few people can use magic in Asgard.” Thor exclaimed with admiration and took another sip from the glass of beer.

“These are just simple spells, and they are definitely incomparable to the magic in Asgard. In fact, I’m very interested in Asgard’s magic. Unfortunately, I am too far away, so I cannot experience it. ” Jerry said as he continued to use magic to fill up his glass.

“There is the Rainbow Bridge, so distance is not a problem.”

Thor had just opened his mouth and wanted to say that he could take Jerry to Asgard via the Rainbow Bridge. However, he suddenly realized that he had been exiled forever in Midgard and sighed.

“I will bring back some magic books from Asgard to give to you as a thank you for the beer if I still have a chance to return to Asgard.”

“I’m grateful.”

Jerry didn’t tell Thor that his father wasn’t dead, that Loki might have been lying to him, and other things like that.

Currently, Loki remains Thor’s most trustworthy younger brother, and Thor is blind for that matter. Thor would not accept it without evidence, even if he had said it at this time.

“Thor, kindly remain still.” Jerry raised his wand and pointed it at Thor.

When Thor saw this, he was taken aback, but he continued to stand there as he spoke. He actually believed Jerry, realizing that Jerry would never do anything bad to him.

He recited a spell, a mysterious light quickly dashed away from the wand and sank into Thor’s body.

As soon as Thor opened his eyes, pieces of battle armor began to appear on his body, a thunderous flash flashed in his eyes, and The Hammer in the center of the base began to violently tremble.

However, a powerful force suddenly erupted from Thor’s body before his battle armor was fully revealed. His battle armor vanished quickly, and Thor’s Hammer in the center of the base also returned to calm.

“It still appears to be ineffective.” Knowing that his attempt to break the spell had failed, Jerry squinted his eyes.

He initially believed that his magic did not belong to this world, and he might speculate to see if he could break Odin’s seal. However, it now appears that the power gap is still too large.

However, it is not entirely useless. At the very least, it had an effect on him. He might be able to really break it in the future if he raises the level of the spell.

“Thank you. Even though I haven’t completely regained my divine power, I feel like my physical strength has improved slightly.”

Five distinct fingerprints were left on the hard iron railing when Thor smiled and squeezed it without holding the cup.

“Thor?” Jane, who had just witnessed Thor’s transformation, walked over with an expression of surprise not far behind him.

Jerry turned when he realized this and silently left.


In Asgard.

Odin, who was sleeping in the golden coffin, let out a sigh of relief after a brief twitch.


A S.H.I.E.L.D. underground base in New York late at night.

Using a sandbag, a blond man with a nearly perfect figure was striking it. The enrichment style of the entire room is extremely weird, it is undeniably adorned during the 1940s style, and a significant number of them are old d├ęcor that is not suited to the current year style.


The blond man roared, and the sandbag burst completely after being thrown five meters away by his powerful force.

He stopped punching and took a deep breath before hanging another sandbag from the shelf.

The room’s wooden door was opened at this point, and a black man with one eye slowly entered.

“You haven’t slept yet, even though it is late.”

The blonde man looked at the man, and kept focusing on punching the sandbag, he answered, “I’ve been asleep for 70 years, I have enough rest for now.”

“Why don’t you go out and see New York and see how people live now?” the man made the suggestion.

“Outside is no longer the New York I am familiar with, and there is no one I am familiar with, and the war is over…”

The man sighed and handed over the information in his hand. The blonde man stopped hitting the sandbag. His eyes showed a little confusion.

“You’ve only been awake for a week. I shouldn’t have bothered you, but we do require your assistance now. This time, there is a crisis that affects the entire world.”

He intended to let him become accustomed to his new life for a year. However, he had to move the plan ahead because things are not going according to plan.

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Published On: May 10, 2023

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