Jerry immediately threw a Sleeping Charm at Coulson and Hawkeye when his identity was revealed. Then he took a gander at the three nearby cameras, and he was marginally feeling better when he saw that every one of the three cameras were obliterated by the lightning that Loki just conveyed.

Everything was destroyed, and Loki’s golden lightning effectively eliminated the other agents in the vicinity. Coulson, Hawkeye, and Loki, who were standing in front of him, were the only people who could see his true form.

He can use the Obliviate and False Memory Charm to solve the problem, so Coulson and Hawkeye can wait. As fpr Loki in front of him, He initially had no plans to interact with him because he was concerned that if he caught Loki here, it might have an impact on how the plot developed later.

In the first Avengers movie, Loki appears to have been exiled, met Thanos, and Thanos appears to have given Loki the Mind Scepter. As a result, Loki, who is accustomed to Earth, traveled to Earth to use the Space Stone to open space and lead the Chitauri army in an attack on Earth.

Thanos may send another men over if Loki is captured at this time, eliminating the only plot advantage he is familiar with in Avengers. But now that Loki knew who he really was, he could only kill him to make sure.

Loki is very clever and has no end goal. In the Avengers film, he has made a relating arrangement for every heroes’ weaknesses.

Jerry was worried that once he found out who he was, he would attack his family. Specifically, Haas and Aisha upon his return. As a result, all he can do now is decide to act first and find a way to kill him here. He can no longer care about whether the Avengers’ plot will completely deviate.

“Interesting, you must be hiding something.” Jerry chose to immediately kill his teammates when he discovered his identity, and Loki’s face suddenly became interested.

“Sometimes it’s not good to know too many secrets.”

Jerry’s face was filled with murderous intent, and as he waved his wand, a massive fire dragon erupted, roaring and charging toward Loki. It was the Fire Dragon Spell he invented at Hogwarts before.

When Loki saw this, he didn’t dare to be careless. He pointed at the spear in his hand and a bolt of lightning as thick as an arm shattered the fire dragon in half. But when he looked at Jerry once more, he saw that he had vanished.

“Invisibility? That doesn’t work against me.” When Loki loosened up his hand, he was going to project the enchanted that broke the invsibility. However, he appeared to have seen something, and immediately blocked it with the speaer.

The lightning that was tied around the spear instantly blown away dozens of silver needles.

“Avada Kedavra!” However, just as Loki attempted to thwart the sneak attack of the silver needle, a green light accurately struck him in the back from behind.

Jerry was the one who cast the Killing Curse by circling back around.

Seeing Loki, who was hit by the Killing Curse, let out a groan, and he bled but did not die as expected. Jerry’s expression suddenly changed. The Killing Curse is 100% fatal after being struck, but only for ordinary humans and wizards. Other creatures with sufficient vitality are not affected as much.

Just like a powerful dragon it cannot be killed, even if a normal wizard’s casted the Killing Curse wholly.

Loki’s body is strong thanks to the Frost Giant’s blood flowing through him. The curse did not leave a scar on his face. Jerry cannot directly kill him and the Killing Curse can only harm him.

Unless Jerry gave him a series of Killing Curse, that might kill him.

“How dare you do this to me, Wizard of Midgard?”

Jerry was hit by yet another lightning bolt from Loki, who turned around and was bleeding. Jerry, who was invisible, quickly used a Protego Charm and rolled over to avoid it.

“Expelliaramus!” A blue beam took shots at Loki once more, and the spear in Loki’s grasp flew out right away.

As of recently, Jerry has found that Loki’s power is really unremarkable. His body is strong, but the spear in his hand seems to be his primary weapon. He immediately replaced the attack spell with the Disarming Charm after avoiding the attack and then disarmed his weapon first.

When he lost the spear in his hand, Loki was shocked. The spear that could send off a lightning attack was the Gungnir Spear of Asgard, a weapon utilized by King Odin. Additionally, he took it for himself while his father was in a deep sleep.

His strength would be greatly diminished if he were to lose the Gungnir Spear.

“Sectumsempra!” Jerry struck Loki with the Sectumsempra Curse once more with his wand.

However, the spell passed through Loki like a shadow and struck the ground directly behind him.

“Illusion.” The Spear that was disarmed by the Disarming Charm caught Jerry’s attention right away. Loki’s figure reappeared at this point, holding the Spear in his hand.

“I’ll remember you, Wizard of Midgard!” After grabbing the Spear, Loki did not retaliate against Jerry but rather yelled at him in rage before vanishing in place.

Loki is not Thor, and he will not fight until the very end for the honor of being a soldier. He immediately flinched when he discovered that if he continued to fight, he might die here today.

Thor was banished to Midgard by odin. In the future, he will be Asgard’s king.

If he returns and kills Laufey, the Frost Giant leader, and uses the Rainbow Bridge to destroy Jotunheim as a whole. He will have an unparalleled reputation in Asgard. His status will not change even if King Odin wakes up.

He can naturally send the Asgardian army to destroy Midgard at that point, and he can also kill the wizard who dared to hurt him.

He thinks that because he is the king, he doesn’t have to do it, and his subordinates can do this kind of fighting and killing in the future. As a result, returning to Asgard first is the best option for his safety.

Jerry used the smoke detection spell to check the area around him after noticing that Loki had vanished, and then he used the illusion spell to bring his image back.

Smoke detection spell, a detection magic spell sent by Morgana that can see through illusions and invisibility. Horvath used this spell to see through Jerry’s Disillusionment Charm.

Hearing a large number of footsteps approaching in the distance, Jerry didn’t dare to neglect, and hurried to Coulson and Hawkeye who were stunned by him with the Sleeping Charm.

Obliviate and False Memory Charms were cast on them.

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