“How about Thor?” Jerry met Coulson in the hallway shortly after leaving the room when he returned to the base.

“It’s still the same,” Coulson said as he spread his arms. “I just went to see him. I have no idea why. He seems to be in a worse mood than before, almost depressed.”

“Really? He talked to the Director, didn’t he? Could it have been something Fury said?” Jerry thought Thor didn’t look like someone who would be depressed because of his emotion.

Coulson gestured, “Maybe, however it ought to not have anything to do with the director. Despite the fact that his mood had remained relatively stable following the conversation, it had recently changed abruptly.”

Nick Fury had one personal conversation with Thor before Jerry left. Nick Fury basically confirmed during the conversation that Thor was not lying. After talking for a long time, he realized Thor was a solitary, reckless individual who couldn’t lie.

“I’m going there to look.” Jerry thought for some time and intended to head toward see what is happening.

He had a sudden desire to test a spell that could undo the majority of magic’s effects and see if it could affect Thor’s seal. Nevertheless, he estimated that the likelihood should not be very high.

“Wait.” as Jerry was going to go to Thor’s room under the lead of Coulson, he unexpectedly detected an unusual supernatural wave toward Thor’s Hammer.

“What’s the matter?” Coulson was taken aback as well when he observed Jerry’s sudden halt.

“I’ll go and look. There seems to be something wrong with Thor’s Hammer.” Jerry finished his sentence and hurried toward Thor’s Hammer in the base’s center.

“Agent Barton, please go to Thor’s Hammer immediately to check the situation.” Coulson ordered as soon as he pulled out the walkie-talkie from his pocket.

He followed Jerry as he spoke and ran toward the base’s center.

“Hey, I don’t believe I’ve seen you before.” Jerry ran to the center of the base and saw a man trying to pick up Thor’s Hammer while the staff and agents next to him appeared to be unaware as if they didn’t even know he was there. The man was wearing an extraordinary suit and leather shoes.

This strange individual was the source of the magic shift he had just detected.

“Can you see me?” The man in the suit was taken aback when he saw Jerry.

All of the agents in the area, Jerry saw him and called out to the man in the suit. His shielding magic seemed to stop working right away.

“Sir, please raise your hand. It’s best to stay put!” Coulson also caught up at this point, pulled out his gun, and pointed it at the man in a suit right away.

The man in the suit gave Coulson’s pistol a cursory glance before reacting with disdain to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who also pointed their guns at him. After a brief period of transformation, his body was instantly covered with a set of golden armor.

The man in the suit said in a high-pitched voice with disdain while donning battle armor, a green cloak, and a strangely shaped golden spear. “I am Loki, the heir of Asgard. You, humans, dare to order me?”

“Fuck, there’s this guy now.” Jerry couldn’t help but groan inside as he looked at Loki.

“Watch out!” Coulson was hit in the face with a thick bolt of lightning as he observed Loki raising his spear. Using a Protego Charm, Jerry swiftly blocked Coulson.

Jerry has been able to use the Protego Charm very well during the second half of his time at Hogwarts by asking Snape and Dumbledore for advice.

Instantaneously, a translucent magic shield in the shape of a fan appeared in front of Jerry’s wand. The Protego Charm, on the other hand, was effective against the majority of magic attacks and a rifle bullet in the Harry Potter universe. However, during this lightning strike, it snapped after just two seconds.

“So powerful!” Coulson and Jerry also acted quickly. Seeing that the Protego Appeal was broken, the two turned over and avoided the following assault simultaneously.

S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the area also attacked Loki at this point. Simply put, those bullets struck Loki’s golden battle armor and bounced off without leaving a mark.

“You are asking for death.” Loki waved his spear again, and the thick lightning streaked fiercely, killing all S.H.I.E.L.D. specialists present in a moment.

A long arrow shot straight at Loki’s eyes, which were not covered by his armor at this point, attempting to blind him. Hawkeye arrived and he sneakily attacked from above the base.

Loki’s physical fitness, on the other hand, is not as good as Thor’s, but neither is it comparable to regular people. When he extended his hand, the arrow was easily caught by him.

It’s unfortunate that Hawkeye’s arrow isn’t your typical arrow. The Arrow’s head went red and exploded as soon as Loki grabbed it with a contented expression.

It turned out that Hawkeye had fired an explosive arrow, and high-tech equipment had been used to equip the arrow’s head with a miniature bomb.

Even though ordinary bombs couldn’t hurt Loki, it made him sway a few times on the ground and embarrassed him.

At this point, Loki was extremely enraged. He shot out a golden lightning that was twice as thick as before as he pointed the golden spear at Hawkeye’s position. This was noticed by Hawkeye above the base, who quickly swooped down from the building’s top and narrowly missed it.

“Total Petrificus!”, Jerry, who saw the perfect opportunity, waved his wand and tossed a Full Body Bind Curse at Loki.

“Magic? Are you a wizard?” Jerry’s magic only froze Loki for about a second before restoring him to normal.

Evidently, Loki has a high magic resistance, making it difficult for common spells to work on him.

“Interesting, I should have found out that you are a wizard, and you even used illusion to cover up your real appearance. Allow me to see what your real appearance looked like!” Loki said with a malicious smile as he looked at Jerry.

Illusion and magic are Loki’s specialties as the God of Mischief. He immediately saw through Jerry’s illusion after careful observation.

“Not good!” Hearing Loki’s words, Jerry felt awful.

A green light flashed in the hand of Loki. Jerry discovered that his illusion spell had been broken and that his true form had been revealed before he could take any action.

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Published On: May 8, 2023

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