“We have a clue, Miss Wizard. The police station reported that they received a report from the town hospital this morning. An unusual patient from another town has arrived. I’ve already dispatched…err…”

Thor was sitting on the sofa, drinking a huge glass of cool beer and conversing with Jerry as soon as Coulson entered the room. As an agent, he immediately identified Thor as the peculiar patient whose photo had been sent by the hospital.

“There’s no need to send someone to look for it, Mr. Coulson. This is Thor, the owner of that hammer.” With a flick of his wand, Jerry transformed the enormous glass of pure water Thor had received from the water dispenser into cool beer once more.

“My name is Thor Odinson.” Thor also temporarily stopped telling Jane about his adventure with Asgard soldiers into the domain of frost giants and instead greeted Coulson.

His father Odin sealed his current power, and his physique is like any ordinary person. According to Jerry, he must have a good relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D. or he may not be able to obtain his own hammer.

Thor still believes that as long as he reclaims his hammer, he can reclaim his power.

Coulson was surprised for a moment before reacting and raising his hand to Thor, saying, “Hello, welcome to Earth.”

Jerry has a rough idea of why Thor appeared here after a bit of chatting. Simply put, the prince poised to take the throne is youthful and eager, and he intends to launch a war.

Finally, King Odin gave him a lesson, and he dared to speak back. King Odin confiscated all of his ability and exiled him here in a fit of rage.

Thor also mentioned the Nine Realms, Asgard, and the Rainbow Bridge during this time. Jerry seemed confused. Originally, he believed that the Milky Way extended beyond the planet, the infinite universe, and numerous civilizations.

Yet when it came to Thor’s mouth, everything seemed to change again. The earth is Midgard, and it is positioned in the center of the World Tree. As Asgard sits atop the World Tree.

There are also Nine Realms, which include Asgard, Vanaheim, Alfheim, and so on. These are known as the Nine Realms, and they are linked to one another. They’re linked to the World Tree.

Thor also revealed that the Frost Giants of Jotunheim had invaded the human realm, and it was their mission to fight deadly wars to put them down.

Not only Jerry, but also Erik and Jane, appeared dazed and confused after hearing Thor’s explanation.

Jerry, on the other hand, avoided it because he understood how unstable the Marvel universe was. Alien technological civilizations, magical civilizations, and hells existed. It was a jumbled mess.

In comparison to this, he is more interested in what Thor said about magic. Asgard has mages as well. His mother and younger brother Loki are both capable at doing magic. They also utilize rune characters, and many magical books are written in them.

What shocked Jerry was that the Asgardian mages referenced by Thor all used the power of the Tree of Life to cast magic, unlike him, who possessed magical power within his body. This astonished him as well.

Jerry has always felt that power should be his own, and borrowed strength is never safe to employ. In reality, he still wanted to ask Thor about magic, but Thor didn’t know anything about it.

He has been using a hammer for 1,500 years. You can only ask him how to smash the enemy into meat pulp with a hammer in 1000 different ways rather than how to employ magic.

Jerry’s magical expertise is drawn entirely from two parallel world, and he is completely oblivious to the Marvel world’s magic. He wants to know what kind of magic exists in the Marvel universe and whether it is possible to integrate it into his own magic system to increase the power of his magic.

Additionally, he has yet to meet a mage in this world. Have all the mages vanished in this world?


When travelling to the base in the S.H.I.E.L.D. car, Coulson said to Jerry, “Is he the legendary Thor? He appears to be different from what I expected.”

Jerry raised his head and smiled as he noticed Jane chatting about Thor in the back row “That shouldn’t be incorrect. As he stated, his power has been sealed, and he must obtain the hammer in order to restore it.”

“All right, then we’ll have to wait for Director Fury to make a decision.”

Thor’s identity and origins are far too complicated. It is not up to him as a senior agent at this moment to determine whether to let Thor pick up the hammer to restore his power. If it is not managed properly, it may have a negative impact on the connection between the two civilizations.

Therefore, right before he left, he informed Fury of the situation here.

Thor is an Asgardian mythological deity that oversees the Nine Realms and was previously dreaded by mortals. He is also the future monarch of Asgard.

If all of this is true, Thor does not represent an alien, but rather a civilization beyond that of modern humans, and they have to be careful.

Of course, the premise is that what Thor stated is correct, therefore Jerry’s decision is correct.

“Can you take me to fetch my hammer, Son of S.H.I.E.L.D.?” Thor turned to Coulson after the car came to a halt and inquired.

“Mr. Thor, I’m afraid I cannot for the time being…”

Coulson was about to reject when an order came over the headphones, prompting him to change his answer, “Of course, I’ll take you there.”

Fury did not dare to postpone after getting the report because of the situation. He has now arrived at the base and assumed leadership of the entire facility. Fury gave the order that had just come through Coulson’s earphone.

Jerry stared at Coulson, surprised, and even though he understood what was going on, he didn’t say anything as he and a few others went towards the location of Thor’s Hammer.

But, since Thor was exiled by Odin himself, is it really so simple to get his power back?

Jerry has some doubt about it.

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