“You don’t know where he went?” Jerry had a basic idea of what happened in his head after hearing Jane’s narrative.

“Well, I believe he ought to be still close to the restaurant where we just ate. After all, he doesn’t have a car, and we only split up a little more than fifteen minutes ago.” Darcy responded while glancing down at her watch.

As Jerry heard this, he slightly squinted his eyes, “Where is that restaurant located? Could you direct me there? I want to ask that person a question.”

“Of course, I’ll drive you there. It’s just to the east of the town.” Jane answered in a hurry at this point.

She was able to recover the most crucial experimental tools and study notes with Jerry’s assistance. She is merely returning the favor.

“You seem to be a really enthusiastic person, Ms. Foster.” Jerry couldn’t help but make a joke about being worried that someone else would take the job after seeing how quickly Jane agreed.

“We won’t be able to find that person afterward, so let’s leave.” Jane gathered her coat.

“Then, we’ll talk to you later.” Jerry followed Jane into her van while waving to Darcy and Professor Erik.

Following some detours, they eventually located Thor in front of a pet shop after around five minutes.

“Hey, he’s there. Why is he in the pet shop?”

Jane pointed to the man in a brown jacket who had just entered the door of the pet store and stared in astonishment as the van was parked on the side of the road.

The man entered the pet store with such vigor, looking to be in his forties, with shoulder-length, half-length blonde hair, tall and muscular.

“Let’s go look,” Jerry first opened the car door and descended, then Jane.

Before they could enter the pet store, they overheard a scary deep male voice saying, “I need a horse.”

The owner of the pet store, who was standing across from Thor in the store, was startled at this point.

“Excuse me, sir. We only have dogs, cats, and birds.”

“Just give me one that I can ride.” Thor waved his hand as if nothing bothered him.

The pet store owner examined him well before turning to look at all the animals in the store before focusing on the Husky, which was the largest animal there.

The husky gave the pet store owner a knowing look before stretching its head and poking its head out of the cage.

“Hey, Thor!”

“There is no pet in the shop that can hold you.” Jane said in a low voice as she stood at the door and watched as Thor approached her.

“If you don’t mind, Thor. I can drive you there so you can retrieve your hammer.” Jerry moved forward at this point.

Thor asked Jerry while harboring some skepticism., “Little girl, who are you?”

“Little girl?” Jerry couldn’t stop furrowing his brows, but he was aware that Hermione was projected onto him at the moment. It was accurate to describe him as a little girl.

“Call me a wizard if you want. A magical human being.” The trash can at the side of the road instantly transformed into a white horse as Jerry pointed his wand at it.

“Do you know me, Midgardian mage?” As Thor observed Jerry using magic, he realized he was a wizard in here.

Although he hasn’t gone to Midgard in a while, he is still aware that there are many wizards on this planet because he was a God of Thunder who lived for 1,500 years.

“I’ve seen some records about you in the magic book, and a few hours ago, I saw your hammer, which landed on the ground, and no one could pick it up.” Jerry nodded.

Jerry believes that among the Avengers superheroes, Thor has no flaws and may possess the greatest amount of power.

Iron Man only uses the steel suit and technologies. Without the suit, he resembles a typical human in many ways. An assassination-capable agent may assassinate him.

Although The Hulk is equally powerful, Dr. Banner is unable to control it. Although having greater physical fitness than the average human, Captain America will nonetheless perish if shot.

Black Widow and Hawkeye are skilled at sneak attacks, stealth, and intelligence.

Only Thor, who is 1,500 years old. Thor’s physique is completely immune to damage from common weapons. He is thought to be impervious to rocket attacks to the face. He is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He has the ability to fly and can unleash a variety of AOE lightning attacks while holding a hammer.

Thor is actually the one he finds most challenging to deal with right now if there is a conflict.

Compared to the Thor he saw in the first Avengers, this Thor appears a little different. Is it a result of losing Thor’s Hammer?

It does not appear to be the case. Thor’s Hammer is an effective weapon. Thor’s own strength shouldn’t be this low, even without Thor’s Hammer. Although he harbored some doubts, he kept them to himself for the time being.

When Jerry mentioned that he could be sent there to get his hammer, Thor was ecstatic, gave Jerry a shoulder pat, and pledged, “That is very wonderful. I will undoubtedly reward you once I recover my hammer and regain my heavenly might.”

“You, Ms. Foster, Erik, and Darcy, are all nice people.” He continued, turning to face Jane once again.

At this point, Jane is perplexed. The idea that he is indeed the legendary Thor is absurd. She did, however, consider Jerry’s identity and the various spells he had previously performed.

The three made their way back to Jane’s house together after locating Thor in this manner.

“Aren’t we leaving the city?”

Thor was a little perplexed when, once in the car, he discovered that he had visited the location earlier in the morning. As a result, Jerry informed Thor of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s existence and its history in general.

“What you’re saying is that I must obtain S.H.I.E.L.D. approval in order to get my hammer back?” Thor’s face shows considerable uncertainty.

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