Okay, please move those devices back.” Agents behind him were told to by Coulson.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were forced to prepare to move it again after exchanging glances with one another.

Jerry then pulled out his wand, “I’ll handle it. You all need to travel to the police station in order to get the necessary information, as it’s getting late.”

A mechanical object as tall as a human gently rose up under Jerry’s magical power, then drifted into the home as they saw him take out his wand and point at something inside the van.

“I’m grateful. After visiting the police station, we’ll search for clues and then pick you up.” Coulson looked at the clock. He decided not to wait any longer because it was almost three. He drove to the local police station first while accompanied by other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

“I know you. The wizard girl in the news is you. I didn’t anticipate you to be performing actual magic.”

While witnessing Jerry employ a magic to bring all of their equipment to the house safely at this point, the long-haired girl named Darcy Lewis seemed to suddenly think of something and couldn’t help but comment.

The image of Jerry that is currently making the rounds in public was purposefully snapped by Lucy in Manhattan.

Darcy and the others didn’t initially recognize her. Until he began to do magic and wore the striking wizard robe on his body.

Professor Eric, who was standing next to her, quickly grabbed Darcy before apologizing to Jerry. “I sincerely appreciate it. I suppose all of our tools and study notes would have been lost if you hadn’t just helped to spoken up.”

“You are welcome.” Jerry nodded slightly and pulled back his wand.

“If Miss Wizard doesn’t mind. You can enter first and take a seat. I’ll make you a glass of milk or a cup of coffee. They most likely won’t return for some time.” At this point, Jerry was invited by Jane, who had responded to the wonderful spell by pointing to the house behind them.

“Thank you.” Jerry didn’t object and obediently entered the room after them.

Naturally, he wasn’t in a rush to depart because he also wanted to ask them about Thor. He purposefully asked Coulson and the other agents to leave just now because he needed them to uncover something first.

Jerry, after all, is not a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. and may even turn out to be one of their enemies in the future. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have some information on your own, and you are not required to inform SHIELD.

He now believes that he can develop positive relationships with the Avengers while increasing his strength. The majority of the Avengers should be led to believe that Jerry is more reliable than S.H.I.E.L.D.

Thus, if he ever decides to turn against S.H.I.E.L.D., at least these superheroes will prevent S.H.I.E.L.D. from defeating him.

“Oops, I’m sorry, I ran out of coffee this morning. I’ll grab more now.” When Jane was preparing the coffee, she recalled that the person Erik tried to bring out appeared to be drinking some at home.

“Don’t bother, just give me a glass of water.” Jerry put up his hand to prevent Jane from going out.

The cup of heated water that Jane handed over was promptly transformed into a cup of milk tea after the wand was aimed at it. He then flipped the cup around again, and a small amount of ice cubes emerged in the milk tea.

“Don’t be so shocked, magic and science are actually rather similar. You may not understand it, just like I don’t comprehend your weather-observing apparatus.” At this point, they were all staring at Jerry with their jaws open as he explained.

“Wow, Miss Wizard, that’s wonderful. Can you sign this for me?” Little stars appeared in Darcy’s eyes when she turned to face Jerry at this point.

She can display it to her classmates when she returns to college with the wizard’s autograph.

“Not an issue.” Jerry nodded with a smile as he noticed that they were astonished by magic.

He didn’t mean to brag, but he now resembles Hermione, a little girl of about twelve or thirteen. Being convincing in person is challenging; the only way he can go on to the next question and better discussion is by shocking the other person with magic.

“I have a question. Have you ever encountered a strange person?” Jerry questioned Jane and Professor Erik as Darcy turned to retrieve the pen and notebook.

“Do you mean a person who exhibits strange behavior and might be diagnosed with delusional disorder?” As Jerry asked a question, Professor Erik appeared surprised.

“Can you give me more information about that person?” Jerry asked right away after learning that there was something intriguing.

Jane stood next to Professor Erik, who gave her a glance. After a brief pause, Jane began to tell the entire tale.

“We were driving fifty miles from the town last night when we used instruments to watch and record some movements and weather. The man named Thor was close when there were sudden strange motions and weather in the sky. Darcy then used a taser to stun him.”

“Jane, you struck him first with the car.” Darcy swiftly corrected her as soon as she returned with a pen and paper at this point.

Jane said while rolled her eyes, “Sure, I rammed him into him first, but I didn’t see it. It was an accident. Afterwards, when he stood up, you made the decision to stun him.”

“He was the one who initially frightened me; note how drunk he was at the time and his repeated cries of “Father, my hammer””

“What happens next?” Jerry quickly signed Darcy before asking another question.

“Later, we took him to the hospital, but this morning, he broke free, beat a doctor, and I unintentionally knocked him out.”

Jane took a breath and said, “We brought him home, dressed him in a suit, and took him out to eat. He identified himself as Thor from Asgard, who had been exiled and he need to find his hammer and go back to Asgard.”

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Published On: May 7, 2023

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