Coulson and Jerry had a brief conversation before Jerry accompanied him to the center of the temporary headquarters.

“Even with the best lifting equipment, we were unable to raise this hammer. However, for some reason, the hammer seemed to have taken root, and the ground beneath the soil is harder than diamond.”

Coulson pointed to the strange hammer that had been dug up on the ground and was still standing in the center and described to Jerry the series of actions they made to the hammer after they arrived.

“What a strong magic power.” Jerry stepped up to the hammer and turned on “Refreshing.” He could feel the hammer’s strong magical power even before he touched it.

The hammer’s magical strength is the strongest he has experienced thus far, even surpassing Dumbledore’s.

But, upon thorough examination, it became apparent that the magic power present in the hammer appeared to be extremely dissimilar from the magic power currently present in his body. He can’t pinpoint the precise difference.

When he reached out to hold the hammer’s handle and pulled firmly, a surge of magic waves suddenly swept over him, seemed to affirm something, and then nothing happened.

“It is truly impossible to pull off.” According to legend, only a worthy person could raise Thor’s Hammer. He is not a worthy person.

He might do so if asked to risk his life to protect his loved ones and friends. But if he were asked to give up his life for the lives of individuals he knew nothing about, even if it meant giving up the lives of a whole city, he would adamantly reject it.

For those who are genuinely good and righteous frequently lead unhappy lives. His life is not as good as most regular people’s, just like the Spider-Man that Tobey Maguire portrayed in his previous life because of his superhuman abilities.

“How? Do you know what it is?” Coulson, who was standing to the side, questioned swiftly after becoming puzzled upon watching Jerry draw the hammer.

Jerry smiled, “This hammer has an extremely potent magic power that I cannot understand now. If I’m not mistaken, this hammer is supposed to be the one used by Thor as his primary weapon in myths and legends.”

“Does this universe actually have a god?” Coulson’s face took on an expression of skepticism.

He finds it extremely difficult to believe in the existence of gods because he is a materialist. Despite the fact that S.H.I.E.L.D. has a sensitive document chock full of information regarding paranormal creatures, those creatures have already been named by experts. Their genes have undergone a few unique alterations that science can explain.

But there are other things that science can’t fully explain, like gods.

As Jerry noticed this, he spread his hands and said, “When I studied magic, I didn’t think magic actually existed, but it did. You might want to reconsider your opinion on gods. In reality, today’s technology might not have been considered divine thousands of years ago.”

Coulson said as he brushed his hair and nodded, “I get what you mean. Gods definitely exist, but they may not be as omnipotent as we assumed. Perhaps they are a bunch of advanced aliens. Simply said, the thousands of years of human evolution have altered how they perceive God.”

Jerry continued when he had done by saying, “If Thor’s Hammer fell here, perhaps Thor is close as well. To see if any outsiders have recently appeared here, you can dispatch your agents to look around the nearest towns.”

In truth, Jerry always believed that the gods in Avengers, like Thor and Loki, were unlike the gods he imagined, and the film was also classified as science fiction. He believes that they are more akin to strong aliens with unique abilities than gods.

“A town? We are traveling to Old Bridge this afternoon to conduct some business as it is the closest town, located 50 miles to the east.” Coulson said.


“I would want to ask you a question, Miss Wizard.” Coulson noticed Jerry looking curiously at the magic book next to him as they were traveling from the base to Old Bridge Town in the black S.H.I.E.L.D. car.

Jerry replied without raising his head when he heard the words, “Yeah?”

“I’m just interested. I don’t mean anything in particular. What prerequisites must you meet in order to learn magic? Do you think I can still learn magical magic, for instance?” Coulson widened his eyes.

Jerry swiveled his head and gave Coulson a perplexed look before handing him a copy of “Basic Theory of Magic” and saying, “Mr. Coulson, you don’t have the qualifications to learn magic. I’ll give you this book as a memento if you appreciate magic.”

The moment Coulson caught Jerry’s hurled thick magic book, he was clearly astonished. Instead, Jerry gave him a priceless magic book. He didn’t anticipate this to be like this.

“So, what qualifications are required to learn magic?” Coulson handed him the priceless magic book while remaining silent.

Jerry explained, “First, you must have the capacity never to forget. Second, you need to be adept in comprehension and analysis. The third and most crucial step is to be able to recognize the unrestrained magical power present in this universe and to be able to use it. If you possess the aforementioned three skills, you can learn magic using the book.”

He said that on purpose, either to Coulson or to Fury. He didn’t think S.H.I.E.L.D. wasn’t envious of his varied magical abilities. He tried to explain to them that his magic was a gradual process that demanded a very high level of talent. The statements are only partially true.

The majority of “Harry Potter” magic is performed using wands and wizard blood, and if the prerequisites are met, magic in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” can also be performed. The idea is that you need to be able to meditate and have a medium to cast spells.

The “Basic Theory of Magic” he threw Coulson was a genuine magic book he had purchased at a bookstore.

All of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s experts are predicted to be unable to determine why.

The magic theory in that book is accurate. It should succeed in deceiving S.H.I.E.L.D. for a time. Time is what he needs right now. The more time he has, the more powerful his strength will be. He wanted to make sure he could quickly put them all to death if S.H.I.E.L.D. decided to turn against him in the future.

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Published On: May 5, 2023

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