When Jerry saw Daphne and his father, he had to stop and introduce himself after saying farewell. In an instant, he bid farewell to Daphne and her father and met Draco and his parents.

Jerry can only sigh at this point and admit that fame may sometimes be bad. It is best for you to ignore those who greet you when they see you because they are there. In this manner, leaving the station will require half a day.

He was forced to accelerate his steps, choose an area with few people, and leave right away in order to avoid running into anyone else.

He was determined not to visit the orphanage during the summer holiday, and just like at Christmas, he would rent a room at the Leaky Cauldron for 2.5 months.

He receives his salary and he has enough money. The advantages of receiving a paycheck are now apparent.

He didn’t return to the orphanage to spend the rest of the summer. Even with the money he made from hunting Acromantula and other sources, it would not be enough at this time to rent a room at the Leaky Cauldron.

When Jerry was in school, Snape questioned why he spent the Christmas holiday alone in the Leaky Cauldron rather than returning to the orphanage or staying at school. Describing how the school was aware of his decision to stay at the Leaky Cauldron instead of returning to the orphanage.

Jerry responded that he wouldn’t feel happy if he returned to the orphanage. He stayed at the Leaky Cauldron since he intended to create potions and perform menial tasks to earn money to repay the school’s stipend.

Snape particularly went to Jerry two days before the holiday and asked if he would like to go to Spinner’s End for the summer break. Jerry was on the verge of accepting his offer.

Jerry would have plenty of time to study magic with Snape. Even though Snape typically only gave him brief lectures, there wasn’t much time for them because the teaching in class was so limited.

After getting along with Snape for two months, he took their relationship to the next level.

But ultimately, after giving it some thought, he declined because it is more worth traveling to “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s” world on this holiday.

Voldemort won’t pose a problem as long as he masters the sealing magic in addition to the magic that can control magical animals or tame dragons, which will be very helpful in the future.

There will be plenty of opportunities to do this in the future, so planning a wonderful summer trip with Snape can wait.


Diagon Alley, The Leaky Cauldron.

“One room for one and a half months, please.” Jerry says while setting a suitcase of Galleons down on Tom’s desk.

“Okay, Mr. Carmen. I will prepare the best room for you.”

Tom rubbed his hands together and grinned as he studied a sack filled with galleons. No hotelier would turn away a famous customer.

Jerry went back to Diagon Alley when he opened the room and placed the empty suitcase inside.

He needs to restock before coming back, this time after getting another two months’ pay together with the bonus from the prior competition.

He must first purchase certain potions for preparation, including any and all varieties sold on the market that may prove useful in the future.

Second, he plans to purchase some owls to keep inside the bag.

The power of an owl is that it can locate a person no matter where they are hiding as long as you mention their name unless that person employs magic that can prevent the owl from locating them.

Jerry doesn’t need an owl to send letters. This method is far less convenient than a phone call. Yet in order to locate people, he requires the owl’s abilities. Similar to how if he had had an owl when Tony Stark was abducted in the past, he could have written a letter to Tony Stark, flown the owl, and naturally discovered where Tony was being held hostage.

In the end, he had to purchase some expensive magic artifacts created by alchemy, such as a double-sided mirror that cost up to 300 gold galleons.

In simple terms, the double-sided mirror can be considered a cell phone-like device for video calling. Two wizards thousands of miles apart can use the two mirrors to make a video call as long as you pick up one mirror and call the other.

Even if Apparition is adequate, you can use the mirror’s magic link to teleport directly to another mirror’s location.

This double-sided mirror’s video call feature isn’t quite as useful as a mobile phone’s, but it is a remarkable product that cannot be found through standard technological tools.

This is what Jerry values most.

Jerry went shopping for what he needed and then returned to his room. He explained in detail to Tom as he entered the room. He has been renting out the place for a month and a half, but he may not always be there. He might visit a classmate’s home, travel, or stay in a Muggle hotel.

Don’t worry if he cleans the room and discovers that he wasn’t there.

It’s actually not a huge matter, according to Tom, that there are too many wizards staying at the Leaky Cauldron, and he can do whatever he wanted since he already paid in advance.

After addressing any issues that might have arisen and ensuring that no items, particularly Crookshanks, were left behind, Jerry returned to his room and started to leave the world.

On Tuesday at two in the morning, the surroundings change from the wooden room of the Leaky Cauldron in London to the room in New York as he closes his eyes.

Jerry returned but didn’t linger in the room for long before diving into the suitcase.

Because of Jerry’s constant efforts, the space within the bag has now increased to three times its original size.

You may see a fire dragon the size of a small elephant, which is the two-month-old Norwegian Ridgeback named Norbert, in addition to the highly noticeable villa.

The dragon and the cat were both dozing off at this point, and Crookshanks was curled up on Norbert’s back.

He could see a thin black Thestral devouring slowly a chunk of bloodied raw meat that Sun Lok had given him not far from them. Jerry took this particular Thestral from the Forbidden Forest, and it was the one with which he got along the best.

There is a magical wall not far away. There are a lot of common creatures inside the wall that Jerry trapped in the Forbidden Forest, which is also where Norbert gets his food.

Jerry returned to his meditation practice after greeting Sun Lok. Unless there were exceptional circumstances, he continued to meditate every night.

The basis is magic power. Powerful magic cannot be released if the magic strength is insufficient. In addition, meditation has been linked to lifespan. He cannot neglect this practice alone.

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