What a relief—no more homework for tomorrow.” Ron sighed in relief as he noticed Jerry and Hermione coming. He’d never had a worse situation than this one.

“I hope we can all pass the test and avoid repeating the year.” Harry expressed some worry.

He performed poorly on a number of tests, particularly the Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts exams.

“We won’t know how poorly we performed in a week, so don’t worry about it now, Harry.” Ron had a lot of hope.

Jerry wanted to reassure Harry that his anxieties were absolutely unfounded. He had Dumbledore’s support after all. Therefore, there was no way he could be repeating a year.

“What holiday plans do you have?” Hermione was seated next to Jerry.

“You guys know my situation, so I suppose I’ll spend most of my time locked up in the room.” Harry sighed.

He had headaches just thinking about his aunt’s family and didn’t even want to return if Hogwarts summer break could be spent in school, like Christmas.

“Why don’t you all come to play at my house then? When all three of you arrive, I will use an owl to deliver messages to each of you individually.” Ron instantly popped his mouth out to offer an invitation.

“That’s a good idea.” Harry’s and Hermione’s eyes both glowed at the same time. They paid close attention to Ron’s comments regarding the Burrow.

With magic all around the house, it’s difficult to imagine how entertaining it would be for a wizard’s family.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I might attend training with the English Quidditch team during the summer break.” Jerry smiled and said no to the invitation.

Naturally, he is not required to participate in the English Quidditch team’s training, which was agreed upon before the contract. He also used an owl to contact Meyer a few days ago, and there won’t be any games anytime soon.

Only two or three national Quidditch matches take place year, most of which are practice matches. He has other plans for the two and a half months of summer break, and there is a good chance he won’t be here, so he can’t visit Ron’s Burrow.

He was actually quite curious about The Burrow, particularly the magic automobile that Ron’s father had alchemically changed, as Ron’s father is an expert in alchemy.

But there will be plenty of time to study The Burrow and Alchemy in the future. Just now, it’s more crucial to pay attention to more crucial matters.

In addition, it’s anticipated that Harry and Hermione won’t be able to visit Ron’s residence over the summer. The three Weasley brothers drove Arthur’s magic car to retrieve Harry, who it appears was imprisoned by his Muggle uncle when he returned.

“That’s really unfortunate.” Harry, Ron, and Hermione all shared a similar expression of disappointment.

It is unfortunate for kids of this age to lose pals who get along well and like playing together.


“Jerry, if you’re available over the summer. Can you stay with me as a guest? Our house is huge!”

Just when Jerry entered the Slytherin common room after supper one evening, he was given an invitation by Daphne to stay with her for the summer. “I’m sorry, but I can’t. I might attend a training session with the English Quidditch team during the summer break.”

Jerry politely declined the invitation right away, this time with the same excuse and a look of discomfort.

” Aww, Alright then.” When Daphne heard this, she had to leave disappointed.

But as soon as he entered the boys’ dormitory’s hallway, Blaise also extended an invitation, which he likewise declined on the grounds that he needed to train.

Before he could lie down, Draco, Goyle, and Crabbe entered the room before he could lay down and stood by his side again.

“Jerry, During the summer, Goyle and Crabbe will stop by my place. Are you available to visit and play?”

When Jerry heard that, he couldn’t help but flinch, and he eventually respectfully declined Draco’s request for the same reason.

Yet this was not the end. Jerry received many summer invites from senior wizards, particularly Slytherin, in the final week of the holiday.

Jerry would not have received as many summer invitations if he had been a young wizard of excellent morals and intelligence.

The primary factor is that he is not only morally and academically great but also the most well-known Seeker in all of England. He has been described as a once-in-a-century Seeker genius who will be the foundation of English Quidditch in the future by numerous newspapers.

Jerry’s identity is now worthy of disclosure. Many wizards consider it a great honor to host Jerry in their residence for the summer break.


The test results were released during the second week of June. Jerry received the highest grade in the class, and Hermione came in second.

Although Hermione and Jerry both received full marks on their written exams, in practice, Jerry performed much better than Hermione, giving him the highest overall score.

The year-end banquet is held on the final night of the second week.

To commemorate Slytherin winning the House Cup for a record-breaking seventh consecutive year, the entire Great Hall was decorated in the house colors of green and silver.

A sizable banner featuring a Slytherin snake hung on the wall behind the table.

Voldemort has retreated to the forest where he has been hiding for many years in the wake of Quirrell’s death. There is no plan for Harry and the others to go to the third floor for bonus points because a lot has changed.

As a result, Dumbledore spoke briefly during the entirety of the year-end meal instead of just eating and drinking. Slytherin was the one who ultimately held the House Cup. After the year-end semester, the holiday officially started.

All the wizards will leave Hogwarts during the summer break, which lasts for two and a half months. As a result, you can see wizards rushing around the palace early the following morning carrying baggage.

The wizards had their final breakfast in the Great Hall and left for Hogsmeade Station before nine in order to join the Hogwarts Express for London.

The train traveled through towns that were Muggle and through mountains and woodlands before coming to a stop at King’s Cross Station in London at 3 p.m. on Platform 9 3/4. They also removed their robes and coats.

Jerry, Hermione, and other young wizards lined up behind the wall going to the main station after getting off the train.

Only two or three young wizards were allowed to walk through at a time, as an old guard stood patrol at the gate to avoid the sudden emergence of a large number of children and draw Muggles’ attention.

Jerry once more encountered Hermione’s parents as he approached the King’s Cross Station entrance after leaving Nine and a Quarter Station. He also met Harry’s uncle and Ron’s parents at the same time.

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