“It appears the claim that these three Unforgivable Curses can quietly influence the psyche is not a joke. I should utilize them as little as possible in the future.”

He waved his hand and used fire magic to burn Professor Quirrell’s body to ashes. Jerry sneaked returned to Hogwarts Castle after leaving the Forbidden Forest.

The white light that came from the unicorn before was sacred power that only unicorns possess, not some sort of offensive magic. In Jerry’s opinion, it has a very straightforward purpose—purifying the soul. Becoming one’s original self is the goal.

He has practiced practically every day since discovering the three Unforgivable Curses in order to develop enough lethality. Emotion is an important component if you wish to practice these three spells effectively. The power of this spell will be higher when your emotions are rife with malice.

There will eventually be some side effects, even if these spells don’t really influence the soul. Similar to how someone who kills constantly will lose respect for life. A person will be corrupted if they contemplate killing and torturing others on a daily basis.

Jerry has made every effort to erase these negative feelings, yet some of them still have a subtle impact on him.

Once he had been purified by the unicorn’s sacred magic and reverted to his actual self, he considered some of his earlier deeds and realized that they had not been safe.

Not that there are too many killings, but in some circumstances, not killing might be better for him in the long run. In other instances, a more gentle approach would be preferable.

He doesn’t oppose killing, but he wants to be able to make decisions without being influenced by negative feelings.

The three Unforgivable Curses must still be applied, of course. He no longer needs to practice the three of them repeatedly throughout the day because he has mastered them all. Thus, the effect won’t be as significant.

It’s just that using the three Unforgivable Curses, especially the Cruciatus Curse and the Death Curse, is preferable when other magic may be employed to solve the issue. Indeed, The Imperius Curse is superior.

The Imperius Curse is not bad mostly because it has the ability to govern people’s bodies, while the Cruciatus Curse is only torture, and the Killing Curse is literally death upon the target.


A few days later, rumors started to circulate throughout Hogwarts due to Quirrell’s disappearance.

But there wasn’t much of a problem. Many young wizards hypothesized that Quirrell might have left without saying goodbye because he was a scaredy and nearly passed away on Halloween the previous semester.

Also, there are reports that he quit and left quietly because Professor Snape threatened him.

Because it is well known that Professor Snape has always wished to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, some students claimed to have witnessed Professor Snape threatening Professor Quirrell.

Despite the school’s lack of a clear response to this. Professor Snape attended every Defense Against the Dark Arts class during the course of the following month and a half.

Being able to replace Professor Quirrell, who acts terrified every day, with Snape, who has a respectable level of dark magic, is obviously wonderful news for Jerry.

However, Harry found this to be too distressing.

Initially, Professor Snape just targeted the Potions class, but now he will be called in Defense Against the Dark Arts class for a few sarcastic remarks or points taken away for unknown reasons.

Harry is not the only one. It was not a good thing for most of the young wizards at Hogwarts when Professor Snape briefly took over the Defense Against the Dark Arts class.

Since Professor Snape will create the exam questions for Defense Against the Dark Arts class, and Professor Snape’s exam is the most difficult of all subject exams. There is now a Defense Against the Dark Arts exam in addition to the previous Potions exam.

Quirrell was killed, and Jerry’s school life resumed as usual. He spent the majority of his time studying and researching magic in order to increase his power, with the exception of sporadically leaving the Forbidden Forest at night to stock up on Norbert’s food.

He occasionally went for walks with Harry to Hagrid’s hut, but most of the time, he went to play with the Thestrals that lived behind Hagrid’s hut.

He has developed a bond with a young Thestral as a result of his persistent attempts. Jerry intends to take it when the moment is perfect.

The final exams were given in the first week of June. The temperature was now humid rather than as cool as it had been earlier.

Only a few subjects, like the History of Magic, have written exams solely. The majority of the subjects include both written and practical exams.

The teacher provided all of the quills used for the written exam, and in order to prevent cheating, the teacher had already cast a spell on the quills.

During the practical exam. The Charm class test aims to determine whether wizards can make a pineapple tap dance across a table with the Dancing Feet Spell.

The Transfiguration class exam asks students to transform a mouse into a box. The more beautiful the box, the higher the score.

The production of the Forgetfulness Potion is the subject of the exam in the Potions class. The better the final output, the higher the score. Professor Snape keeps watch behind every wizard, and any errors made throughout the process will result in immediate point deductions.

Jerry said that many students made mistakes on the exam not because they could not recall the concocting process but because their hands were shaking due to their fear of Professor Snape occasionally passing by.

The Defense Against the Dark Arts exam aims to force Professor Snape to move by using the Banishing Charm. The more steps he takes back, the higher the score.

Jerry is the final person to take this test because, although he can make Professor Snape leave, he can’t actually make that happen. He must thus wait for everyone to complete the exam before comparing his findings to those of other wizards and adjusting the magic score to reflect his overall strength.

History of Magic was the final exam, which was completed at four in the afternoon. Hermione immediately went to Jerry once the exam was finished and began matching the responses, exactly like she had done in earlier courses.

It turns out that good students like to receive the answers immediately following the exam, and this applies to both wizard and Muggle schools.

“You don’t need to worry as much, Hermione. You’ve already put in a ton of study time. For you, this kind of exam is not challenging.” Jerry shrugged after verifying the answers and demonstrating once more that Hermione’s written test responses were all correct.

Indeed, Hermione is highly intelligent. She is quite intelligent compared to other young wizards, but she lacks confidence and is constantly worried that there may be issues during the exam, which causes her grades to be less than ideal.

While in the written exam, she received nearly perfect scores.

“Hermione, go this way, go this way.” As Jerry and Hermione heard two recognizable voices coming from a large tree nearby, they had just stepped onto the lawn outside the castle.

After the exam, Harry and Ron were lounging on the grass under the tree, soaking up the sun, and chit-chatting.

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