Jerry quickly transformed into a master of stealth with the Disillusionment Charm and Refreshing, and he crept quietly in the direction of the wailing sound. A minute and a half later, Jerry knelt down on a large tree branch, pushed back the leaves in front of him, and peered across an open area. Magically securing a white horse with one horn to the ground, a man dressed in a pitch-black wizard’s robe pulled out a dagger and slashed a hole in the white horse’s stomach, ready to bow its head and suck the blood. The white horse with one horn howled in agony, as if it already knew its own fate. “Serpensortia.” Jerry didn’t attack straight away. Instead, he used the Snake Summons Spell to call three black mamba snakes, placed the Disillusionment Charm on them, and clasp his hands to start gathering the deadliest Lightning Balls. In fact, the Killing Curse would be a superior choice at this point, but Voldemort created it. He chose the Lightning Ball this time because he was concerned it wouldn’t work. Jerry immediately launched the basketball-sized Lightning Ball into the air out of fear that Quirrell, who was a hundred meters away, would see the blinding light. The Lightning Ball was traveling at a breakneck speed when it struck Quirrell’s back after traveling 100 meters in an instant. “Watch your back!” Quirrell was sucking blood with his head down when Voldemort suddenly detected something in the back of his head and quickly warned him. Quirrell responded with lightning speed. His wand was already pointing behind him when his body tipped over, releasing a Protego Charm. The Forbidden Forest’s heart suddenly blossomed with brilliant light when the Lightning Ball and the Protego Charm collided. Quirrell immediately felt a terrible agony under his feet, and he nearly let go of the wand in his hand as a result. This happened just as he was doing his hardest to control the Protego Charm to withstand the particle cannon. “Idiot, there are three deadly snakes under your feet that are invisible. Get rid of them first!” Even though Jerry’s three black mamba snakes were invisible, Voldemort nevertheless discovered them since he can speak the Parseltounge. However, the poisonous snakes were summoned by Jerry and controlled by magic, so he couldn’t use them to speak with the snakes. “Incendio!” The three black mamba snakes were instantaneously burned into oblivion as the left hand cast Incendio around the body while the right hand kept the magic wand in place to maintain the Protego Charm. Right after, Quirrell poured some antidote into his mouth from a container. Jerry realizes that Quirrell, who is serious, is quite strong, especially with Voldemort at the back of his head, after watching him deflect his strike in a smooth manner. In the current state of extreme attentiveness, he reasoned that even if he utilized a sniper rifle instead of a Lightning Ball, he would not be as successful as the previous time. Given that the Lightning Ball was totally stopped, Quirrell’s Protego Charm remained intact, and the invisible black mamba had little impact. Although a frowned scowl could be seen at the corner of Jerry’s eyes, he was not deterred. “Ah, my ears and eyes!” This time, Quirrell howled in a far more pitiful manner than before, blood streaming simultaneously from his eyes and ears, and his left hand directly covering his lower torso. It turned out that just after throwing the Lightning Ball, Jerry threw the silver needle right after. As Quirrell was ingesting the antidote potion and his three snakes were being burned to death by Incendio. The two of them were struck as he remotely controlled the silver needles and guided them toward Quirrell’s body’s weak spots. “Damn it, get out of here using Apparition!” He was now suffering injuries one after another without even being able to identify the enemy. With combat expertise, Voldemort put up with the anguish on his face and quickly gave Quirrell the command to utilize Apparition to flee. The most crucial thing right now is to get out of here quickly and spare this strange wizard’s life instead of killing him or having him drink unicorn blood to prolong his life. Quirrell showed signs of understanding this as well because he put up with the discomfort while keeping the Protego Charm on to fend off additional attacks and was going to flee the area using Apparition at the same time. The wound on his body is unimportant as long as he flee from this place. That can be readily restored with healing magic and a potion, but he merely passed out on the ground halfway through the spell. At this moment, Quirrell was precisely struck by a green light that had been approaching from a distance. “Duck Quirrell!” Death Eaters have been known to treacherously turn against me. The Ministry of Magic forbids the use of the spell Killing Curse, and only Death Eaters would use that spell. Now, in Voldemort’s perspective, wizards who employ the Killing Curse must be Death Eaters. Quirrell was struck and later died. Directly from the back of Quirrell’s head, Voldemort’s soul took flight. It soared into the sky and fled, not following the Death Curse in its flight. Voldemort’s soul is immortal, despite the existence of Horcruxes, but this does not preclude the possibility of imprisoning or weakening Voldemort’s soul. Jerry, who was also happy to see that Voldemort’s soul had left without halting, cautiously approached the body of Professor Quirrell. Jerry performed a Healing Charm on the unicorn next to him that had an abdominal wound. He specifically covered each silver needle with the anesthetic that can quickly paralyze elephants in the after returning in light of his experience fighting the Aurors in France. Jerry instantly found another suitcase as he touched Quirrell’s body. “It appears that the previous suitcase theft took place less than six months ago, and Quirrell has created another identical suitcase.” Clicking on the panel, his red stars have increased significantly, almost reaching 10,000. Quirrell’s death put an end to Voldemort’s scheme to take the Sorcerer’s Stone and resurrect himself, even though Voldemort’s soul was not lost in the process. It also prevented the unicorn from being killed. Speaking of unicorns, the one that had been healed by Jerry’s magic likewise gently stood up when he touched the body. “Okay, you’re safe. You can leave.” Jerry waved at the unicorn while smiling. A dreadful curse will be cast upon anyone who harms a unicorn. He obviously wouldn’t dare oppose the unicorn because he is not insane like Quirrell or Voldemort. The unicorn expressed thanks to Jerry after hearing the words. Jerry was shown a white light by the unicorn, who then slowly walked away. Jerry was first unaware that he was being illuminated by the unicorn’s white light. Jerry’s body was stunned for a full minute before he regained consciousness and said, “You’re welcome.”  

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Published On: May 2, 2023

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