There are also ferocious werewolves prowling the Forbidden Forest, according to legends among the wizards, which is highly perilous. Jerry, however, received confirmation from Hagrid that there are merely a pack of wolves and no werewolves.

When werewolves change into the full moon, their offspring are called the wolves. They are just as intelligent as humans, despite having wolf-like bodies. They are two to three times bigger than regular wolves and intelligent ones can even pick up human language.

They warn wizards from sneaking away to play in the Forbidden Forest out of curiosity, especially the daring Gryffindor wizards.

It will be challenging to hunt Acromantula in the Forbidden Forest. Because Hagrid occasionally visited Aragog, and someone hunted the Acromantula in the Forbidden Forest will be an unusual occurrence.

He wouldn’t be found if he simply went hunting for some common beasts to pack in the suitcase as Norber’s food. Also, after the space is increased, his suitcase also needs to be filled with dirt.

Sun Lok asked no more questions after learning that Jerry would deal with the food issue. Despite the fact that Jerry respects him most of the time, he is nonetheless incredibly self-aware.

Later at night.

Jerry used Disillusionment Charm before leaving Hogwarts Castle and entering the Forbidden Forest.

The Forbidden Forest appears to be a dark magic forest from the outside due to the pitch-black darkness where you can’t see your fingers, the bizarre tree with fangs and claws that resemble demons, the sporadic unusual calls, and the abrupt cold wind that blows.

Actually, it’s not that terrifying. Jerry sees it as simply another typical forest.

Choose a soil that is plainly healthy and covered in flowers and plants after entering the Forbidden Forest, then use magic to lift the entire piece and carry it inside the suitcase. Next, using his sharp five senses, he started searching for the animals that had been sleeping late at night.

After two hours.


Jerry checked the time and prepared to wrap up the hunt for the evening by stunning a fat hare out in search of food with the Stunning Charm and put it into the suitcase.

Jerry has collected a lot of wild rabbits, pheasants, wild boars, ferrets, and other various wild creatures during the previous two hours, so Norbert should have enough to eat for a while.

This is Hogwarts. Upon his return to his world, he can spend money to purchase vast quantities of meat rather than going out hunting himself.

“Huh?” Jerry frowned when he heard a wailing in the distance just as he turned around to go.

It was once common for animals to cry in this Forbidden Forest. In the forbidden forest, numerous species are eaten every day through natural selection and the survival of the fittest. Yet this voice was quite different for some reason, and he couldn’t help but feel the impulse to run over to save it after hearing it.

“Is it a unicorn?”

One of the most revered magical animals in the world is the unicorn. Their blood, hair, and horns all possess extremely potent magical properties. They possess sacred magic, yet they are not willing to harm any living things. Only the unicorn’s weeping renders the creatures who hear it helpless.

Jerry immediately imagined the crying of a unicorn at this moment.

He recalled that Quirrell’s life was significantly reduced as a result of Voldemort’s parasitism on the back of his head. Quirrell had to travel to the Forbidden Forest to hunt unicorns and consume their blood in order to sustain his life.

Jerry pondered this and wondered if he should go there.

He had no second thoughts about rescuing the unicorn. He had nothing to do with the unicorn’s life or death. He was debating whether or not to use this occasion to deal with Quirrell.

He had the impression that Quirrell knew something ever since he had ambushed him the last time, and on occasion, he thought that Quirrell was not exactly looking at him correctly.

It’s possible that Quirrell left anything on the suitcase, or that Quirrell discovered something at the time.

However, it might just be his thoughts. But if Quirrell really knew that he was the one who made the sneak attack, then this is a time bomb that may explode at any time.

Jerry believed that Dumbledore was at Hogwarts and that Quirrell and Voldemort were primarily after the Sorcerer’s Stone. Even if he was aware that he had taken the bag, he would remain silent.

Quirrell will unquestionably be fired by Dumbledore at that point, after the semester is over.

Jerry can only be completely at ease if he kills the opponent first since he is used to controlling his own destiny. He never moved because of his size and the fact that he had no opportunity to do so in school.

This opportunity presented itself, they were both in the Forbidden Forest, and they weren’t concerned about anyone finding out when their brains were blown out. Quirrell was also in the open and in the dark, which increased the likelihood of success even further.

Jerry was aware of his current strength, particularly when he was in France. He believed that even in a head-on conflict, he would be equal to Quirrell in terms of genuine combat prowess.

The only thing that caused him any concern was the trace of Voldemort on Quirrell’s head. Jerry still worries that Voldemort will cause trouble despite the fact that he is already a remnant.

“It will be good if I know the sealing magic now.”

The Merlinian’s Wizard Book’s sealing magic, which should be the magic that will restrains Voldemort, is the finest approach to combat him. However, the sealing magic is the best and most challenging magic in the book, and he hasn’t even tried to learn it.

If Sun Lok doesn’t know about this magic as well, then Balthazar will likely be the only train him that magic directly.

Jerry gave it some thought and decided to go take a look first. He believed that there might be many red stars in his account if he killed Quirrell right here.

After all, this was also his accomplishment—the one-man effort to thwart Voldemort’s resurrection plan. It is unquestionably a good act in this word and it is certainly a good deed.

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Published On: May 2, 2023

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