At noon, on third day of the Easter holiday. Jerry didn’t even have lunch after class, so he went in search of a quiet area and entered the suitcase. The dragon will be born relatively immediately today.

Sun Lok was tensely staring at the shaky dragon egg on the table in the living room of the villa’s first floor as well as Crookshanks who was sitting next to the egg. Sun Lok put up a hand to halt Crookshanks as it appeared to reach out and pat the egg with its claws.

“How are things going?” Jerry opened the door and strode over to the table.

The dragon has long since disappeared from the world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” For Sun Lok, witnessing a real dragon emerge from its shell for the first time has special significance.

Also, as long as he watches the dragon eggs develop, he is OK every day in the villa. He was more excited than Jerry as the dragon egg was about to hatch.

Jerry regarded the dragon eggs on the table from a distance. The dragon egg on the table had already developed a significant fracture at this point, and the crack was rattling.

The egg was totally cracked around thirty seconds later, with a loud scratching sound.

A small dragon that was about the size of a palm emerged from the eggshell, flapped its tiny wings, and cried out like a young bird. The baby dragon lacks beauty, it is slender and dark, like a flimsy black umbrella.

Before he could properly watch it, the dragon sneezed and a few sparks shot out of its nose, almost setting Jerry’s hair on fire as he held the dragon up with his palm.

Sun Lok quickly pulled out a little bucket from the side at this point, containing the brandy and chicken blood concoction that Jerry had already purchased.

“It currently needs nutrients.” When Jerry heard this, he nodded and placed the dragon next to the bowl.

The dragon dove into the bowl and began to drink it since he appeared to enjoy the flavor of brandy and chicken blood very much.

The dragon eventually drank the entire bowl of brandied chicken blood. Sun Lok filled it up again after it yelled that it wasn’t pleased after drinking it.

Sun Lok appeared to be a hard-working old woman at this time, possibly as a result of his extended confinement. He exuded some maternal brilliance as he saw the birth of a new life.

Please take care of the dragon first; I have work to accomplish and won’t be returning until after dark. Jerry was relieved to see that the dragon emerged from its shell without incident and that Sun Lok handled it with care.

Sun Lok rubbed the dragon’s head as it was feeding, gave Jerry a quick nod, and then inquired about the dragon’s name.

“It’s a Norwegian Ridgeback, nickname him Norbert,” the person said. Jerry struggles to name these items. He made no alterations because, in his impression, the name of this fire dragon is Norbert.

“Norbert? So I guess I’ll start referring to it as Norbert.” Sun Lok smiled, showing how much he genuinely likes Norbert.

Just as he was ready to open the villa door after turning around and approaching it, he heard Sun Lok yell from the chamber, “Crookshanks, don’t bully Norbert!”

Jerry cocked his head to the side and smiled.

It came out that Norbert, who was already full, wanted to bite Crookshanks when he spotted it lying on the table, but Crookshanks leapt up and prepared to strike Norbert with its paw.

Perhaps Norbert is nothing special in Crookshanks’ eyes compared to the soaring birds.

His three favorite foods are birds, mice, and fish, and when he lives alone, they also serve as his main source of nourishment.

Crookshanks has attained the zenith of cat life because he can play with a dragon.


Norbert grew quickly. When the shell was initially cracked, he was no bigger than a hand, but after just one week, he had tripled in size.

Crookshanks was able to fully dominate Norbert at the beginning, but now the two little fellows can fight on an equal footing. Of course, Crookshanks still has the upper hand right now.

Crookshanks has much battle experience, whereas Norbert only uses instinct. The crucial aspect is that he is still unable to fly or breathe fire.

Another week has passed.

Jerry was standing on the edge of the suitcase and casting a magic. As his spell grew, a little area there started to gradually enlarge.

He has been studying the Extension Charm during this time, along with the pertinent space magic theory from the wizard’s handbook, and he has spoken with Snape and Dumbledore. As a result, his Extension Charm has advanced quickly.

He can now gradually enlarge the area within the bag. Even though there are rarely many expansions, he thinks that as his strength increases, the expansion will happen more frequently.

Norbert, who was already the size of a dog and was running after Crookshanks on the lawn behind him, was doing so with flapping wings. It feels like a large goose chasing a cat since it is incapable of flying.

Crookshanks was no longer Norbert’s rival at this point, but fortunately, thanks to his quickness, he was unable to overtake Crookshanks for the time being.

Only two weeks have passed and the situation has already changed. The dragon is deserving of its reputation as one of the most powerful magical creatures in the world, and its rate of growth is undoubtedly quick.

Sun Lok seems to need to be reminded to handle things and not to let Norbert damage Crookshanks after a while.

But, given Crookshanks’ intellect, it might be difficult for Norbert to catch it, and it is obvious that Norbert appears to be joking around with Crookshanks, so it is not a major issue.

“Jerry, brandy, and chicken blood are no longer enough to please Norbert. He now requires some fresh meat.” Sun Lok hurriedly moved forward to remind Jerry, who had just finished the space expansion, as he was about to meditate.

As he heard this, Jerry nodded and said, “I see, I’ll bring in some new meat tomorrow night.”

Jerry has always anticipated that as Norbert matures, brandy and chicken blood will no longer be able to satisfy him.

He had already considered the solution, which was to visit the Forbidden Forest.

The Forbidden Forest is a huge forest that spans as far as the eye can see, and it is located behind Hagrid’s hut.

Along with the enormous spiders that Hagrid raised, there are also the centaur tribe, which possesses intelligence comparable to humans and is skilled in prophecy and divination. Thestrals, hippogriffs, and unicorns are also present.

There are also countless ordinary beasts.

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Published On: May 2, 2023

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