“Jerry, that was amazing. I know I can count on you!” Meyer enthusiastically gave Jerry a strong hug after the game.

He has staked everything on this massive bet, even his reputation. His career would likely be ended if he is unable to make a comeback. Of course, he won the bet.

Jerry wasn’t quite as fearsome as he had appeared to be at the Hogwarts stadium, but that was to be expected as the Golden Snitch for the formal competition was a lot faster than the one the school had been using.

On the field right now, Jerry held back the Seeker of the German team throughout the entire match, and in the end, the German team was defeated after the tide changed and Jerry managed to catch the Golden Snitch. This has demonstrated to everyone Jerry’s strength as a Seeker.

It is still uncertain whether they will take first position in the upcoming Quidditch match if the standard is maintained at this level. Nonetheless, a second or third place finish is assured.

After the match, everyone on the England Quidditch team except for Meyer revised their opinion of Jerry since they realized that while he was young, he was actually stronger than the previous Seeker.

After lunch, everyone remained in the tent to watch the afternoon match between the Italian team and the French team, but Jerry requested to go back to the hotel to finish his homework and study.

He reasoned that if he was going to squander an afternoon watching the game, he may as well return to the hotel and continue his study of magic or go out on the street to see if he can find anything useful.

Last night, the ancient wizard who sold him the Portkey fled quickly without even taking any money. He still has not spent a single Galleons in his pocket.

Meyer was hesitant to agree to Jerry’s request, but he still wanted Jerry to watch the game in the afternoon and get to know the Seekers of the two teams in order to get ready for tomorrow’s match.

He nevertheless nodded and escorted Jerry back to the hotel by apparating him because of the contract’s agreement and the fact that Jerry genuinely needed the time to study.

Meyer departed the hotel, and Jerry went out on his own to go shopping.

“Chicken blood and brandy please.”

Jerry started to purchase the supplies needed for the dragon’s birth that was going to hatch in the suitcase. The dragon eggs he took from Hagrid should hatch in approximately a week, according to the book “A Guide to Raising Dragons.”

He took advantage of the nearby stores to get the necessary food in advance because it would have been difficult to do so after returning to Hogwarts.

Brandy and chicken blood are not particularly pricey. He can purchase enough for the dragon’s early growth with simply 10 Galleons.

He made a purchase and then walked over to a store selling magic books.

Jerry has always loved to collect magic books since, in his opinion, magic is the only fundamental power, and magic books are the most valuable object for acquiring magic knowledge.


A few days has passed and Jerry has played all the Quidditch matches.

The English Quidditch team ultimately won the championship with a perfect record of zero defeats, and Jerry also gained fame in this competition by quelling all dissenting voices throughout the entire wizarding world.

Because before the Golden Snitch was captured, the English Quidditch team fallen behind every game it played with score of at least 100 points to the opposition.

Jerry ultimately turned the tide and caught the Golden Snitch so that they would win the game entirely.

In other words, Jerry is the main reason the English Quidditch squad is capable of winning the tournament.

Jerry returned to the Ministry of Magic in London via the Portkey in the morning of the next day after the tournament and he was escorted by Meyer.

He hauled his belongings and entered the Ministry of Magic’s fireplace on his own after bidding Meyer farewell.

Then, there was a flash of green flames, and Jerry was back at Hogwarts. He noticed Snape standing there waiting for him as soon as he emerged from the fireplace.

“You did a great job this time.” Snape’s face lit up with a smile as he saw Jerry.

The Slytherin House first-year student turned the tide and took first place in the national Quidditch tournament. Snape, the head of Slytherin, was very satisfied for this kind of honor.

Glory is what Slytherin cherishes most, and at this time, Jerry gave enormous glory to both Slytherin and to Hogwarts as a whole.

Jerry was greeted with hearty applause as soon as he entered the Great Hall after returning to the dormitory to store his belongings.

No matter whose house they were in, every wizard who saw Jerry arrive rose up and enthusiastically applauded him since they had read all the reports about the Championship in the papers this morning.

They are aware that Jerry changed the course of events and led the English Quidditch team to victory.

Now, Jerry represented all British wizards, including Slytherin and Hogwarts, and he was deserving of a standing ovation from everyone.

Jerry has sublimated his pattern through this Quidditch match. He is both the Hogwarts and Slytherin’s proudest student.

“It feels excellent.” Unintentionally, he started grinning as he turned to face the other people.

It makes sense that Slytherin wizards would want to pursue fame and money as these emotions are rather addictive.

Jerry makes it abundantly evident that all of this calls for strength, and that strength plays an important role. Unlike Gilderoy Lockhart, everything is fake about him.

Following lunch, Jerry devoted himself to studying in the library once more while being surrounded by a group of young wizards.

Even if he now has strong fighting skills, it is possible that he will totally overcome the enemy even if he fights more than a dozen Aurors. Yet he also has numerous weaknesses, his foundation still has issues, and there are many areas that need to be corrected gradually.

Similar to this time, if he can Apparate, he can simply flee instead of fighting those Aurors.

However, the Fire Dragon Spell’s potency has fallen short of his expectations, so he needs to keep thinking of methods to make it stronger.

He tried to learn the Extension Charm this time. The space inside the suitcase is not bad right now, but when the dragon gets bigger, it won’t be enough. He needs to gradually enlarge it using the Extension Charm.

He also wanted to explore if he would be able to take in some more potent magic animals.

Alchemy, potions, transfiguration, and other skills all require practice. His current level of strength is still far below where he wants it to be, so now is not the time to relax and enjoy it.

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