“Wingardium Leviosa.” Jerry rapidly entered his third-floor room using the Levitation Charm after leaping to the window.

He regained his original appearance after casting a spell to undo the transformation. He sat cross-legged on the bed to do some meditation but didn’t go to the suitcase.

He was worried that with all the noise, some Aurors would eventually arrive to search, and if his room were checked by then, he would be in trouble if he wasn’t there.

On the opposite side of the street, close to the bar. A dozen Aurors were deep in thought as they observed the big plastic dragon prop that had been destroyed and was lying on the ground.

Only then did they understand that the enormous dragon wasn’t actually a magical creature at all, but rather a unique form of magic that the wizard had just used.

“What shall we do next, Captain?” A female Auror asked as she moved forward.

The Auror captain frowned and gave a swift command, “Do your best to find anything along the wizard’s escape route. He must be close because he is unable to Apparate.”

If it were just a regular wizard, he would simply close his eyes and turn a blind eye when they fled. But the wizard’s strength at this moment is extraordinary. In addition to casting spells without the aid of a wand, he is also capable of conjuring a dragon that he has never seen before.

He had never seen such a strange wizard before, so how could he suddenly emerge in France? So how could he be unconcerned?

The Quidditch Tournament will take place tomorrow, held by the French Ministry of Magic. He would have only come to tell these wizards not to cause trouble these days, by raiding the underground exchange tonight.


Jerry gradually opened his eyes the following morning as the sun streamed through the window into the room.

As he came back, the Aurors appeared to have looked inside the hotel and along his escape route, but they were swiftly chased away by the hotel manager.

You must be aware that the guests at the hotel are all international Quidditch players who must not be disturbed because they will be competing tomorrow.

Who is to blame if they have a difficult night’s sleep as a result of your bothering them?

But Jerry still noticed two wanted posters on the hotel wall when he got up and walked downstairs to lunch with Meyer and others.

The portrait on the arrest warrant is exactly the middle-aged man he transformed into yesterday, and there is no name written on it. But it is said in the introduction that he is a very powerful and dangerous wizard. Please notify the wizard in time if you find out about it to the Ministry and so on.

Jerry glanced at it and didn’t care. Now he looks different from the wanted poster, and his identity is not that wizard, but a Seeker for the English Quidditch team.

No one would associate him with the powerful wizard who escaped from a dozen Aurors last night.

Jerry finished the croissant on the dinner plate and a glass of warm milk before putting down his fork.

His reliance on eating has decreased as a result of his meditation practice. He used to need to eat a lot because turning on the “Refreshing” used so much energy, but thanks to the addition of meditation, he is now eating much less.

He will be able to gradually reach a higher level in the later stage as the meditation practice deepens.

“We are playing Germany this morning. Don’t worry, we’ll absolutely win this time.” Meyer cheered everyone up.

Jerry was the only team member who appeared to have any faith in Meyer’s words of encouragement.

The German team had previously placed seven or eight positions higher than them in the World Quidditch Cup and they lost the match by a whole 250 points. They are predicted to have little chance of beating them this time, especially if they switch a Seeker.

All of the competing Quidditch players boarded the carriages that had been arranged in advance by the French Ministry of Magic at around eight o’clock. The Ministry of Magic carefully picked each of the stunning Pegasus horses to pull the carriage.

The Pegasus carriage is a required mode of transportation for large-scale events in France, and there are quite a few of them in various French-speaking nations.

There are rumors that the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic’s principal, Ms. Olympe Maxime, also raised a group of top-notch Pegasus.

In addition to being twice as big as a typical Pegasus, the horse also possesses a more exquisite coat color and is a very uncommon Pegasus species.

Thestrals, which Hagrid raised, continue to be the fastest breed of Pegasus.

They arrived at a Quidditch pitch at about 8:30 AM, where the majority of wizards and Aurors had already gathered.

The game officially began at nine o’clock after a half-hour of preparation.

In fact, the scene of the whole game was not much different from when Jerry was in school, it was full of wizards French Quidditch fans, and a few wizards from other nations who came to watch.

Compared to Hogwarts, there are far more spectators overall, and the arena is twice as big. Nevertheless, unlike at Hogwarts to end the game, Jerry didn’t capture the Golden Snitch right away this time.

Jerry now has a greater understanding in his heart as a result of his last talk with Dumbledore, not because the Golden Snitch in this game moves more quickly than the Golden Snitch in the school.

It is highly conceivable that there will be issues in Quidditch matches all over the world if he continues to win early in the game.

Either he was disqualified from the game, or the Seeker’s position was significantly reduced under the Quidditch Rules. He most obviously does not want this outcome.

His wage as a Seeker is currently his primary source of income. It will be cut off if there is a problem with his work. He chose to play slowly as a result and for this reason.

The Golden Snitch emerged just as it did now, but Jerry didn’t instantly run after it to grab it. Instead, he followed behind slowly on a broomstick and continued to block to stop the opposing team’s Seeker from catching the Golden Snitch.

After two hours, he noticed that his teammates had lost 120 points, he sped up and caught the Snitch in a flash, giving the team 150 points. Defeating the opponent by 30 points ended the game and led his team to win.

The audience applauded as he caught the Snitch and expressed surprise that, at such a young age, he could actually defeat the renowned German Seeker.

It came as a complete shock. Jerry displayed an extremely capable and powerful Seeker. He was powerful, but in ways, they couldn’t understand.

The German team believed that even if Jerry had caught the Snitch, they would have won if they had simply scored a few more goals toward the conclusion of the game.

As everyone knows, it is up to Jerry to decide when to win.

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