“This is different from what I imagined.”

Jerry assumed that the floor below must resemble the French Ministry of Magic, which he had previously seen to be full of romantic and fantastical magic decoration style, as he reached the second basement. Who knew it was so straightforward, even crude?

More than twenty wizards in robes sat cross-legged on the floor in a large, enclosed area before setting down rugs.

Yes, it resembled a street vendor. No stores or counters were present. The objects the wizards were trying to sell were spread out on a piece of black cloth.

The mask-wearing wizards moved back and forth in front of these tiny stalls while selecting the goods they desired.

During a brief period of stupor, Jerry wasn’t too bothered. He came here mostly to select appropriate magic items. Whether the objects were set down on the counter or the floor, it didn’t matter to him.

He consequently entered the group of wizards that was picking objects.

“One drop of these extremely deadly potions can transform your enemy wizard into bones!”

“Simply place a candle there, and it will darken the area all night long!”

“Give your pal the cursed ring, and you’ll be able to attend his funeral the following day!”

Jerry strolled passed the stalls one at a time, paying attention to the hard work of the stall owners as they explained the forbidden magic goods that the Ministry of Magic forbade them from being sold.

He also noticed suitcases, crates, and bags that had been created using alchemy and the Extension Charm among them. Sadly, upon thorough inspection, he discovered that the one with the most interior room was not even a tenth the size of the suitcase in his hand.

It caused him to sigh. Quirrell’s strength is undoubtedly far greater than other wizards outside to become a Hogwarts professor. But then he thought of Newt’s suitcase from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”.

It is assumed that he had perfected the Extension Charm to the fullest extent possible.

A smile broke out on his face as he sensed the magic oscillations on a pair of gloves in the stall on the right halfway through his window shopping.

“How much are these gloves?” Jerry approached, knelt down, and posed the question.

The stall’s proprietor is a toothless, dry elderly man with white hair. He heard Jerry inquire about gloves and said, “Five hundred Galleons.”

Jerry frowned. Although he was aware that the gloves served as Portkeys, the cost of 500 galleons was somewhat high. Despite of his monthly pay of 500 Galleons and that was an entirely unique circumstance.

Normal national Quidditch team members make only 300 Galleons per month, which is regarded as a fairly high wage. After all, a regular Auror only receives 140 Galleons in wages each month.

This pair of Portkeys is worth more than an average Auror’s salary for three months.

“The creation of Portkeys is not a skill that common wizards possess. I am the only vendor selling Portkeys among all of these booths. You may only purchase them here for 500 Galleons if you desire them.” The old wizard glanced at Jerry, and replied calmly.

“I would like this set of Portkeys.” After grabbing the gloves, Jerry prepared to pay.

He can actually absolutely negotiate. There aren’t many individuals willing to purchase Portkeys, despite the fact that that wizard is the only one selling them here. It’s likely been a while since the pair of Portkeys at this wizard’s shop have been purchased.

The Portkey can be used to teleport from point A to point B, therefore under normal circumstances you can go to the Ministry of Magic to apply for it for only a small fee. Only wizards who are wanted or are forbidden from leaving the country by the Ministry of Magic are the one who would buy this Portkeys.

The use of the Portkeys will undoubtedly be observed by the Ministry of Magic of each nation, thus these individuals won’t purchase Portkeys from them. Because once you have finished using your portkeys, Aurors will surround you.

Finding smugglers who specialize in smuggling business is impossible unless they have developed contacts behind their backs. Using their Portkeys will also not be tracked, but it does cost a little extra.

Jerry decided against haggling over the price because it was unnecessary. He was in desperate need of some Portkeys.

“Run—there are Aurors here!” Jerry was about to take his money when a voice from the opposite side of the stairs suddenly appeared.

It was the French wizard that had been blocking his path when he turned to look at it. Some wizards Apparate right away once the French wizard shouted to them.

After that, almost a dozen Aurors raced down the stairs and into the room.

The wizards who set up street booths appeared accustomed to it and they also began to Apparate when they picked up their stalls, just like the wizards next to Jerry did when they heard it.

Jerry now understood why this location is like street vendors. It’s because easier when there’s Auror coming.

“Take your money right here.” After realizing that the old wizard had left with his own belongings, Jerry was forced to pack the Portkeys and Galleon into his own suitcase.

Making the Portkey was not a tough chore for the old wizard. If he was discovered by the Auror, it would be a big issue to make another one.

“I can’t Apparate, fuck!”

He observed that, with the exception of a few wizards who responded slowly, they had all been struck by Auror’s Stunning Charm. Jerry couldn’t help but feel disoriented as the majority of them escaped with Apparition.

Since he hasn’t yet mastered Apparition, he must now rely only on his agility to avoid the Aurors’ attacks while planning his escape.

“That wizard on the other side, please stop resisting immediately!”

Those that were able to flee at this point all did so via apparition, while those who couldn’t fled were under the influence of Stunning Charm.

Jerry remained standing there on the entire second basement floor, not falling victim to the Stunning Charm or employing Apparition to flee. Now, a dozen Aurors were all pointing at Jerry with their wands.

Glancing around, he saw that Aurors have blocked the exit. With a smile on his face, Jerry lifted his hands to show that he was casting a spell in secret rather than using a wand to calm down the opposition.

Instantly, a cloud of dense smoke filled the whole second basement floor.

The Auror on the other side was a little surprised because he hadn’t anticipated that Jerry could cast the spell without a wand. But they responded pretty swiftly. A blast of wind passed by with a wave of the spell, instantly clearing out all the smoke.

But at this moment Jerry was nowhere to be seen in the cellar.

“Show yourself right now!”

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Published On: April 29, 2023

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