In fact, “Harry Potter” magic is much more complex than Jerry originally believed.

In a world that has progressed from ancient times to modern times and built a whole wizarding social order, the varieties and quantities of magic are beyond his conception.

There are many distinct types of magic practiced by wizards around the world, and many of them are still secret.

Although there aren’t many powerful magics in this world—only the wizard’s blood and the magic power contained within the body—there are plenty of lifelike magics and weird magics.

The world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” does not feature as many different kinds of magic.

Because the reawakening of their lineages is essential to the wizards in the “Harry Potter” universe. They are able to learn magic as long as they have wizard bloodlines. Even Muggle families will have wizards born with such talent.

As a result, there are now more wizards in this world than ever before.

The world of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is different. You need to be qualified for one if you want to become a wizard. You can only study magic if you are bestowed.

The majority of knowledge is also passed down from master to apprentice. Despite the vast history of the inheritance, there are only a few wizards in that world.

As a result, lethality is more important in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” world’s magic. Because of that, fewer new spells are generated, and everyone would only focus on their meditation for longetivity.

“The Department of Magical Sports and Sports is located on the seventh floor. It includes the British and Irish Quidditch Team’s headquarters.” The lift slowly rose, the chain clanging, and the fence gate slammed shut. A woman’s voice rang out in the elevator a little while afterwards.

When the elevator’s fence door opened, Jerry was met with a crowded hallway. Posters for several Quidditch teams were stuck all over the corridor’s walls.

“Jerry, we’ve arrived. Welcome to the team.” Meyer said to Jerry and introduced him to a bunch of English Quidditch players who were all carrying their suitcases in a Quidditch practice area that had been enlarged by the Extension Charm.

Yet, the cheers of welcome were few, indicating that these guys were not particularly excited about Jerry’s arrival and Jerry didn’t have any reaction to it.

It’s natural. Except for the Hogwarts wizards who have seen him play, no one else will believe that his skill is really good.

Meyer had evidently anticipated it for a very long time. He had previously expressed what needed to be explained, yet all he did was give Jerry a sorry look.

Meyer then told Jerry the names of each player and their roles. Jerry merely smiled and nodded. He understands, but he doesn’t need to be stoic and cold-hearted when addressing a group of teammates who are nudging him.

He entered the English Quidditch team solely to earn Galleons, he had no intention of interacting much with his teammates.

You will waste more time online as you gain more acquaintances and expand your network of contacts, both of which require time and effort to maintain.

Jerry doesn’t have to connect with the others much as long as he keeps up his friendship with Meyer.

“Okay, now that everyone knows each other. Let’s go to the sixth floor together, and then head to the French Ministry of Magic.”

“The Department of Magical Transportation’s Floo Network Management Bureau, Broomstick Management and Control Bureau, Portkey Office, and Apparition Test Center are all located on the sixth floor.” In the elevator, the female voice could be heard once more.

Jerry arrived on the sixth floor of the Ministry of Magic with the other Quidditch players.

Going across the corridor to the Portkey office, a male wizard instantly rose up with a smile and complained to Meyer, “Meyer, you are half an hour late.”

“I have to travel to Hogwarts and get our greatest Seeker.” Meyer greeted the wizard with a smile and a handshake.

“Well, look at that. It’s the Seeker that my daughter always talks about when she came back for the Christmas holiday.” The wizard looked at Jerry with a gleam in his eyes.

He then went around to obtain the Portkey to be used this time.

“That’s Mr. Greengrass, the director of the Portkey Office. It appears that his daughter is in the same grade as you.” Meier spoke softly as she explained to Jerry.

Jerry’s mouth twitched slightly because he knew who the daughter of the Portkey Office director was before he even realized it. It was his fellow Slytherin first-year classmate—Daphne Greengrass.

“Together, hold the Portkey. You may feel a bit dizzy while using the Portkey for the first time, but it’s okay, don’t be too terrified.” Meyer spoke to Jerry, who was using the Portkey for the first time, when Mr. Greengrass pulled out an old boot and placed it on the table.

Most Portkeys are made to resemble everyday items in order to avoid drawing the notice of Muggles, and using a Portkey is typically followed by a significant sense of dizziness. It sometimes caused vertigo, which is much more serious than what Muggles call motion sickness.

Wizards used Portkeys to travel to school before Hogwarts constructed the Hogwarts Express and many new wizards would experience severe sickness as a result. The school hospital will be full of them several days prior to the commencement of classes.

Jerry, however, wasn’t much affected by it. Because of meditation, his body was almost beyond what was humanly possible, and he also selected “Refreshing”.

When Mr. Greengrass noticed that everyone had already touched the boots, he waved his magic wand, making everyone—including Jerry—instantly vanish.

It didn’t take long for Jerry to feel what he described as “a hook pulling him hard from behind ” before he was able to escape the space vortex and arrived in a room.

“Hello, Mr. Booth. I work as the front desk receptionist for the French Ministry of Magic’s Sports Department. I’ll take you to the hotel so you can rest.”

A tall French witch entered the room and began speaking to Meyer and the others who had just entered the room.

“All right, I’ll let you handle it.” Meyer gave the witch a nod.

Jerry and the others proceeded to follow the French witch in this manner. They arrived at a hotel in France after going to the registration area.

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Published On: April 28, 2023

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