Jerry cast a Disillusionment Spell on himself at midnight, when everyone had gone to sleep—including the paintings hanging on the wall—avoided Mrs. Norris and Filch who were on guard, and silently left Hogwarts Castle.

Jerry arrived at Hagrid’s hut after cautiously sneaking through the night, traversing the Black Lake’s edge, and crossing the Quidditch pitch.

He tapped Fang with his wand at the door and then carefully made his way to the cabin’s large window. Through the window, Hagrid’s tall body could be seen peacefully dozing in the corner of the room on the large bed.

The decorations and hams hanging from the hut’s ceiling shook due to the heavy snoring.

“Hagrid, I’m sorry.”

Jerry directed his wand at the dragon egg in the fireplace after making a few observations and making sure Hagrid was indeed dozing off. Immediately, the dragon egg was enveloped by an invisible force and launched in the direction of the window.

He took out a message that had been prepared in preparation from his robe and placed it on the large table in the center of the hut before opening the suitcase and placing the dragon egg inside. He then carefully left the hut.

Jerry left the note just now while posing as Quirrell, the man who gave him the egg.

Quirrell purposefully appeared to be a stranger in order to learn how to deal with the three-headed dog. He then lost to Hagrid by playing cards to gain his trust.

The note contains that he regretted losing the dragon egg to Hagrid in the card game, so he secretly took the dragon egg away at night.

According to the plot of the film, shortly after Hagrid hatched the dragon egg, Dumbledore discovered him and promptly disciplined him because no one is permitted to grow a dragon privately, under Ministry of Magic regulations.

Hagrid might be banished to Azkaban for a while if his dragon raising was found out.

Thus, it is untrue to assert that Jerry took Hagrid’s dragon eggs for his own gain.

Even so, Jerry couldn’t help but feel a little bad for Hagrid. After all, during the period he got along with Hagrid, he thought he was a very wonderful person.

The dragon egg should have been stolen or stolen, but guilt is guilt, and the crucial thing now is to attempt to increase his power first.

The only thing that can be claimed is that he will find a way to make up for Hagrid when he is stronger in the future.

Jerry occasionally notices that some of his actions are actually starting to resemble a Slytherin. He may have actually understood that there were certain attributes deep inside of him that fit Slytherin at the time the Sorting Hat placed him in Slytherin.

Jerry jumped into the suitcase as he arrived in his room.

Sun Lok was at this moment gently placed the dragon egg in the fireplace of the villa while it was still in the suitcase. When he saw Jerry come into view, he asked, “What type of egg is this, and why does it need fire?”

Jerry slipped inside the suitcase before snatching the dragon egg, telling Sun Lok he would send a large egg later, and urged him to deliver it next to the villa’s fireplace where fire would slowly hatch it.

“Well, it must have hatched in the fire because it is a dragon egg. But you don’t need to be as cautious because the hatching time is one to two weeks.”

“Dragon egg? Didn’t the dragon become extinct long ago?” When Sun Lok heard this, he was shocked.

Sun Lok was confined in the suitcase since Jerry refused to release him once more. He was unaware that he had left “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” world.

“There are no surprises since the earth is so vast. It is true that this is a dragon egg, and it has the ability to hatch a fire dragon.” Jerry shrugged without telling many details.

Sun Lok doesn’t always need to have things explained in great detail. Sun Lok will be sent back to his home world once he has fully learned everything he knows about magic from him.

“Maybe you’ll become a dragon knight if this actually is a dragon egg that can hatch a fire dragon.”

Knowing that it was a dragon egg capable of hatching, Sun Lok cracked a joke instead of asking any more questions.

“Dragon Knights?” Jerry was moved when he heard this.

Sun Lok exclaimed in shock, ” You don’t know? Before the Medieval Ages, when the fire dragon was extinct, some court wizards would employ dragon training magic to manage the beast and let some powerful knights ride it while participating in battle. They are known as Dragon Knights, and they fight while riding a dragon.”

Jerry barely spent a week in the “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” universe. How was he able to know the full history of that world?

Whether it is a Morganian or a Merlinian wizard book, the entire world’s history cannot be documented, notwithstanding some historical breakthroughs in magic.

Jerry thus has little knowledge of dragon training magic and Dragon Knights.

“Do you have any experience training dragons?”

“Now that dragons are extinct, who will learn the art of taming them? This magic was also taken out of the wizard’s manual.”

At first, Sun Lok spread his hands wide, but he quickly had a notion and murmured, “Balthazar might be able to help. He’s been around for more than 2000 years, and he might be an expert at training dragons.”

“Balthazar?” Jerry paused.

If there is magic to train a dragon, then he must study it. When the time comes, riding a dragon to fight the enemy will be much better than him riding a broomstick to fight the enemy.

“Please take care not to put out the fire. I’m going to practice now.”

Jerry and Sun Lok said goodbye and departed the villa to do meditation in the yard after taking one final look at the dragon egg in the fireplace. But when he entered the yard, he became aware of another issue.

This means when the dragon egg has actually hatched. Can a dragon truly be grown in the space of his current suitcase?

The answer is definitely not.

He will therefore need to set aside some time to learn the Extension Charm. As long as he learns the Extension Charm well, the suitcase can be expanded.

He still needs to take the time to store up some food that the dragon will devour when it grows up. In order to avoid the dragon breaking out of its shell and starving to death without food.

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Published On: April 27, 2023

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  1. For some reason I suspect that the next Magic world that the Main character will gain access to is the world of “Eragon”. with the Dragon Riders psychically linked to their Mounts. I remember the Magic in that world being very simple, but very hard. essentially you are just imposing your will on reality and if you are not strong enough to cast whatever “spell/command” you say, then you get a horrible backlash and possibly die.

  2. Eragon would be cool. But so would going to a sci fi world like Star Trek.

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