On April 19, 1992, the Easter holidays arrived.

With almost two weeks off, the Easter holiday is comparable to the Christmas holiday. The Easter holiday is not quite as relaxed as the Christmas break, though.

Professors will give students a ton of homework over the holidays because the final exam is in two months, and students will work quickly to review. Hogwarts’ final exam is very rigorous. Failing on it will force you to repeat the year.

A wizard in Gryffindor got such bad grades the previous year that he was unable to proceed to the second grade and was made fun of by the entire school. Thus, the library is the busiest area in the entire school over the Easter break.

Jerry, of course, never experienced problems of this nature, but he also spent the majority of his time in the library looking for further books on fire magic rather than reviewing his assignments. He wants to do all in his power to strengthen and increase the potency of his Fire Dragon Spell.

He desired that when he waved his finger, ten dragons, one hundred dragons, one thousand dragons, and ten thousand dragons, all emerged.

How to Magically Make a Fire Larger by Silas Hilbert.

Jerry was delighted to see another magic book about fire magic among the numerous bookcases. He picked it out right away and was getting ready to take it to the reading area to examine it gently.

A large man with a moleskin coat suddenly materialized nearby at this precise moment.

“Are you here to borrow books, too, Hagrid?” Hagrid quickly hid a few volumes behind his back as Jerry watched.

“Jerry! I’m just looking around.” Hagrid spoke in a very evasive manner.

Jerry peered at the books in Hagrid’s hands, “Britain and Ireland’s Kinds of Fire Dragons,” “From Dragon Eggs to Hell,” and “A Handbook to Raising Dragons,” despite the fact that Hagrid had tried to hide it.

Jerry quickly understood that Hagrid obtained the fire dragon egg of the Norwegian Ridgeback from Quirrell, who was posing as a passerby, per the movie he could still recall.

He did not reveal anything right away, instead smiled and said, “When you have time, Hagrid, can you please take me to learn about the Thestrals? They pique my curiosity.”

“Well, I’m happy that you like them.” Hagrid’s face lit up with joy as soon as Jerry brought up the Thestrals.

He disliked Slytherin, but Jerry was different and hard for him to dislike. On the one hand, it is tough to despise Jerry because of his personality and talent. On the other hand, he is a magical animal enthusiast as well.

Every time Harry and a few others visited Jerry in his hut, Jerry and Harry would talk about various matters pertaining to magical animals.

He clearly realized that Jerry has a thorough interest of magical creatures and might be described as a fan of these creatures. He really likes Jerry because there aren’t many wizards who are interested in magical creatures.

Jerry nodded, talked to Hagrid about Thestrals, and then moved to the reading area with their books.

Jerry is aware that some magical creatures in the wizarding world possess magical skills because he has seen both “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” films. They will undoubtedly be very useful in the future if they are utilized properly.

He spent some time studying various magic books on magical animals while learning magic. He would discuss the subject with Hagrid when he visited with Harry and the others.

Hagrid promised Jerry to meet the Thestrals at his request and showed him how to feed them.


“It’s so difficult to remember so much. I’ll never be able to!” As soon as Jerry entered the reading area, he overheard Ron’s excruciating groans.

Ron tossed the quill out of his fingers at this point and helplessly gazed out the library window at the brilliant blue sky. On the other hand, Hermione paid close attention, making her own review strategy and coloring in all her notes.

Jerry sat down and saw Hermione and Ron in entirely different situations. He couldn’t help but shake his head.

“Hagrid! What are you doing in the library?” As Hagrid was ready to depart with the book he had borrowed, Ron, who had no intention of studying and was in a nasty mood, turned his head and waved and shouted.

When Hagrid heard this, he was forced to walk over while carrying the book on his back.

Harry, who had been working diligently to do his coursework, laid down his pen when he saw Hagrid and started attempting to pry some information concerning the Sorcerer’s Stone on the third floor from Hagrid.

Hagrid could only covertly permit a small group of people to visit the hut for a period in order to have a lengthy conversation because it was so difficult for him to provide an answer. Therefore, an hour later, Jerry went with Harry to Hagrid’s hut, where he discovered the dragon egg in the fireplace.

Harry and the others requested Hagrid’s information on the third floor, but Jerry didn’t care. His entire focus had been on the dragon egg ever since he entered the hut.

Dragons are extremely strong in this world.

They have enormous size, great strength, the ability to fly, the ability to breathe fire, deadly weapons in the form of dragon claws and fangs, some of which are also very toxic, and strong dragon skin and scales that are both physically and magically resistant.

It is stated that to successfully tame a dragon, at least ten wizards of the Auror level must simultaneously cast the Sleeping Charm or employ the Conjunctivitis Curse created specifically for controlling dragons.

The Conjunctivitis Curse, however, can only briefly impair the fire dragon’s vision; it cannot render it incapable of fighting.

It will undoubtedly be of great assistance for Jerry if a strong dragon can fight with him.

Dragons do, however, have a very serious flaw. Its Intellect is below average for magical animals, even lower than that of common beasts. As a result, they are challenging to tame and difficult to turn into mounted animals.

Even if you tame them from birth, you could still get attacked by them because they are so aggressive. Several wizards who focus on studying and breeding dragons will have scars left behind from fire dragons on their bodies.

Ron’s brother Charlie Weasley is the perfect example

However, Jerry still wanted a dragon because he believed that training it to be a little more submissive would be very helpful in the Avengers’ battle with the Chitauri army.

In addition, it’s possible that magic spells that can control dragons would exist in other worlds in the future.

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