The Fire Dragon Spell was developed by Jerry based on a number of flame magic techniques, including Incendio, Fiendfyre, and Sun Lok’s fireball method, fusing the theories of flame magic from the two worlds.

Its benefits include controllability, a broad harm spectrum, and a specific curse effect. After being burned, the wound is challenging to heal. Its drawback is that it uses a lot of mana, but Jerry has enough mana reserve to make use of it.

Late at night, in the suitcase.

A fire dragon that was more than ten meters long appeared in front of Jerry with a wave of his wand, and under his control, it smashed into hundreds of dolls before dissipating.

“The power is still slightly worse, I need to improve it.” Jerry scowled as he observed the results of the Fire Dragon Spell.

Jerry does not lack any single-target attack magic, but it lacks an Area of Effect type of magic.

Whether it is the Lightning Ball, the Sectumsempra Curse, or the Killing Curse. It is quite helpful when fighting one, two, three, or four enemies, but it becomes more challenging when there are many enemies.

His body is still mortal despite undergoing extensive meditation training and is far stronger than the average person’s physique. He might be fully destroyed by a normal bomb if it hits it from all sides.

He will be attacked by the enemy when he uses magic against them. He will also be besieged and slain if he cannot immediately defeat the besieging enemy.

It’s not even that he doesn’t know how to counter. Yet, neither the magic taught at Hogwarts nor the magic in the Merlinian’s book is suitable for him.

Jerry has always had a sneaking suspicion that the situation where The Avengers plot might be nearby ever since he learned about Thor’s Hammer that had fallen from the sky.

Thor’s Hammer’s appearance indicates that he must be nearby, and Loki, his younger brother, is the Avengers’ enemy.

The Avengers battle is not just Loki, but also a horde of thousands of aliens equipped with cutting-edge technology weapons and the enormous alien behemoths they can command.

It is challenging for him to have any exceptional performance in this combat with the magic he has learned so far.

There is no question that the Killing Curse is lethal, but those aliens are not naive. They are riding high-tech flying machines, won’t stop moving so you can fire them, and are armed with laser guns.

Can Jerry use the Killing Curse to kill 10 or 20 aliens?

As long as he departs New York with Haas and other family members, he can avoid this battle if it is necessary for safety reasons. The problem cannot be solved by fleeing. Hence he does not want to do this. In the Avengers movie, can he escape the aliens? Can he escape Thanos?

Even if the partially vanished people are finally able to come back to life, Thanos still poses a threat to the whole Marvel universe. There will always be a casualty in those major crises. If you’re unlucky, you or your loved ones and friends can be the one who dies.

Hence, it might not be secure even if you leave New York and move to another city.

Jerry enjoys taking control of his own fate. He can only handle any future crises by working hard to build up his strength.

He must therefore take part in the Avengers’ event. Because he will undoubtedly be able to get a lot of red stars if he puts in a lot of effort, kills enough aliens, and helps enough people.

His red star will increase as his body progressively becomes accustomed to the negative effects of “Refreshing,” and it is surely insufficient to gain red stars by performing good things in New York.

Imagine how many red stars he could earn even if he only manages to kill a dozen or twenty aliens during the Avengers battle.

Due to the invisibility effect, Sectumsempra is definitely superior, although the negative effects are minimal. He can only kill a maximum of a dozen more using the Killing Curse.

As for the Lightning Ball’s destructive capabilities, those aliens won’t wait for you to charge up and make a big move if you want good lethality. The first sneak strike might be successful, but it is practically impossible to be found.

The dragon, just like the previous battle against the robots, is unsuitable because those aliens have many weapons, and the dragon will perish instantly.

After some consideration, he chose to combine the magic of the two worlds to produce an AoE-type magic that would be appropriate for group strikes.

Jerry considered it and decided to focus on fire magic.

First of all, group attacks are better suited to fire magic. However, the fire magic he learned has drawbacks and is unsuitable for use in subsequent battles.

Like the Fiendfyre Spell, it cannot divide foes or allies once cast. It will continue to burn and increase its range if combustible materials are nearby. At that time, the aliens and the entirety of New York will be set on fire.

Unless he can rise to Voldemort’s level, there is no need to consider utilizing the Fiendfyre Spell to defeat the enemy.

The Firestorm Spell served as the foundation for Dumbledore’s fire magic, which was used to clear the path. After all, Dumbledore used his wand to direct a ring of fire and burn countless foes in the movie.

However, he later discovered from Dumbledore that the origins of Firestorm and the Partis Temporus Spell were more complicated than he had originally thought.

You need a very strong magical foundation to be able to use them to clear the path. At now, not even Professor Flitwick can open a path using Firestorm. It is anticipated that its use in the Avengers will be minimal, but he wants to employ it.

Secondly, Sun Lok excels at fire magic. He can consult Sun Lok in addition to Dumbledore, Snape, Flitwick, McGonagall, and other wizards from this world when performing magic fusion.

Because of this, he was able to produce the Fire Dragon Spell, which could hardly be described as an Area of Effect sort of magic, in just two months.

Nonetheless, the Fire Dragon Spell’s present lethality is unquestionably much worse than what he anticipated.

So, it’s not really a problem. He still has time and will be able to optimize gradually. For instance, by making the fire dragon larger to increase its potency, or by making more fire dragons appear after each use to widen the area of attack, etc.

“Even Merlin couldn’t do what you did at this age.” Standing behind Jerry, Sun Lok was shocked to learn that Jerry had conjured a new flame magic.

He had no idea how many academics at Hogwarts Jerry had consulted. Jerry had only been exchanging fire magic with him for two months before he produced the Fire Dragon Spell. Simply put, his brilliance was above his abilities.

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Published On: April 26, 2023

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