The following day, after dinner, in the common room of Slytherin.

Jerry was reading a book he had taken from the library called “On the Mystical Principles of Various Flames” while perched on the sofa in front of the fireplace.

He abruptly heard footsteps coming from the common room’s door. Looking up, he saw Daphne, Pansy, and other enthusiastic Slytherin wizards.

“Jerry, have the English Quidditch squad actually accepted you as a Seeker?”

“Uh, yes. How do you know, though?” Jerry shut the magic book while sporting a mild expression of surprise.

“Jerry Carmen, a first-year wizard in Slytherin, was recently named the Seeker of the English Quidditch team, earning glory for the school and fifty points for Slytherin, according to a note that was recently posted on the bulletin board!”

Pansy, who was standing next to Daphne, also had excitement in her eyes at this point. Glory is the most important thing to Slytherin. It would be very honorable if Jerry was selected for the national Quidditch team in the first grade.

“Yes, after the Quidditch match yesterday, I did indeed meet the two Quidditch coaches from Scotland and England in the headmaster’s office. They were all vying for me to be the Seeker for their team, but in the end, I went with England.”

Jerry was forced to concentrate on what transpired in the principal’s office yesterday due to Daphne and others’ ongoing questions.

In fact, he was aware that the primary goal of the school’s announcement of his joining the national squad at this time was to ensure that he would no longer be able to compete in Quidditch matches in the future.

The additional fifty points were just Dumbledore’s extra rewards.

At night, as he went back to his dorm, Jerry could still hear Draco and the others enviously discussing his selection to the national team. But as soon as he entered the room, the three stopped talking once more.

The Christmas present has considerably facilitated Jerry and Draco’s bond. When the three of them are with Jerry, it is inevitable that they will still feel a little uneasy due to the unpleasant recollection of the initial train ride.

“I do have some good news for you, Draco. I need you to be Slytherin’s Seeker because the rules state that I must withdraw from the school’s Quidditch competition after joining the national team.” Jerry said to Draco as he entered the room and sat on the bed.

“What? I’m going to be Slytherin’s Seeker?” Draco was suddenly overcome with joy and hurried to Jerry’s bed, but he joyfully confirmed.

Jerry shook his head and then replied, “Professor Snape told me about it yesterday. He would’ve informed you about it later.”

Jerry has already defeated Gryffindor, and the Slytherin team will only be focused on the difficulties they will face the following year.

There was no getting around it. Draco had good Quidditch skills, but he never remained composed in Harry’s presence. It would probably be quite challenging to defeat Harry.

Of course, the trophy must still belong to Slytherin. Jerry may still do things like gain points for Slytherin in class even though he can’t compete in the school Quidditch competition.

Harry’s learning ability is also not as good as his Seeker ability. Even without Jerry, it isn’t a real match since few wizards can outperform Harry.

Jerry’s appointment as the national team’s Seeker was publicized in the Great Hall, so all the young wizards at Hogwarts were aware of it.

His fame peaked briefly and every time he made an appearance in public. It might become a highly anticipated event.

It progressively went back to normal after it persisted for a long period of time.

When Jerry was named the Seeker of the English Quidditch team, the criticism from those outside of Hogwarts was worse.

Meyer Booth shared the picture with Jerry on the news the next day after returning, along with the same announcement. The latest Seeker for the English Quidditch team is a twelve-year-old wizard in his first year at Hogwarts.

The whole Quidditch fans, especially the British Quidditch fans, were stunned when this news broke out.

The English Quidditch team and its coach Meyer did not receive many positive remarks after this news broke, and most of them were negative.

Most of them attributed Meyer’s decision to let a 12-year-old wizard who had only recently learned to ride a broomstick and had only been proficient with it for less than a year be the most significant Seeker to having had Meyer’s head kicked by a troll.

This is actually quite normal.

It’s comparable to finding out that your favorite football team, which is now performing poorly, has replaced one of its key players with a junior high school freshman who has only recently started learning the game.

Your initial thought is likely to be that the head coach of the national team must be insane. But, as a freshman in a school, you will be immediately interested in this boy.

This is currently taking place, and it has a wider impact because practically all wizards in the wizarding world are Quidditch fans. Very few wizards are not interested in it.

Thankfully, Hogwarts has not yet encountered these things. The reporters and those who wanted to know Jerry’s information were all sent away outside of Hogwarts when Dumbledore warned them not to.

The majority of individuals outside Hogwarts still find Jerry to be enigmatic. They only know that he is a Hogwarts first-year wizard.

About two months went by in this manner.

The initially chilly and rainy weather gradually gave way to sunny skies, and the young wizards removed the heavy sweaters that were worn inside their wizard robes.

Warm spring is coming.

Meyer hasn’t let Jerry know about any competitions Meyer will be taking part in over the past two months. He merely accompanied him to Gringotts to open an account for him through the Floo Network and paid two months’ worth of salary into the account.

500 were paid out in the first month, and another 500 in the second. Jerry has a deposit of 1,000 galleons in his Gringotts account right now.

Jerry has been practicing meditation daily for the past two months, learning various magic principles, and seeking guidance on magic from every professor at the school, even Principal Dumbledore.

He and Hermione would occasionally engage in magical conversations and exchanges since some of Hermione’s ideas could also open his eyes.

With the help of “Refreshing” and the Ring of Merlin, he spent two months working nonstop before finally succeeding in producing his first magic and that is, the Fire Dragon Spell.

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Published On: April 26, 2023

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