Jerry has no good means to make Galleons because he is a Hogwarts student.

It is not difficult to go to the Forbidden Forest and meddle with the Acromantula, despite the fact that his strength is no longer equivalent to what it once was due to his meditation practice and a number of magics.

But the picture he had previously painted of himself as an excellent student would be destroyed if Dumbledore and others learned about this behavior. How to exchange the venom of the Acromantula for cash would still be a challenge, even if he managed to obtain it.

The pay for the Quidditch team is different. He is free to use them any way he pleases because they are justifiable and don’t pose any risks.

A minimum of 300 Galleons a month, more than 1,000 Galleons for a semester, which is not a small sum. There are additional bonuses for winning as well as bonuses for playing matches.

Jerry can study more magic, purchase stronger potions and alchemist magic goods, purchase more and rarer magic books, and learn more magic if he has enough Galleons.

Jerry will need to invest a lot of Galleons in the beginning if he wants to succeed in potion refinement and alchemy. That is why hearing Snape’s words caused Jerry to shift his perspective so drastically.

Time is very important, but Galleon is equally important, and the conditions of the coaches are also relaxed, so overall, it is still a good deal.

He is well-understood by Professor Snape. Snape believed Jerry would be curious about the remuneration due to his prior involvement with Nimbus 2000.

Yet he thought this was typical. No matter how gifted and exceptional Jerry was, he was still adopted by Muggle parents, and the Hogwarts stipend had to cover his tuition costs. It’s also common to aspire to acquire Galleons through your own efforts.

He understood that he would require early investment from Galleon if he wanted to become a master of potions like him.

He could help Jerry, but he feared that it would damage Jerry’s self-esteem. He therefore believed it was a good thing when he learned that the coaches of the two national Quidditch teams wanted to sign Jerry as a Seeker.

The two coaches were initially startled by Jerry’s abrupt attitude change, but after a brief moment of astonishment, they broke into a discussion of their respective teams’ advantages.

Jerry immediately spoke after some time of listening, “It’s like this, coaches. You might not be aware of the fact that I am an orphan and that the present tuition fee still counts as a stipend, therefore…”

Jerry believes that it is clear that the two coaches have little sales expertise.

Jerry is being explained by two coaches who are touting the benefits of their Quidditch team.

They went in the wrong direction. When selling something, they prefer to focus on establishing terms that are appropriate for the circumstances rather than displaying what they have.

Now it is clear what Jerry is saying. The most crucial prerequisite is money because he is an orphan with no background, no relatives, and no money.

Their two Quidditch teams’ additional advantages are unimportant. He will select the team that offers the best salaries as well as the highest incentives and benefits.

The two coaches are not foolish, despite the fact that they rarely act in this manner. They soon grasped the possible meaning of Jerry’s words and began a fresh round of competition.

The final offer of a larger wage of 500 Galleons each month came from English Quidditch team coach Meyer Booth, which made Jerry finally select the coach of the English Quidditch team’s Seeker.

When the English Quidditch team performed poorly at the most recent Quidditch World Cup, Meyer was under far more pressure than Hunter.

He also paid a lot of money for this investment, including Jerry’s salary, in order to exact revenge and restore the reputation of the English Quidditch squad.

Hunter has faith in his group, and the addition of Jerry is the cherry on top.

Also, the Quidditch World Cup is different from the Quidditch competition at schools. At such a young age, Jerry’s ability to play steadily is still up for debate. He didn’t want to take chances like Meyer did, and after spending so much money, he had no choice but to give up.

“All right, time to look at the camera!” In the principal’s office, Jerry stood next to Meyer.

After the terms were agreed upon, Jerry and Meyer signed a magic contract to serve as the English’s Quidditch Seeker for a period of one year, which was then renewed annually in front of Dumbledore and Snape.

He signed the contract, and Meyer drew him passionately into the group picture.

At the Hogwarts principal’s office, a future legendary Seeker, Jerry Carmen, met his coach, Meyer Booth, and the first priceless magic photo was created. Nobody is certain of the future significance of this magic photo.

Meyer and Hunter departed Hogwarts after snapping the photo session ends.

Jerry was ready to leave the principal’s office with Snape and head back to the hostel to continue studying magic when he noticed that the situation had calmed down. But as soon as Jerry stood up, Dumbledore stopped him.

“Snape, Mr. Carmen. Sit down for a while, I still have something to discuss with you.”

“Principal Dumbledore?” Snape showed some doubt on his face but still waved Jerry to sit down first.

When Jerry observed this, he sat down again without making any indication.

Dumbledore motioned once more for the house elf to bring three drinks before starting to speak in a very calm voice and saying, “Since Mr. Carmen joined the English National Quidditch team. I believe he does not need to play in the Quidditch tournament at the school.”

Dumbledore appeared to have anticipated Snape’s expression changing and his impending rage as he instantly proceeded to speak, “Please don’t react negatively; I’m not trying to offend you specifically, and it’s not required. It’s simply a suggestion; you are not required to accept it if you disagree. I still hope you will have some time to consider it before making a choice, though.”

Jerry remained silent. He was the one participating, yet it was hard for a student to interfere at this moment.

Snape’s expression softened a little before he said, “Professor, kindly elaborate. I won’t agree to this proposal even if you are the headmaster if what you say after that doesn’t satisfy Jerry and I.”

Although Dumbledore was the headmaster and the greatest wizard of this century, with Snape’s character, he would not speak as respectfully as others, with a long, cold face. But he does that to everyone.

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Published On: April 25, 2023

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