Of course, He had no idea if Dumbledore would express any minor thoughts. According to Jerry, it shouldn’t be. Dumbledore doesn’t discriminate against the wizards of Slytherin despite the fact that he values Harry the most.

Jerry didn’t really care what he thought, even if he did, because he had already come to that conclusion after the Christmas gift exchange.

Harry was the only person Dumbledore could win over in his heart. Professor Snape had to be his biggest supporter. He would only be able to get additional advantages in the future by steadfastly adhering to Professor Snape.

He even occasionally questioned whether he should wait until he was more powerful, figure out a way to let Dumbledore retire early, enjoy his later years, and then let Snape become the headmaster.

If Snape was made the headmaster, he would not have to be restrained in many things at Hogwarts.

One month after the start of school, the second week following the conclusion of the Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff match. The Slytherin team also ushered in its second opponent, the Ravenclaw team.

Like before, Jerry returned to the Quidditch field on his Nimbus 2000 and joined the rest of the Slytherin team.

Many people didn’t believe it because the previous game against Gryffindor finished too quickly, but this time there were even more spectators on the pitch. They wanted to know if Jerry had exceptional strength or if he was just lucky.

This time, even Dumbledore, who hadn’t before shown up, was in the crowd.

A few adult wizards who were definitely not from the school were standing next to him, and one of them was using a magic camera to take pictures.

The game officially began following applause and Mrs. Hooch’s whistle.

And then…

As the previous Slytherin vs. Gryffindor team, this Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw Quidditch match came to an end with the same result.

The Golden Snitch has just been unleashed, and the tiny wings haven’t even had a chance to flutter a few times before they meekly fall into Jerry’s fingers.

The game lacked tension, and neither side’s players displayed any feeling of experience.

Yet, there was a lot of energy in the arena. Everyone jumped up and cheered, especially several girls among the Slytherin wizards who even burst their mouths with joy. No one was disappointed by the short duration of the game.

“Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”

So everyone in the audience now feels as though they saw the beginning of a legend with their own eyes, and that legend at their school, even in the same grade, house, class, or friends.

Maybe after they leave Hogwarts and begin working in a few years, they will be able to publicly proclaim with pride to their coworkers, kids, friends, and family things like, “Are you familiar with Jerry Carmen? He is the most renowned and famous Seeker in the entire world. I was attending the same school as him at the time. I was a witness to his first few well-known matches because I was there!”

This sensation reminds me of playing school football, where if a player suddenly enters the field and the ball is passed to his feet, he has a 100% chance of scoring the goal.

Being such a legend, you can be sure that he will someday surpass all other legends as the World Cup’s most spectacular and legendary figure. You will be enthused to watch it even if his game begins and ends.

After the game.

Jerry was on the verge of slipping away from the crazed group because he thought that if he stayed, the ecstatic wizards would really overwhelm him. He has received kisses and hugs from more than seven seniors just now, including those from different houses.

Although it was appropriate for him to receive a face kiss from his seniors, the important thing to note was that some of them wanted to kiss him as well. He used the Disillusionment Charm to sneak away while no one was looking so as not to stir up any more trouble.

But soon after, he snuck off the Quidditch field. Snape, who had come down from the audience stand, blocked him.

“Come with me to the principal’s office.”

“The principal’s office?” Jerry was stunned when he was told that he was heading to Dumbledore’s office rather than Snape’s.

It was normal to go to Snape’s office. Because after school started, Snape seemed to treat him better for some unknown reason. Although he was still stern and expressionless, but the number of magic spells that he had taught Jerry is a lot.

He even thought that Snape might teach him exclusive spells, such as the Sectumsempra Curse or some other advanced spells.

He already knows the Sectumsempra Curse but was particularly interested in learning the Unsupported Flying Spell.

He was a little shocked when Snape instructed him to go to Dumbledore’s office. Dumbledore might have been irritated because he outdid Harry, but is that even possible?

After giving some thought, Jerry concluded that the likelihood of this happening was exceedingly low. It shouldn’t be true if Dumbledore meant it that way.

During the way, Jerry enquired about what had occurred, to which Snape responded that it was good news and that he would know once he arrived at the office.

His heart sank when he heard Snape say that it was a good thing.

When Snape reached the castle’s eighth floor and approached a stone creature with a closed gargoyle, he said a password.

The wall behind the gargoyle broke in two as it opened its eyes and jumped aside, revealing a spiral stairway gradually ascending. When it rotated higher, Jerry could see Dumbledore’s office as he ascended the stairs.

It was a sizable, lovely, circular space that was alive with a variety of sounds. Numerous odd and bizarre pieces of cutlery are spinning and giving off tiny puffs of smoke on the table.

Old headmasters, both male, and female, are shown in snoring pictures that line the walls of the room. A large table with claw-shaped legs was also there.

Three individuals were seated around the table at this point, and a person holding a magic camera was standing next to him.

Among the three people sitting, Jerry only knew the principal Dumbledore, and he didn’t know the other two middle-aged wizards who looked to be in their forties.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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