Jerry is doing really fine at the start of the new semester, and as usual, he earned points for Slytherin in class. He used the chance to ask some of his own questions in addition to answering the questions for points, and the teachers frequently noticed his enthusiasm.

Due to the fact that Jerry has already remembered all of the textbooks up to the seventh grade, has read numerous books on magic, and is familiar with the magic of a different system in a different world.

This gives him the impression that, while he may still be considered a novice in terms of the breadth of magic, he has a lot of knowledge compared to anyone in Hogwarts.

He occasionally posed questions that weren’t included in the textbook instead of ones he came up with while contrasting the magic of the two worlds.

For instance, Jerry might recall the transmutation magic he learned in the Transfiguration Class when Professor McGonagall was explaining the theory of conversion between two substances in the Transfiguration Spell.

The two have many traits which inspire Jerry. But, there are many issues that Jerry cannot resolve so he will consult Professor McGonagall.

Because some transmutation magic concepts were occasionally involved, he also raised some questions. It piqued the interest of Professor McGonagall, who had conducted extensive research on transfiguration.

Jerry would recall the most fundamental and widely applied mind control magic in the Morganian’s wizard book whenever Professor Flitwick discussed the Levitation Charm in the spell class.

This has frequently resulted in Jerry and him conversing during classes when there was originally a class, confusing many other young wizards.

It appeared as though Jerry’s magic level suddenly surpassed a threshold they were unable to cross.

There have been numerous occasions like this, and numerous magicians unknowingly implanted the idea of “admiration” in their hearts.

Jerry also did exceptionally well last semester, but since that was still within the range of their cognitive abilities, there would only ever be envy and recognition, not “admiration” at all.

In fact, Jerry has benefited greatly from this state as well because he has discovered that although many magics in the two worlds were manifested differently, they share many fundamental principles.

Like a large tree with two branches originating from the same place, something intriguing might be found if they can be combined.

The most significant factor is that he gained additional knowledge crucial to understanding and using the spells of the two worlds as a result of this comparative study.

He initially thought that learning the magic of the two worlds at once would be a waste of time and need more energy than a typical magician. But such a comparison and integration can hasten the development of the same kind of magic.

It has reached the point where one plus one is greater than two.

Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick felt a little intimidated. It’s not that Jerry’s magic is above their level of expectation. Rather, it’s the kind of brilliant thinking that Jerry exemplifies, and many of his viewpoints may only be understood by some experienced wizards who have studied magic for a long time.

The important thing to remember is that Jerry not only asked these questions but if he did, it might also be argued that he saw them in some magic books, which were too complex for him to understand.

They were taken aback by Jerry’s demonstration of some incredibly original concepts during the course of their inquiries and discussions—ideas that were not before included in the field of magic theory.

They are genuinely frightened by this.

It’s only been half a year since Jerry started to get in touch with and learn magic.

He is no longer like other young wizards who rigidly follow the teacher to learn, he can draw conclusions from a situation and develop some audacious yet illuminating ideas and hypotheses.

Hermione is a brilliant girl as well. She is able to retain practically all of the information and theories that the teacher teaches, and she can even pick up more detailed information about higher grades.

The teachers were astonished by them, but they weren’t all that shocking. Because good wizards were uncommon, but every ten or twenty years, there would be a few like Hermione.

Yet in Jerry’s case, this is their first encounter, and he occasionally shares his thoughts on magic theory, which gives these professors a small sense of enlightenment.

As a result, Jerry didn’t give them the impression that he was a particularly good student but rather that he would be able to follow in Dumbledore’s footsteps and become a great wizard who inaugurated a new era.

In this manner, following the beginning of the new semester, after attending classes, reading books, studying, and engaging in meditation. Jerry concentrated on learning magic rather than diverting his attention to other things.

He needs to practice his own magic foundation and undertake more in-depth research on the magic he has mastered. He can only construct a high-rise skyscraper by creating a solid base. Jerry is extremely aware of this reality.

Throughout this period, there were also some little twists and turns. For instance, in the first week of the new semester, Harry hurried to inform Jerry that Professor McGonagall had recommended him to the Gryffindor Quidditch team and made him the team’s Seeker.

In the second week’s game between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, Harry also succeeded in catching the Golden Snitch, giving the Gryffindor squad a tough victory.

While many wizards still believe that Jerry capturing the Golden Snitch was likely just luck, some Gryffindor wizards believe that Harry’s presence may give Gryffindor a chance.

But Jerry didn’t care too much about it.

Because Slytherin has previously competed against Gryffindor in the Quidditch game, the next phase is to compete against Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw to win the Quidditch Cup.

Even if Gryffindor had Harry and could defeat Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, it would only be second to none with two wins and one loss in three games.

The point is that with Jerry’s strength, he will win regardless of whether he faces Gryffindor once again. Despite the fact that Harry is his friend, he won’t back down.

If you are competing, you can’t let the connection go in your way. This is referred to as respecting your opponent.

He only has to win the Quidditch Cup because Professor Snape promised to give him The Nimbus 2000. Also, Snape was quite kind to him. If he performs well, he may receive additional rewards.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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  1. Yeah. When you have friends on the opposing team, win or lose, you go over and say, “Good game!” afterwards. Competition is part of friendship.

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