Only when a student enters the first grade does the tradition of taking a boat over the Black Lake to Hogwarts Castle take place. At the beginning of school, young wizards would typically ride in a carriage that could move by itself.

Like now, Jerry, Hermione, and a few other young wizards are traveling from Hogsmeade to the Hogwarts Castle gate in a self-moving carriage.

However, for other wizards, the carriage may move forward automatically. But in Jerry’s eyes, there is something in front of the carriage. Specifically, there’s a magical animal pulling it.

Jerry is aware of this magical creature’s identity without a doubt because he has also looked up pertinent information about it in the library. It is a magical creature by the name of Thestral that belongs to the Pegasus family.

Only those who have witnessed death are capable of seeing Thestrals, which all have dragon-like faces and wings like a bat. Jerry, who has already killed many people and died once, can clearly see them.

Jerry has always had a fascination with magical creatures like Thestrals. The fact that this magical animal moves the fastest among all creatures in the wizarding world is the most significant factor for his interest.

It moves even more quickly than the Firebolt, the greatest broomstick.

It takes more than half a day to get from London to Hogwarts, whereas Thestral travel in far less time. It serves the same purpose as an owl, except that an owl can properly pinpoint a person’s whereabouts as long as you say their name.

It is extremely remarkable how precisely the Thestrals can find a location, even if they have never been there.

Thestrals, on the other hand, are extremely rare and challenging to domesticate in the wizarding world. Hagrid has made it possible for Hogwarts to have so many Thestrals for this occasion.

He was responsible for successfully domesticating the first Thestrals and assisting in their population growth to their current size.

In reality, there are a variety of ways to go around the wizarding world, each with their own benefits and drawbacks, including broomsticks, magic vehicles, motorcycles, Pegasus, Floo Powder, Portkey, Voldemort’s Unsupported Flight, and Floo Powder.

The counterpart of teleportation is Apparation, except you must be where you’ve been previously, and the further the distance, the more magic power is needed.

You must first construct a fireplace and a Floo network before using Floo Powder.

Portkeys are an only fixed-point transportation, with extremely long distances, and even cross-country transmission use. You must first obtain two Portkeys and leave one of them at your destination before leaving.

Unsupported Flight, the only spell that can fly without any magic items and was created by Voldemort. It is exceedingly difficult to use, extremely fast, and uses a lot of magic power. Snape and Voldemort can only use it.

Flying broomstick, is slow but incredibly easy to obtain and rather common to find. When the weather is poor, it is easy to be blown by strong winds and struck by lightning.

Although they are comfortable and averagely fast, magic motorcycles and cars are only permitted to be utilized on very rare occasions since they break the rules of the Ministry of Magic.

Although Pegasus is almost typically utilized as a flying vehicle and travels at an average speed, it has a regal appearance and exudes flair.

The only broomstick Jerry now possesses is the most basic one. He intended to use a Thestral in the main world. Therefore, he wanted to check if he could obtain one.

But obtaining a Thestral is not simple, so he must consult Hagrid for guidance.

The carriage stopped on the lawn after passing through the Hogwarts entrance. Jerry, Hermione, and several other young wizards who had also gone back to school entered the castle once more.

“Jerry, you look much taller than when I last saw you a month and a half ago.”

The moment Harry and Ron saw Jerry again, they immediately expressed their surprise at his remarkable height gain.

Initially, Jerry’s height was around the same as theirs, but two weeks later, over the Christmas break, Jerry was clearly much taller than them, which was difficult for them to comprehend.

“Yeah, I didn’t realize that.”

Hermione quickly compared Jerry to herself after Ron and Harry reminded her to do so, and she discovered that Jerry was half her forehead taller than she was.

“Everyone develops at a different rate in terms of height. Some people grow faster than others. You are simply a little bit later than me in reaching the peak growth stage because I am an early grower.” Jerry reassured amiably.

The three couldn’t believe they hadn’t seen each other in a month and a half, but Jerry thought it had been longer than that.

Christmas break for two weeks, more than a month of main world panel upgrades, and the second world’s return to cool down for another month. The total is about three months.

The changes in more than three months are still noticeable at his age. After a summer break, some elementary school students will have definitely changed a lot in height and appearance, just like when entering middle school.

Harry and Ron didn’t bother too much after hearing Jerry’s explanation, but there was a clear expression of envy on their faces. For boys, height is important. Every boys aspires to be taller than his friends.

Harry and Ron then discussed some unusual events that occurred during their Hogwarts break.

For instance, Hogwarts hosted a Christmas supper on Christmas Day, complete with a variety of delectables, a mountain of wizard color bags and firecrackers, snowball games between young wizards, and Harry also got an invisibility cloak.

Ron and Harry spent Christmas at Hogwarts, and it seemed like a really exciting time. Next Christmas, Hermione said that she wanted to spend it at Hogwarts.

Jerry didn’t give Harry’s Invisibility Cloak much thought. He no longer considers the invisibility cloak to be anything more than a relic now that he has mastered Disillusionment Charm.

The Three Deathly Hallows didn’t interest Jerry all that much. As long as you know how to utilize the Disillusionment Charm, the invisibility cloak is useless. Its ability to make a person invisible isn’t much more potent than the Disillusionment Charm. With the invisibility cloak, Harry is clearly visible to Dumbledore.

Moreover, a person cannot be directly invisible while wearing an invisibility cloak.

The Resurrection Stone is even more useless. It can’t actually bring someone back to life at all, and it also has the potential to kill the user of the Resurrection Stone.

Only the Elder Wand is superior. It boosts magic’s strength but does so more powerfully than other wands, if not by a factor of several. But it draws many evil wizards to be attracted to it.

The Elder Wand’s original owner was assassinated in the middle of the night just because he demonstrated his power, and the killer took the wand away.

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Published On: April 21, 2023

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  1. But getting the Elder Wand when Dumblydore dies would be a good move. Harry just throws it away, and Voldy the Moldy doesn’t gain any real benefit from it.

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