Jerry had finished packing and was ready to enter the luggage space to begin his daily meditation when a meowing cat abruptly stopped him.

With a dead mouse in his mouth and his eyes filled with killing intent, Crookshanks turns his head and looks out the window.

“Crookshanks, listen to me. Iā€¦”

Although he couldn’t comprehend the cat’s language, he could infer from watching Crookshanks place the dead mouse on the floor and his subsequent meowing at him that Crookshanks must be scolding him now.

When he went to the second world, he forgot that he had left Crookshanks for a week.

He unexpectedly disappeared in the Leaky Cauldron for a week at the same time that the second little world was opened and the panel was renovated. Crookshanks was also left alone in the Leaky Cauldron for a week.

Despite Crookshanks’ extraordinary predatory prowess, there is no need to be concerned about its diet. But, going missing for a week will unavoidably cause Crookshanks to feel abandoned.

Jerry grabbed Crookshanks right away and leaped into the suitcase since he thought his reprimand was too harsh. He then set him down near a sizable pond.

“Crookshanks, here’s a Christmas present for you. Albeit a week late!”

Jerry used Defodio to dig the large pond when he was in the main world. Apart from hundreds of large fish, there was nothing else in it.

Crookshanks won’t have to swoon over the fish outside Slytherin’s common room in the future. Crookshanks finally stopped meowing after spotting the fish in the pond and began to pick them up. It seems that he had sensed Jerry’s sincerity.

A large fish that was considerably larger than its body was hooked by its cheeks and brought out of the water as its eyes stared at the pool in silence for less than five seconds.

While he was dragging the fish mouth under his body, Jerry then turned to face him and said, “Thank you, but you can eat it.”

Jerry shook his head and moved to the center of Merlin’s ring to sit down and begin the meditation practice after declining Crookshanks’ request to share and eat.

Sun Lok was sipping tea while standing at the window in the villa’s second-floor room at the time, staring at Jerry as he meditated while sitting cross-legged on the Ring of Merlin.

Jerry is the most talented wizard he has ever seen. Fundamentally, it won’t take him long to understand it if he mentions a tiny bit of magic.

He not only has incredible talent, but he also puts in a lot of effort. Although meditation can replace sleep, very few magicians practice it due to how uncomfortable it is.

But, he can essentially see him practicing meditation here all night every day because he was imprisoned in this environment that resembles the mirror world.

He believes that if this keeps up, his level might surpass his own in less than ten years.

He had initially considered the possibility of leaving this place. As long as he left this place and created a new pair of wristbands, he could cast spells later. Actually, he had no trouble with it, and it’s not a terribly challenging item.

Yet with time, he abandoned the thought.

Since Jerry has the ability to cast magic at any of the villa’s entrances or exits. He essentially has nowhere to go.

In addition, the closer he became to him, the more he sensed Jerry’s terror. Even if he managed to leave this area, he was concerned that he might not be able to avoid his pursuit.

It would be better if he remained in the villa. After that, he could reclaim his freedom.

He has everything he needed in the villa to do his daily routine. Ten years are practically little in the eyes of the one who has attained immortality. Not to mention that Jerry has always treated him well and it is clear from his demeanor that he respects him.


After three days.

Jerry dragged his items and held Crookshanks while waiting at the King’s Cross Station entrance to greet Hermione. The two had agreed to meet at King’s Cross Station and board the Hogwarts Express back to school the day before classes resumed when they were apart while on holiday.

“Enjoy your time at school.” Hermione and Jerry entered the station and shouted as they entered, and the Grangers waved to them as they did so.

Their daughter had never had many friends, but she developed some unexpectedly close pals in a school for wizards. Her parents were incredibly grateful because they didn’t hear their daughter mention her best friends over the holidays.

“How was your vacation?” Jerry and Hermione talked as they walked across platform Nine and Three-Quarters and settled into a seat on the train.

“It’s not too horrible, but occasionally relatives may drop by and ask which school I go to. But I can’t tell them about it.” Hermione said.

Hermione can only reveal her identity to her parents because she is the only wizard in her entire family. When her relatives question her about the school during family gatherings, it becomes difficult for her to respond.

“Nevertheless, during this time. All of the books for the second half of the semester have been read by me. In fact, I already knew certain books from the first half of second grade.”

Jerry smiled and lifted his hand to give Hermione a thumbs up as he observed her joyful look. “That’s wonderful!”

Jerry essentially knows every detail of the seventh-grade textbook now. The majority of the spells in it can be successfully cast, with the exception of a few of the trickiest ones.

He used “Refreshing” and the Ring of Merlin to learn them all, but it took him longer than three months. Hermione only used two weeks of the Christmas break, demonstrating how exceptional of a learner she is.

Hence, Jerry truly means it when he compliments her.

As a result, the train passed through numerous small farming communities, entered remote hills covered in dense forests, and eventually came to a stop at the Hogsmeade platform just before the sun entirely set.

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